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Confidence Hypnosis

Nobody was born with stage fright, or addiction, or fear of flying. They are all things that were forced on us as we grew up. Every one of us was born with confidence, self esteem and a healthy outlook on life.

Hypnotherapy works to restore that original feeling to the way it was before it was taken away from you. These client testimonials are from people who experienced it for themselves.

Hypnosis might seem strange and mysterious, but clinical hypnotherapy is actually well established therapy. Hypnosis works for weight loss, smoking, confidence and many other problems.

Your subconscious mind determines your behavior. Hypnotherapy acts on your unconscious mind to remove the causes of that behavior.

Personal Recommendations

This page gives some personal outcomes of hypnotherapy. It shows how hypnotherapy affected each person and what they experienced afterwards. The words are written by the individuals about how they felt as a result of their hypnosis sessions.

Simple hypnosis trick will make you stop Procrastinating


For more than 3 years I procrastinated about the final paper for my Masters degree.  I had only one research paper to complete. I just could not get down to it. I was in despair.

So, I approached David Mason to look for a solution. David suggested three hypnotic sessions. I was able to identify the major causes for my procrastination.

My progress was painfully slow at the beginning but steady. As I began to make progress I became aware of other issues in my life that I had never dealt with.

David used several therapies including Symbolic Modelling, Inner Child work, counseling and hypnosis.

Client Testimonials

As a result I was able to place positive suggestions in my subconscious mind myself. Gradually the blocks cleared. Every few months or so I felt I ready to address my issues afresh. So I would approach him again. I kept David informed of the positive and negative changes that took place.

This helped him to alternate the therapy. As well as hypnotism we tried Emotion Freedom Technique and various other therapy methods. After every session I came to a different understanding of myself, another layer peeled off the onion.

I completed my Masters degree successfully. I also feel I know myself better, I am finally open to my emotions.  My family life is happy and I look forward to the future. I don't think I could ever have reached this point on my own.

Adrian Pollock : Administration Manager.

Look forward to Public Speaking after this fascinating therapy

DH wrote about his problem:

public speakingI have a total dread of public speaking. I am a Uni student. The thought of getting up in front of the class, or even a small group, to present something makes me feel almost ill. There have been occasions when I could talk a bit in an informal tutorial.

But when there is no freedom in the matter (i.e. the teachers says 'let's go around the class and you can all introduce yourselves) and I HAVE to speak, I get sort of a slight panic attack.

By the time it comes to me, I think I might faint, throw up, or run for the door. If I open my mouth, my voice breaks, I stutter, I can't utter a proper word. It feels like I'm drowning.

So I never go to the first day of class. I go a bit later, then I can breath and relax and possibly (though this is also a big deal for me) make the occasional comment. But only if it is my choice and not forced - not an official presentation or introduction, etc.

The problem now is that is  3 weeks or so from starting a new trimester. I start to get all those symptoms of fear, etc, totally in advance. It's like advanced dread, of something that may or may not happen. So I feel anxious and nervous every day. I need therapy.

If a genie could appear in mid-air and say 'I've been to the future and don't worry, you won't be forced to speak in front of any group', then it would all stop now.

In short, I'm not really sure what to do, so I looked you up and I thought I would write.
I don't just need help on what to do if I'm standing in front of 100 people, but also 5, as absurd as it probably sounds.

Client Testimonials

About two weeks after his one session he sent the following:

If you are reading this and relate in any way to the experiences that I have just described, you should know two things: that it is not uncommon, and it can be eliminated.

Believe me; if I had known this sooner I would have done something about it. I am talking, of course, about reprogramming your mind through hypnosis. This is not something to fear. If you are anything like me you would have felt a bit nervous about the prospect of hypnosis too.

The reality is it couldn't be more simple or natural. No coercion. No drugs. A person like Dr Mason will help you to help yourself.

The whole experience for me was very relaxing and fun. As I am a visual person, and during the session discovered just how visual a person I was. I was led through positive visualization to a positive and uplifting conclusion.

Running your own brain

Something that I learned along the way was that my fear had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Without therapy, I worried and worried about something going wrong, until I had become a nervous wreck.

Through the aid of hypnosis, you will not only find clarity like this but you will break this cycle of fear. Equally important, you will be provided with the tools and techniques that you need to function your new re-wired thought processes.

Consider it like an instruction manual on how to run a new digital camera. And that feeling that you get when someone gives you a gift like that.  You tear open the wrapping and prize the camera or cell-phone or mp3 player from its box, and read that instruction manual with eager eyes. That is the feeling you will get once you leave this hypnosis session.

So don't you want that? Not just to eliminate an intense, perhaps even crippling fear, but also to feel relaxed, uplifted, refreshed, excited.

I strongly recommend hypnosis. Consider it a scenic route to a far better state of mind.

Doug Henskjl: University Student

How to fire up Sexual desire feeling great once more

Emile wrote about his problem.

male sexual performanceI was just wondering if hypnosis might be able to help me... I am a 24yr old fit healthy male, yet I suffer from what i guess you would call sexual performance anxiety.
I have recently come out of a relationship which started off well, but started having issues, then one day out of the blue, failure to perform sexually. Which didn't go down well with her.

Anyway it happened once, and i shrugged it off, then again and again. She didn't react well at first. She thought it was cos I didn't find her attractive, which really compounded the problem in my mind.

It became all I could focus on and I got really worried about it and really quite down. I  ended up avoiding situations that would have led to sex.

I explained what was going on to her and eventually she understood and became supportive and it came right, but it put a huge strain on our relationship. We have since broken up for other reasons.

However now i find myself thinking about it again and avoiding getting involved with anyone out of the fear of failure and embarrassment i guess. I know it is not a physical problem, and i would really like to
sort it out, as it has now happened to me in two relationships.

The first time I talked to a doctor who didn't really help, He told me it was in my head and that I would come right, which I already knew. So please let me know if this is something that you could help with.

Treating sexual anxiety

Emile had one session. I taught him some cognitive techniques that would get rid of the problem. I also advised him that he showed symptoms of depression, and recommended a book. He wrote a few days after the first session:

First off, thank you very much for seeing me last week.
I already feel so much better.

I bought the book on Saturday and am already about a third of the way
through it. It is fascinating to be honest, and has backed up a hell of a lot of what you said and the questions you asked.
At first I felt quite shocked when you told me that I might be suffering mild depression, because it was something that had never occurred to me, and I didn't think of myself as the kind of person that could get depressed, but since then and while reading the book I found myself realising that you were right.

I took the depression test in there and came out with a mild depression result, and it was interesting to find there were a few signs that i hadn't really even considered, like loss of appetite and having difficulty sleeping amongst a few others.
I have been doing the visualisation technique that you showed me quite a bit as well since then.  I am feeling really good, however I was wondering if you had time available for a follow up session? I just wanna make sure I knock this on the head.

Second session client testimonials

A few days after the second session I asked him how he felt :

I had pretty much stopped thinking about the problem after the first session (compared to it being more or less constantly on my mind before that), and only had the second session to make sure I had done everything I could (and I was curious about being hypnotized too).

Overall I feel very confident (compared to before hand) and after the hypnosis I feel that I could approach and talk to any girl now, whereas before I would probably have been slightly hesitant.

As far as how I feel about things, I am not sure yet, but I am quite keen to test it out! There is still a tiny bit of curiosity (rather than doubt) to see how I react in the next situation, but I feel positive about it.

Emile Hanretty: Computer Analyst

Quick and easy way to end lifetime panic anxiety

Hi David,

Your name comes recommended by a friend of mine, Helen.


I was hoping you'd have time at some stage to do some hypnosis work with me.
I've a few things I'd like addressed, primarily around relaxation and long-haul flying - I actually love flying but would appreciate being able to relax more.

I am hopeful it could help me to sleep while on the plane. If you are able to help, what's the best way to set up some time?

I have been involved in hypnosis sessions in the past, so I have a reasonable idea of what to expect, etc.

Joan came to one session and it become apparent that these were only surface issues. She had been talking herself into endlessly worrying about how she would deal with the person she was going to meet overseas, and every time she thought about it, she just wound herself up some more.

Joan was suffering from chronic anxiety coupled with mild depression. She did not know that depression could cause the sort of problems she was getting now.

She did not feel 'depressed' or even believe that she had issues such as rumination (circular negative thoughts) until I showed her how her style of thinking was affecting his feelings.

I taught her Cognitive Modelling and several techniques for breaking the cycle of negative thoughts. At the end of the session she was able to control her own thought processes and to recognize when she needed to relax.

Client Testimonials

I just thought I'd let you know how grateful I am for your time yesterday. I don't know how those techniques work, I don't know why they work, but they certainly work! I never would have believed I could de-stress myself in five seconds flat while sitting on the train.

Joan Perez: Fund Raiser

One quick session no more foul Fear of flying

An absolute pleasure meeting you today. I haven't stopped talking about our session since I returned to work. (That won't surprise you!).

Fear of flyingI must admit I was very skeptical about being hypnotized. But am thrilled that I made the appointment and effort to see you.

After an unpleasant flying experience about 18 months ago, I haven't been able to fly since.The thought terrified me so much I started having panic attacks at the mere thought.

If ever I was asked to go anywhere that involved flying, I would always have an excuse.  In fact, I became somewhat of an expert with my excuses.

Client Testimonials

I was amazed at how relaxed I felt in your company, a total stranger.  After less than an hour with you, I'm totally convinced I could now get on a plane and fly anywhere!

My thought pattern has completely changed. On the drive back to the office I felt so happy and excited to share my experience.

Thank you so much for seeing me today.  I will definitely let you know the next time I fly and how the experience goes.

Kind regards

Angie Jaap: Admin

No more painful Social Anxiety

Allan came to see me about social anxiety. He is about to start work and he is terrified that he will get so anxious that he will faint and then lose the job. I asked him if he had ever actually fainted.

He told me that he had fainted about every two years since he was four years old. Now, the only thing with a psychological cause that makes you faint is blood/needles/injury phobia, so I was intrigued.


I asked him about the fainting and sure enough, every instance was related to something medical. His last one was a year ago when he fainted in his doctor's office when he was being shown an x-ray of his own chest.

He also said that there were hundreds of other situations where he felt faint, and where he felt more and more anxious if he thought that he could not get away easily.

After more discussion I established that he in fact had two issues. He had the medical phobia, and he had a more generalized anxiety of looking silly in public by panicking.

I think that what has happened is that he has been suffering from a genuine physical problem, the blood phobia, that is making him faint and all the rest of his problems stem from a very understandable fear that he might faint in public.

How to deal with panic attacks

The solution was simple. I taught him how to squat down and pull in his stomach to increase his blood pressure a little. I then tested him by talking about broken bones sticking out of someone's leg until he showed distress.

Then I got him to do the squat. He reported that the feeling of faintness really did go away. So he had learned to control it in one way.

I then got him sit down again and taught him how to tense his abdominal muscles and increase his blood pressure. Once again this banished the fainting feeling. He then began to realize that he did have control of this thing, for the first time in his life.

All I had to do then was to teach him a bit of self hypnosis so that he could change how he saw future events, instead of letting his anxiety run away with him. And that was all it took to change his outlook on life.

Hypnosis testimonial

I have found it hard to find the time required to practice my self-trance regularly but when I do it I find it hugely beneficial. I had my work trip last week and I got through it OK.

There were a couple of times each day where I felt the nervousness build but by using the tools I have acquired to do deal with my anxiety I managed to put a lid on it.

I used the trance technique once later in the week during a presentation in a small and stuffy room. It wiped away all traces of nerves and anxiety while I was sitting there.

I am really keen to keep practicing my self-trance and find the time to do more often over the coming month. I will look to have another session with you in September. I want to reinforce my ability to self-trance.

In regards to the depression, I think being more relaxed. Facing these issues has become a big coping mechanism. I am actively trying not to worry about things as much. I have actually spoken to my parents about it to make them aware of what I am facing, and what I am doing to deal with it.

I will look forward to catching up with you again soon.

Allan Pinter: Architect

How to turn your ordeal into a fantastic new skill

A new role I secured last year meant I would have to lead presentations to senior people. The mere thought of speaking even in a small internal meeting terrified me. I knew I had to do something about it, and quickly.public speaking

I sought David's help to overcome my fear of public speaking through hypnotherapy. David was professional, honest and understanding of the issue.

 After just one session I noticed significant changes. Just recently ,I delivered a presentation to over 100 delegates from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore  United States and Japan. I received overwhelmingly positive feedback. I now have a reputation within my organisation, and across industry, as being able to deliver great presentations.

I couldn’t have achieved so much without the help from David and his hypnotherapy techniques.

Kathie Soughter: Team Leader

How to destroy Sexual Anxiety without embarrassment

I wasn't particularly sure what to expect when deciding to pursue hypnosis as a solution to my problem (sexual in nature). This problem had affected wittingly or not all facets of my life, my confidence, my personal and professional life.

Understanding that the problem was purely mental I got in contact with David with the hope he could help.

sexual-anxietyOne of the most difficult things I think, was explaining to him in detail the actual problem. I have never really articulated to such an extent. I found I had to really confront it despite bottling it up for a long time.

A surprisingly large amount of time was spend focusing on me and the way I conduct my life. Obviously trying to get to the root of the problem rather than treating the symptom.

After this lengthy introductory session I walked away with a completely altered view of the world. I came to a couple of major conclusions about my own psyche. Dave told me that he needed to prepare special hypnosis session for my case and I could see him in a week.

Therapy for sexual anxiety

The next session a week later I was apprehensive yet eager to undergo the hypnosis to help me with my predicament. I arrived and sat in the big leather chair. Dave started talking to me, getting me to relax.

I was keen for it to work but I distinctly remember thinking to myself  "this isn't working". "I know what’s going on,   I'm just sitting here in a relaxed state thinking about things".

This as it turned out was exactly the right state to be in, I was completely aware and conscious at all times of what he was saying and doing. And I knew I could snap myself out of it with not too much difficulty. I think this eased my mind even more.

It allowed me to focus on the images Dave was describing in my mind. Using metaphors he addressed many things, making a point not to be too specific about one thing. And very fast it was over, and I had been snapped out of it.

The resolution wasn't instantaneous, but was swift. I was really pleased, having tried to deal with this over years on my own bearing no fruits. It was clear that all I needed was someone who knew what they were doing to help me address my mind and solve the problems.

It helped my overall confidence. My work and personal success increased a great deal. It just goes to show the amazing power of the subconscious.

Bruce: Transport Manager


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