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Your mind is not linear or rational, embrace it.

Holistic Hypnosis

Holistic Hypnosis

"Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "What is the meaning of existence?"

You answer these questions by how you live your life. If you live in a closed off, mechanistic world, then you get one answer. If you free your mind, then you get to experience more. Holistic Hypnosis is a gateway to your inner mind. Hypnosis can expand your consciousness, deepen your spiritual connection,  and make you aware of the reality and meaning of your life.

Everything is connected

Holistic Hypnosis lets you explore your unconscious in many ways. Everything is connected. Some techniques are quite specific. For example, Past Life Regression seeks to understand how this life is a continuation of your previous lives. Other techniques are aimed at self-awareness. Chakra Balancing aligns your body with your own Life Power. The NLP Six Step Reframe talks directly to your higher self.

Sometimes you bring exact questions, sometimes you allow your mind to find what you need to know. Tarot Cards as based on universal life experiences. Combined with Holistic Hypnotherapy the Tarot can lead to an understanding of your own possibilities. Dream Interpretation gives a direct insight into the workings of your mind and what your unconscious needs right now.

Holistic Hypnosis celebrates and explores your non-rational emotional intelligence.

Intuitive Hypnosis

There is a part of our mind that is logical, rational and scientific. Some things have to be demonstrated, proved, established beyond doubt.

But there is another part of your mind. An older part, a mystic part, that relies on intuition, hunches, feelings, and insight. This part of your mind is just as valuable, just as reliable.

Intuitive Hypnotherapy is about reaching and using the powers of your unconscious mind. The hidden part of your mind, the part where emotions, beliefs and restrictions live. It's about freedom.

Normal Hypnosis deals with your unconscious mind, but uses logical and planned intervention. Intuitive Hypnosis takes what it finds, with0ut  plan, and allows what wants to happen, to happen.

It uses dreams, memories, symbols and images, accepting everything exactly as it is, at face value. It uses whatever comes to mind. Nothing is edited or dismissed. Everything is valuable.

One type of intuitive hypnotherapy works on developing these images and memories to discover what they represent. Another type simply asks your unconscious mind to look for the answers itself. It's about feelings, not analysis.

The rational approach to hypnosis spends a long time finding out exactly what is wrong with you, and when it started and what you have tried already.

Intuitive hypnosis ignores all that. Intuitive hypnosis starts from a belief that your mind already knows the exact problem, and will provide the right answer. It works with your intuition,  feelings and deepest memories.

Intuitive hypnotherapy is fluid. It follows where you lead. Every session is a mystery, a voyage into the unknown parts of your mind. You mind will open up opportunities never thought of. You can pursue what you really want.

Doctors and teachers never bother asking: What is your mission? What is your purpose? What do you want to achieve in life? But that is what is important in life. Holistic hypnosis takes that as the starting point.

If your aim is to make a change in your life,  a clean break, then maybe Holistic Hypnotherapy is the way to go. You can use it for Goal Setting, releasing ingrained Habits, and to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back.

Past Life Regression

Did you live in a previous life? Past Life Regression takes you back to those lives. Find out who you were and maybe learn why you are suffering in this life.

Past Life Cases

Cases studies of Past Life sessions that show the wide range of experiences. Why people want to explore their past lives.

Six Step Reframe Hypnosis

The Six Step Reframe takes you to the deepest parts of your own mind.  In trance, you go to where you can see your destiny. Seek the answers to what you want to know. Are you bold enough to ask?

Totem Animal Hypnosis

Totem Animal Hypnosis

Connect to your totem animal. Every living thing has a spirit that can guide you. Get in touch with your totem animal spirit. Once connected, you can follow your totem animal back to the spirit of your ancestors in the dream time.

Chakra Balancing Hypnosis

Chakra Energy Balancing exercises

Locate the source of your Psychic Energy. Your seven chakras determine your overall health and wellbeing. Adverse events can knock them out of balance. Four Chakra Energy Balancing exercises to get your body and mind back into harmony.

Find Lost Items

Find Lost Items

Use hypnosis to find lost items. Your unconscious mind may remember where you put it, even if you don't. The location may be hidden deep in your mind. Hypnosis may be the way to get it out again.

Energy connects everything

You may remember from physics at school, learning that when your cup of coffee goes cold, the energy, the heat, simply moves into the air and warms the air. It isn't lost. The energy is still there, just in a slightly different form.

If you drop something onto the floor and it doesn't bounce, the energy that made it drop hasn't disappeared. It is simply changed into heat, and warmed up the floor underneath it a tiny bit.

Every time your heart beats, it produces electrical signals, and these are radiated out as electromagnetic signals. You actually send out energy with every beat of your heart. Your brain runs on energy. Electrical energy and chemical energy.

And your brain gives off energy. You may have heard of brainwaves. The energy from your brain can be detected and recorded and displayed. And all that energy connects people together in subtle ways. Women synchronize their monthly cycles. How does that happen if not by energy transfer?

The same is true of life energy. Life energy is constantly recirculating, being recreated, changed, turned into something else. The things you do both creates life energy, and uses up life energy. The balance is what contributes to your karma. And that gets associated with your lifeline.

We all live inside a network of connections. Some people call this the Global Consciousness. Whatever name you give it, it is real and permanent and affects everyone. And it has always affected everyone who ever lived.

Even while we believe we are acting as individuals, we are in fact being affected by some unknown number of influences from all the people we have ever met, ever known, even from people who have affected our culture, and our beliefs. All these things have an influence over us.

Energy can be useful and positive, or it can be like baggage that you have to drag around with you everywhere you go. But sometimes you need to erase this energy. You need to break the connection. You won't know what it is until you find a way to connect to that negative energy.



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