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Why Dave Mason at Wellington Hypnotherapy?

Dave Mason Hypnosis
Dave Mason PhD

Professional Care I have 23 years professional experience of dealing with people just like you.  I have dealt with every sort of emotional issue. I like to think I know what I am doing.

Wellington Hypnosis has a new unique and powerful approach. This is different from anything you have tried before. I have spent years studying, training and learning to develop this form of hypnosis therapy. The key is to give you a personally designed treatment. Your hypnosis therapy plan combines the exact tools you need to get the best outcome.

Long Experience I have seen thousands of clients. I have learned something from every one of them. Everything from smoking to fear of driving, secret drinking to public shame. I find the human mind endlessly fascinating. There are so many aspects to behaviour and beliefs. Everyone has the same basic emotions and needs. But everyone is unique. Every one has their own history. And everyone deserves to feel happy, stable and in control. That's what I do.

Unique Approach That is what is different about Wellington Hypnosis. I treat every one as an individual. I don't believe in labels. I used evidence based therapy to give you the best that modern psychotherapy can provide. I don't use the same tool on every client. I use what is best for you personally.

Find the right way My job is to show you how you can make the changes you need. I am not here to do it for you. My role is to let you define what success means for you. That way, you get exactly what you need. By finding your own key, your own mind welcomes the changes, and the problem vanishes for ever.

Don't take my word for it I have hundreds of testimonials and successes. People just like you have sorted out their smoking, eating, anxiety, problems. They talk about how they left their past behind. They came in with a problem and went home with a new outlook on life. Results are what count.

Corporate Recognition I am an approved provider for ClearHead. I am a former Vice President the NZAPH. I have a Masters degree in Psychology from Victoria University. You are in safe hands.

Whatever you problem is, I have seen it before. Modern therapy does not go back and dig up your past. There is no point in revisiting past hurts. My approach is to focus on how it is affecting you now. And then empower you to turn it off.

I look forward to working with you.

You are such an inspiration and have really helped my family and I more than any therapist ever could !!  Siri Patel

Thank you for your expertise so far. My gut feeling is that you are the one to get me through all this but it aint gonna be an easy ride.  Kim Farrell, Carterton

You’ll be (very) pleased to know I am three weeks no smoking! Great result.  Libby, Hamilton

Wellington Hypnosis

029 773 4400

218 Blue Mountains Road
Upper Hutt Wellington 


Wellington Hypnosis is Cost Effective

This is because hypnosis therapy actually goes to the root of your problem and removes it. Hypnotherapy lasts forever. It doesn't just deal with the symptoms. It first finds out why you are doing it, and then makes it stop. Hypnosis works on so many surprising issues.

Saving Money Hypnosis for weight loss is a lot cheaper than a lifetime of diet foods, supplements, and gym memberships. Then there is the endless yo-yoing in and out of your wardrobe. Fix it once, and it's fixed for life. Stopping smoking hypnosis will pay for itself in a week or two.

Earning money  How much is it worth to feel good about asking the boss for a raise? On average, procrastination will reduce your annual earnings by two points on a five-point scale.

Beyond money Add up the psychological benefits of hypnosis therapy. You can't even measure how much it's worth to feel comfortable meeting people. To wake up refreshed from sleep hypnosis. How much would you pay to be confident and outgoing at a party? Can you put a price on speaking at your daughter's wedding? How much is a happy relationship worth?

Money back guarantee

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Wellington Hypnosis

I am so confident that you will benefit from hypnotherapy that I make you a promise. If you have not had a major change after your three sessions then I will give your money back. No questions asked.

Hypnosis for success. If you are still not sure, call me. Let's discuss your needs, and the outcome you want.

029 773 4400   wellingtonhypnosis@gmail.com

Yes, hypnosis therapy does work!

Effective Results Hypnosis therapy is highly effective. It works on so many different things. Hypnotherapy is the recommended therapy for quitting smoking. Hypnotherapy for anxiety delivers better and faster results on emotional problems than with CBT. It way outperforms counselling. Sleep hypnosis therapy helps give you a good night's sleep. Hypnosis therapy is approved by every major Medical Association.

self confidence
Dare to be happy!

It works on everyone Is hypnosis real? It is true that with hypnosis people can be more difficult to hypnotize. Here at Wellington Hypnosis we know that it just needs a different approach. Everyone can be hypnotized. And everyone can benefit. If you have any sort of emotional problem, try hypnosis first.

It is actually cheaper Hypnosis therapy is normally the cheapest form of therapy. Counselling typically lasts for 20+ weeks. Psychotherapy can take years. Hypnotherapy averages three sessions. That's it. Sometimes you need only one session, like for Fear of Flying or Nail Biting. Wellington Hypnotherapy clears your issues by removing the source. You don't have to go back to therapy ever.

It is completely safe At Wellington Hypnosis you can be sure that you are seeing a trained professional with international standing. Hypnosis therapy is the only treatment guaranteed to have no side effects! No one has ever been harmed by going into trance.  You can do it any time, and you can spread the sessions to suit your timetable.

Dave Mason Office
Dave Mason Private Office

Hypnotherapy Wellington Office: Professional Confidential Direct

Come to the Office Hypnotherapy is usually done in a big comfortable chair. There is one waiting for you in my office. Hypnotherapy Wellington covers the whole Wellington region. I get clients coming over the hill from Wairarapa and from up the Kapiti Coast.  The office is located in a unique lifestyle block in the hills. 218 Blue Mountains Road, Upper Hutt.

Face to Face An office visit to Hypnotherapy Wellington lets you bring a support person if you want some reassurance. Or you can check me out by phone or video call, before meeting me in person. Some people find that more comfortable than going online. Some hypnosis people just prefer the more intimate confidential nature of a face to face meeting.

Pay by cash or online banking.

Dave Mason hypnosis
From here to where you are

Do it online: Fast Reliable Secure and Private

Wellington Hynotherapy Near You Now you can have the full range of high quality services wherever you live.   You are no longer limited to what hypnosis therapy places available near you. Hypnotherapy by Internet is easy to set up and easy to use. I see about half of my clients online. I actually prefer it.

Online therapy is Easy to do You don't need any special equipment. You can use your cellphone or home computer. I often do a quick contact call before the session just to make sure everything is going smoothly. It usually does. Hypnosis people in remote parts of the country sometimes have line problems, but it is usually OK.

Convenience The advantage of online therapy is convenience. You can book when you want, you are not restricted by office hours. I see people at weekends and in the evenings. For overseas clients I often have to fit in with their time zones. I get clients for Japan, USA and UK. To use Wellington Hypnosis, it  really doesn't matter where you are located.

TESTIMONIAL David, David,  a very small token of my appreciation for the help and support you have given me to date. It's been an emotional, cathartic, chaotic (at times) and relieving journey over the last couple of months. I can't wait to grasp the future and show the world my authentic self with grit, determination and self love. 

Only smoking to kick now.

Best, Lynda, Pimlico London UK.

Here are some Hypnotherapy Wellington success stories from all round the country and overseas.

What Wellington Hypnosis clients say

Many thanks for your email and the additional information. I was very impressed by the session I had with you yesterday, and am practising to change my thought processes and approach to life in general.

Many thanks for you time, and I will update you of my progress. (Having seen a number of therapists over the years, it was refreshing to see someone who understood how I felt, and the challenges, and also to turn that around and see it from another direction - very insightful!)

I'm happy to report that things have been running a lot more smoothly in my life since my two sessions with you last month. My partner and I are working through our relationship difficulties on a day to day basis and I've found that relief of my anxiety through hypnotherapy has been a valuable asset in this journey. Most importantly I think I've realised that looking after my own head, (rather than trying to second guess or be responsible for anybody else's), can bring about the most empowering and productive results...

Just to let you now how it has been going: pretty well! It's been 4 weeks this Sunday since our appointment and it's been suprising the results. From just after the appointment there has been no angsty desire for a packet and wondering how I'm going to get by for the day. I have more time as well! Instead of procrastinating with cigarettes I'm doing more productive things like reading. Thanks for your help.

Just a quick note to let you know that I am feeling wonderful!! Not a cigarette in sight.... Peter is doing excellent too and he very much enjoyed his session with you as I did. It is early days but we are never ever going to go back to that smoking again yuk yuk yuk MANY THANKS TO YOU.

I just want to thank you again for how you helped Ryan. After the session we went out for lunch and he had venison and red wine sausages, and has tried something new every day! Its amazing what you do 🙂 Many thanks
Steph, Wingate

I am eternally grateful to you that I don’t feel the need or want to smoke on a daily basis. I never thought that it could be this easy. Larry, Johnsonville.

The resolution wasn't instantaneous but was swift and really pleased me having tried to deal with this over years on my own bearing no fruits. It was clear that all I needed was someone who knew what they were doing help me address my mind and solve the problems. It helped my overall confidence and my work and personal success increased a great deal. It just goes to show the amazing power of the subconscious. 

I'm not fearful of what life may bring, and feel confident that no matter what anyone or any thing else brings to my life I'll be able to work with and through it in a positive manner that brings benefits to me and those I care about. Thank you! Having said that, I really enjoyed the immense calm I felt after those sessions - so maybe I can cook up an excuse for more therapy!.

As for the smoking, not had a smoke since we last met. Had a few triggers, but quickly got rid of them quickly. After our last session where you dealt with the root of my issues, I am totally amazed how quick it has been to stop. All I can say is thank you. Geoff, Wellington

Thank you so much for what you helped me with on Wednesday. No cravings to smoke at all, and more importantly have put steps in place to deal with my other issues. Bruce, Wellington.

On another note, I have been having incredible trouble sleeping over the past two weeks. So last night I read the relaxation script on your website. When I went to bed I recited it in my mind. Dave, I slept like a brick and woke very much refreshed! Thank you! Bill, Paraparam.

I have been feeling great since our session. Food has no hold over me and I am able to function normally without thinking about it. I am deciding when to eat and what to eat. Life is incredibly easy and it is easy to make good choices. I have also been feeling more settled within myself and things which cause me anxiety are not disturbing me lately. What did you do??!!! It was amazing! I feel like a different person and wish I had done this years ago. Thank you so much for giving me control over my eating. Jason, UH.

Thanks for everything. I am feeling good right now. I have started making positive changes and the big thing for me has been letting go of negative thoughts. I thought this would too hard but it’s not at all!!! I will make a follow-up appointment to come and see you next month.

I was wondering if you have some time available next week for a session? I have to be honest in saying that the instructions you gave me have been difficult to begin. However, after a lot of changes and work I'm definitely getting there. I'm not on it 100%, but there have been some major changes in my behaviour as a result of the details you gave me, and I think the main benefit has been challenging both negative and black and white thinking.

Thank you for a great meeting. It has by far been a positive experience for me. A question about vivid dreams. Every night since the session I have had intensely vivid dreams, where I can still feel the feelings of being in them during the day. What is happening and how long does it usually last? Talyia, Brooklyn

What will you get from Wellington Hypnosis?

Hypnosis for success. I cannot promise that you will be happy for the rest of your life. What I can promise you is that you will be rid of old fear, habits and the feeling that have been holding you back. You will be able to face life with confidence. You will be able to stop smoking, or stop eating, or get on a plane.

You will be free to enjoy better relationships. With hypnosis therapy you can undo the past, and make a new start.  You tell me what is bothering you, and I will tell you if hypnosis can fix it. Free vector graphics of IphoneAll you have to bring is an open mind, and a willingness to change.  I will do the rest.

Give me a call or book a session. It might be a whole new start for you.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dave Mason

Wellington Hypnosis Therapy

218 Blue Mountains Road, Silverstream Upper Hutt.

029 773 4400


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