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Hypnotherapy Wellington

Hypnotherapy Wellington - Unique Way To Get Outstanding Results

There is now a simple way to fix your problem. One that actually works. More than that, I guarantee it will change you. This unique therapy is simple, quick and effective. It is based on years of academic research and study.

I have developed this new effective therapy by combining the best parts of modern approaches. It is the fastest, surest way to success. It leads to amazing results.

And it will work for you. It doesn't matter what you have tried before. Most emotional problems respond to the this new therapy.  Expect outstanding results. Even if you have had it most of your life. This way works for everyone. Why not you?

You are within minutes of ending that behavior. The thing that has controlled you for years. It time to get away from it. Time to enjoy life the way it should have been.  Think of how good you will feel to be free. Better than winning Lotto.

The best investment you ever made might be deciding to let Wellington Hypnotherapy deal with it. You know you need to do it. You will look back on this decision and wonder why you didn't do it earlier. A couple of hours to change your life? No brainer.

You have had it long enough. There is no time like now. You are about to get a major life change. A unique way to make it all end now. Book your session or call for more information.



Let hypnosis do the hard work. No cravings, no weight gain, no will power required. Hypnosis has helped millions of people stop smoking. Now it's your turn.


With hypnosis you can learn to lose weight and keep it off. People who eat badly are not lazy, or lack willpower or anything else. Eating issues are always about emotion. Hypnosis finds and changes the origin of the problem. Once that is fixed the urge to eat just goes away. Find out how.


Everyone feels a little uneasy in company from time to time. But some people feel almost paralysed at the thought of having to approach a stranger. So those people live a life of isolation, unable to go to parties or to meet new people. Social anxiety is the result of some childhood trauma. It can be fixed quite easily.


Problem Drinking is always the result of some issue from childhood. People who drink are self medicating. Drinking is an attempt to try to get rid of that feeling that is always there in the background.

What makes Hypnotherapy Wellington different?

Wellington Hypnotherapy is different because you get a new and better form of treatment. This method uses psychology research integrated with hypnosis fundamentals.

The result is fast and powerful. You get a personally designed designed plan that works specifically for you.

You are in the right place You will be surprised at how simple the hypnosis therapy is. That is because with the right method, change is quick and permanent. The therapies you have tried before treat the symptoms. At Hypnotherapy Wellington we deal with the causes.

Experienced Professional Results I am highly qualified. I have four major university degrees, and I have been a professional therapist for 23 years. I have seen thousands of clients. Check out some of the hundreds of testimonials on this site. Check out the detailed stories of how even the toughest habits are shifted.

Have a look at what they say "I had a really powerful response for the following five days after seeing you."

"So finally, I am happy to have another session with you if you think it would benefit me. "

"Things are going really well. I have not wanted to indulge in anything sweet since I came to see you."

"I haven't even thought of a cigarette."

Therapy all about you You ever get the feeling from health professionals that you are just in their way? Your personalized plan with Hypnotherapy Wellington is designed to fit you. It focuses on what you want, what you need, and how to deliver it to you.The result is a laser focus on exactly what you want to change. And changes it.

This is the right way for you You will find what you need here. What you need is to decide how much longer you want to have to deal with it. There is no reason why you should suffer for one hour longer.
And remember, with Hypnotherapy Wellington, if you don't get the result we agreed on, you get your money back. Guaranteed.

Get back to living life fully. Call Hypnotherapy Wellington,  book your session today.


A simple phobia can have a devastating effect on your life. Other people might think being afraid of mice is funny. But when you are afraid of criticism, or rejection and feel anxious all the time, there is nothing funny about it. Many of the emotional states that affect people are actually hidden phobias. Get them cleared.


Phobias are very common. One person in ten has some sort of phobia. They are easy to clear with hypnotherapy. You don't have to be afraid of Flying, or spiders, or needles, or anything else. Clear these and get on with life like everybody else.


One of the most common phobias, Fear of Flying is actually easy to get rid off. In trance I look for the original cause of the fear. You eliminate that,  and you eliminate the flying phobia. It doesn't matter how long you have had it, you can clear it in minutes with Hypnosis Therapy.


Too many people are held back by procrastination. You know what they're supposed to do, you know that you can do it, you know that you will enjoy it once it's done. But you just cannot  get started. Why stop stop procrastinating tomorrow? Book in today.


Many people are terrified at the thought of standing up to give a speech. Some people can't even speak at their turn in a meeting. Hypnotherapy for public speaking can end all that. Learn to become comfortable and fluent when speaking to any number of people. Don't let this hold you back.



Nail biting is a common form of anxiety. But with hypnosis you can have beautiful long nails. One session usually is enough to stop nail biting forever. There is no need to keep on with something that can be fixed. It also works on skin picking, scratching and hair twirling. Read how.


Hair pulling is almost as common as nail biting. It is caused by stress and fixed by hypnosis. There is no reason to allow it continue. You can stop feeling embarrassed about your hair and stop trying to hide the habit. Learn how.


Jealousy can poison any relationship. Do not let that happen to yours. Hypnosis Therapy can find the reason for your jealous behaviour and remove it. Then you will be free to have an open, loving, satisfying relationship. Why not give it a try?


Everyone needs a bit of help now and then. Often you need to talk to someone experienced. But you need to find the right counsellor for you. You need someone who does more than just nod and sympathize. Someone who can actually fix your problem.


Everyone feels nervous before an exam. But some people talk themselves into failing it as well. Hypnosis can help you to do well in your test. And it can help you to study better. So if you just can't get down to finish that assignment, maybe you need to try hypnosis?


Unlock your game with Golf Therapy. Don't let anxiety stop you performing at your best. Despite your native ability, hidden beliefs can stop you from achieving what you know you can do. Hypnosis gets rid of yips in golf, stupid misses in tennis and panic in swimming.  Hypnosis is very effective.



Sexual anxiety in men is a very common. Most men suffer in silence and try to struggle through. Sex should be a joyful experience, not something to be worried about. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in ending sexual anxiety for ever. Completely confidential and you should see positive results immediately.


Sexual abuse ruins lives. Hypnosis can give you back your lost childhood.


Hypnosis is great for stopping smoking and weight loss. But there is deeper side. This deals with the unconscious mind, with Karma. Many people are sensitive to this aspect. Karma includes PAST LIFE REGRESSION a journeying back to the life before this life. There are psychic energy applications of hypnosis like SIX STEP REFRAME, where you make a deal with your own subconscious mind. TIME LINE THERAPY is another way to explore your inner mind, revisit and alter karma that happened in your early life. You can also ask your mind to FIND LOST OBJECTS with hypnosis.


Have you lived before? Who were you in a previous life? Hypnosis can let you explore the mysterious world of the unconscious mind. Find out if your problems in this life are actually coming from a past life.


Get your unconscious mind to take a trip along memory lane. You see you life laid out as if in straight line from birth to now. And you can see all the significant events in your life. You can then move up and down your time line. You decide what events to change, what you want to delete, and what your future direction will be.


The Six Step Reframe is another deep psychic technique. It allows you to find the part of you mind that is controlling your behaviour. You negotiate with that part, and find out of why it makes you do it. Then get agreement between that part and all the other parts of you. You can the make the changes you want.


If you have lost something, and you think your mind might actually know where it is, then you can use the Find Lost Objects technique to ask you unconscious mind to reveal where it is. Sometimes you mind hides things from your conscious awareness. So you can persuade it to 'find' it again.

Hypnotherapy Wellington

Unique tested way to get lifetime results

If you are not sure if Hypnotherapy Wellington deals with your problem, give me a call.
No obligation. It just might make you a different person!
Remember Hypnotherapy Wellington is available online.

I look forward to meeting you.

It's time to take action. Get it done.

Your problem is not going to go away until you do something about it. Just ask yourself, how much longer do I need to suffer this?
Here is the answer - You don't! You now know that Hypnotherapy Wellington will make a difference. There is a treatment that will fix it. So your problem is now optional. You can chose to have it, or not.
Think about how it will feel to be able to do what you want every day. To feel in control.  Isn't that what you want?
Taking action is the only way you are going to get rid of it. You've tried everything else. It didn't work. This will. You don't need to think about it. You have to do something now, don't let it drag on. You know what to do. You know the right decision.
Do something about it today. One session with Hypnotherapy Wellington will show you how easy it is. A session lasts about an hour, and costs $120. Money back guarantee. Click and calendar.

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