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"I hate it. It has ruined my life in ways you can't even imagine."

"Every day I feel angry and stupid and helpless.  I just want to do what every other man can do. Is that too much to ask?"

"I see in her eyes when she looks at me. Are you going disappoint me again?"

Sexual Performance impacts every part of your life. Erectile Dysfunction makes you feel less of a man. Premature Ejaculation ruins relationships. It can be fixed.

Hypnotherapy can help. Book a session and experience the difference.

Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation

Sexual Confidence Anxiety, libido and orgasm

Men are under pressure to be unfailingly virile. However men have just as many emotional issues as women. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anxiety and loss of libido can have a serious effect on sexual relationships.

If a woman is not sexually aroused she can hide it and no one need know. For male erectile dysfunction there is no hiding the fact. Erectile dysfunction is common and curable. Fear of sexual failure is quite common.

If the woman is understanding and supportive then probably the next time everything will go as normal and the incident will be forgotten about - just one of those things. However, very often the man takes to brooding and worrying about it. This brings on the very failure that he is trying to avoid.

Despite being fairly common in men of all ages, too many men try to live with it in secret and do not seek help. Many men also perform normally, but have a secret dread that maybe next time it won't work.

Once physical causes have been eliminated, hypnosis is the most effective way to increase libido. Male sexual performance anxiety, impotence, premature ejaculation generally needs two sessions to be corrected.

If you usually get a morning erection, then there is nothing wrong with the plumbing: it is psychological.

Most erectile dysfunction is a form of phobia. Your failure is a fear of reacting to the fear of failing, or the fear of being rejected/humilated like you were once before. Like all phobias, it is illogical and irrational, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. Phobias are treated easily with various forms of hypnotherapy.

Usually it is an unconscious reaction to a previous embarrassing failure that was 'forgotten' and then re-triggered by something. But there can be many psychological reasons. Everyone is different.

I had a client last year who regularly failed to penetrate. Turned out that had been a normal guy until he got one girl pregnant. He wanted to marry her and live together. She decided to have an abortion and he didn't stop her.

His beliefs then persuaded him that he was not worthy of having a child because he had colluded in the murder of the previous one. So every time he started to get it on, his mind interfered. The more often it happened, the worst it got.

I had one client who couldn't have sex with his wife. He had been married for forty years. And had forty years of daily sex. But then he started thinking about how his wife had had sex with men before they met. This idea began to obsess him.

The idea of sleeping with his wife disgusted him. No reason, but his mind wouldn't let him get an erection. (in this instance I used Comedy Transformation technique to reframe his thoughts about the previous lovers).

Erectile dysfunction usually can be treated successfully. After all, we are designed to be rampant sex machines, so it doesn't take much to get it working again.

Sexual Confidence Hypnosis


Your main sex organ is actually your brain. It controls hormones, and it controls thoughts and beliefs about sex. If the thoughts are not right, then nothing else is right. The usual reason for sexual dysfunction is that the young man's brain is constantly thinking about failure.
He goes over and over what happened, what might happen next time, what might happen if he never performs again, what his mates will say if they find out, what girls will tell each other about him.

Failure is what is in his mind all the time. So that is what his mind delivers. You get what you think about. Men in this situation need to learn to control their thoughts. Doing that will prevent it happening again. It's like taking a mental aphrodisiac.


The first session is used to explain to the client that he is effectively hypnotising himself. Most clients feel immediately better about it as soon as they realise that it is fairly common and that it can be easily reversed.

The objective of the first session is to teach you how to use your own mind for support, instead of allowing your thoughts to sabotage yourself. I show the you how to use visualisations to create positive conditions in your mind, so that not only will it not happen again, you won't even think of the possibility.

Visualizing Success

The second session is used to guide you through a typical sexual performance in hypnosis. You are led through an idealized version of your normal dating process and at every stage your imagination is filled with images and feelings of what it is like to be outstandingly good.

Your mind relives the event, exactly as it would be if you were not just good, but amazingly good. you experience what it is like to be the world's greatest lover. The hypnosis creates an overwhelming certainty, an enthusiasm, that wipes out the old feelings, so that the next time you are in that situation, or a similar situation, your mind will fill with positive feelings of strength and vigor.

The hypnotherapy is also used to address whatever issue it was that caused the original failure. It might be a self esteem issue, or general self confidence or concern about commitment to a long term relationship. These issues are dealt with by direct suggestion.

That way you will be able to have whatever sort of relationship you want, and the positive visualisation exercises will ensure that the old worries never come back.

There is generally no need for a follow up. Most young men are extremely resilient. Once the pattern of behaviour has been fixed, it is fixed forever.


These stories show how other people escaped to a full life.

Loss of confidence can have a devastating effect on your sex life. It can take all the sparkle out of living. Things that used to be easy are now embarrassing. Things that used to be fun become something to dread. It doesn't have to be that way.

Sexual Success

Premature Ejaculation: Sluts and goddesses

This man came in and spent some time beating about the bush before he felt comfortable to tell me exactly what the problem was. He has increasing sexual anxiety about not being able to last for long enough. He feels that he is coming too quickly.

When they have sex he ejaculates after about 30 seconds inside her. She is not happy. She told him quite firmly to go and see a doctor or someone who can help. He is now worried that this is going to spoil his long-term relationship. He wants to be with this woman. Losing her would be devastating.

Sexual Anxiety

I asked him about his history with women. He has never lasted a very long time, but it was never an issue until he was in a long term relationship.

I got him to think back to what was different between the women he had no problems with and the others. sexual anxiety elegant woman"I  never got problems with one night stands". He could pick up a floosy from a pub, take her home, do the business, and no problem. He didn't give her another thought.

The difference was women that he had a long term relationship with. These were 'serious' women. Classy women. He felt he had to be perfect for them. Anything less would be a failure.

His basic problem was that he had unrealistic expectations of what these women would expect of him. Expectations that he could never live up to. And it was this that started the cycle of worry that lead to eventual failure and embarrassment. It was a classic case of putting women on a pedestal. Bimbos were OK, but goddesses have expectations.

Source of sexual anxiety

Any time a person has issues with expectations, you have to consider the possibility of a form of depression. I asked all the standard questions. He said he did not recognize these things in himself. I questioned him about Irritation.

He said he gets irritated when his partner can not work the computer properly. Then he admitted that "yes, I do get annoyed in other situations. Actually, in many situations, now I think about it."

He also worries extensively. He is constantly thinking 'what if?' in certain parts of his life. But not all. In some areas he is very confident and is a successful manager. When I outlined the symptoms and more details, he said "you're describing my mother."

I believe he has a mild case of depressive anxiety. In his case he does not have most of the symptoms because of his high level of physical exercise. He is a rugby player and does martial arts.

He is over thinking his doubts of not being good enough. This causes depression when he cannot live up to his unreal expectations. He is allowing his 'what ifs' to run away with him. The result is anxiety in the bedroom. The more he worries about it the more massive the problem appears.

Removing the immediate anxiety

I got him to think about the feeling he gets when he thinks about his premature ejaculation. He started to describe what happens. I had to interrupt him, and get him to actually feel it, and not just talk about it.

As soon as he started tuning into his own feelings, he reported a feeling in his chest. I got him to imagine that feeling as an object. It was a black ball covered with blue flames. About the size of a golf ball. It was cool, and smooth and the same all the way round.

After he had described it in detail, I asked, "And what you like to have happen to that black ball with blue flames?" He said "I want it to disappear." "And what can you do then?" I asked. "Not have any more worry". So the next step was to get it to disappear.

I got him to make it smaller and small until he could just flick it away. Then I tested to make sure there was nothing left of that old feeling.

After I brought him out we discussed the use of metaphor as therapy. He said he felt "something had changed".

Removing the original sexual anxiety

The next step was to find and remove the origin of the anxiety.

He had done a lot of meditation with his martial arts training. So I did a simple induction of Breathing, Favorite place, Stairs. He went into trance easily.

I then did a metaphor healing process. I took him to a bridge. There he met a Figure of Power who told him to let go off all the old feelings he was carrying.

Then the Figure of Power told him he needed to find and remove the hidden thing that was causing all his problems. The Figure found it and destroyed it. As the problem object was drained away, I emphasized a feeling of something leaving his groin area.

The session finished with direct suggestion about change and pride in a new beginning.

Erectile Dysfunction: Sex, Fear and Guilt

This client had never had any kind of satisfying sex experience. He told me "I lose my erection as soon as she is ready."

We talked about his history of interactions with women. He grew up in a family with deeply religious parents. His parents taught him that he has to be perfect in all parts of his life. "That's what God demands of you." So he had to be perfect, and his Sexual anxietysex has to be perfect.

However, everything he was told about sex and women involved warnings about his behavior. He grew up with a fear of girls and sexuality. He had almost no interaction with them. His parents thought the whole business of sex was dirty and threatening and shouldn't happen. He ended up dreading doing anything that might lead to accusations of rape.

Like every other young man, he was interested in girls, but was completely unprepared to deal with the reality of a real-life, flesh and blood female.  Because he was so socially awkward, he was always waiting for her to start, and she was expecting him to start.

The result was a series of embarrassing situations where he felt totally inadequate and out of his depth. When he finally got some sort of relationship, he ruined it because his fear of failure made him fail.

There was actually nothing wrong with him physically. All his problems were the result of his beliefs about sex. Two sessions of hypnotherapy replaced those beliefs and let him enjoy sex without guilt.

Erectile Dysfunction: Losing Erection Occasionally

He currently has a partner and every now and then he just cannot get an erection. When he was a younger man he had normal sex and no problems at all. About 10 years ago he had a steady girlfriend and sex was good.

But then he started cheating on her. He was having sex with another woman. Eventually they broke up and he began to have erection problems with other women. Not all the time, and not with every woman.

I asked him what had happened around the time he broke up with his steady partner. He said that he began to feel guilt for having cheated on her. He feels that being unfaithful is bad. When asked them to talk about that he clearly felt a quite uncomfortable.

I started poking around his past as to why he would feel uncomfortable. After all, almost young men are quite happy to put it about and really don't care.

Childhood Issues

He said that his father had affairs and he knew about when he was growing up. I started asking about his family situation. He said that his father was an angry man. He verbally abused my client and his mother.

My client admitted to being a difficult child and would sometimes wind up his father right up to the point just before he would explode. His father later went on to anger management classes and calmed down a lot.

This suggested to me that his father probably had some form of depression and black and white thinking. Anger is usually about someone with unreasonably high expectations who gets angry when they are not met.

And this further suggested to me that my client most probably also had some elements of black and white thinking and catastrophising.

Exploring his sexual anxiety behavior

I explored this idea with him. Gradually it emerged that yes, he did have rumination, he did have the tendency to overthink things, to over analyse things, to worry, in fact all the symptoms of classic low-grade depression.

The reason he wasn't worse was because he was a bodybuilder. He went to the gym every day he was very careful about his diet. His exercise regime is what was keeping him well.

I then explained that what was happening was that this feeling of guilt that he had after cheating on his girlfriend has become the subject of his anxiety. The more thinks about it the more likely it is that he will get another failure. The failures are moderated by his own up-and-down of his normal moods.

When he feels good he's fine when he feels bad start wondering what the next one be a failure. He starts ruminating on that, starts thinking about what can go wrong, how she will feel, how he is disappointing her. It becomes a cycle of worrying about failure, having the failure, worry about having another failure.

After we explored this  mechanism he agreed that that was exactly what he was doing. He was thinking himself into failing.

Dealing with feelings of guilt

I really didn't know how to approach this problem. The strongest feelings he described was shame about being unfaithful. So I decided to go for that.

I got him to think about the feeling. He was not good at getting in touch with his feelings but eventually I got him to relax enough to feel it in his chest. He seemed reluctant to speak at all but eventually I got him to tell me that it was 'brown'. It was about a foot in size. Then he said it was like an ornament. It was in fact,  a head.

He described it as being a wooden head. When I asked him if it was the same all the way round, he said it had "faces on each side". The faces didn't represent anyone in particular. I could not get him to give me any more details about the head.

So I asked him what he would like to have happen to it. He said he would like to get rid of it. He said when he got rid of it he could be normal. Then he wouldn't be worried about the erection problem.

So I asked him, "What happens to wooden things over time?" He said they deteriorate. I then talked about how wood could split, and flake off, and gradually dry out. He described how it got smaller and smaller until it became so tiny that he could just brush it away.

I then asked him to get his mind to look around his body and see if there was anything left of that old feeling of unfaithful. He confirmed that it had gone.

By now he was deep in trance. He had gone deep into his own unconscious mind by following his feeling down. I still wasn't sure what was causing the erectile problems. So I decided to use regression and just tackle whatever emerged.

Finding the root of his sexual dysfunction

I talked vaguely about a problem that he has had for a long time. Something that has bothered him for a long time. Something that is causing his feelings of not being good enough, not measuring up, feeling ashamed. I told him that his own mind would supply a picture, a memory, a place, something that was the first time he had ever felt that feeling.sexual anxiety creepy man

I told him that when he had that feeling to start describing where he was and what was going on.

In trance, he said "I am in a public toilet." I asked, "and who else is there?" He said, "there's a man there. He's touching my willie." Further questions established that he was in the toilet and a sports club while his parents were inside the club having a drink. This man was touching him. He felt confused, ashamed, and scared.

Clearing with Inner Child work

This surprising development was what was underlying his fear and sexual anxiety. So I used the technique of Inner Child change work. I got him to go back to that toilet as himself, the grown man. I got him to push that other man out of the way. He comforted the child.

I told him, "tell him he did nothing wrong. Tell him it is not his fault." I then got him as an adult to take the child out of there.  Then I led him through a visualization of letting that little boy grow up with the adult man (himself) looking after him all the time.

When the little boy was mature, I got the adult and the little boy figure to merge and become one person. I then did some general self-esteem suggestions to finish the session.

When he emerged from trance, he said, "I feel so light. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off me."

He told me later that he remembered the incident in the toilet. He believed that it had no influence on him, and had just dismissed it. But I believe that it was those feelings of shame, and the inability to do anything about it, that were linked in his mind to his sexual anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and depression

I saw man today who reported that he has intermittent erectile problems. He has been experiencing the problem often recently, although he has had it occasionally all his adult life. He is very worried that this is going to ruin his relationship with the woman he has only been seeing for a few months.

When the relationship started, in order to avoid any problems, he would take Cialis and that ensured that everything worked okay. Previously she lived in a fairly distant town and he visited her mostly on weekends. The woman is now living with him and so the opportunity for sex is more frequent also.

Nothing physical wrong

As well as that worry, he revealed a deeper issue. Some weeks ago, they went out drinking, and he got very drunk. According to his partner, at some point he said "I would rather f*** a rat than some fat bitch like you." He has no memory of this incident at all, and has never done anything like it before.

So he is deeply concerned about this. And of course it put him off side with his partner big time. So this has made him even more concerned that if he is unable to perform sexually, then she is going to take this is as confirmation of what he really thinks about her, and she will leave him.

He has been to the doctor and had all the tests and everything seems to be okay physically. So the problem must be something psychological. I asked him what was going through his mind when he wanted sex, but couldn't perform.

He said "it's like I always have something running through my head at the time like a song you can't get rid of. I can't focus on the thing because of this distraction."

Finding the psychological reason

I asked him "would you say that your mind is always busy?" He agreed. I asked him "do you find yourself dwelling on things that happened in the past?" He agreed with that too.

I asked him "do you get irritated when people don't do things they should do? Like bad driving behaviour?" "Yes", he said. "I get really annoyed at other drivers' bad behaviour. It happens every day."

It was fairly obvious from this that he actually has a form of depression. I asked some more probing questions and it became quite clear that he has dysthymia. Like most people with dysthymia, he had no idea that he had it. And no idea that it was affecting his behaviour in many ways.

I explored with him aspects of his behaviour since he was a teenager. And as we looked into it more and more, it became more and more obvious to him that much of what he was doing was in fact a reflection of his dysthymia.

He then revealed that his brother has depression. Thinking about it, many members of his family showed quite clear behaviour consistent with low-grade depression.

How Dysthymia affects behavior

I then addressed one of the common issues with depression, which is perfectionism. Most people with dysthymia have high expectations of themselves, and of other people, and get irritated when these expectations are not met. It is quite likely that is sexual dysfunction is related to this.

One possible mechanism is that he thinks about the fact that it might go wrong, and that would lead him to deep embarrassment. The more he thinks about the possibility, the more anxious he gets, which leads to exactly the thing he doesn't want. He is actually worrying himself into erectile failure.

That would explain his outburst when he was drunk. Alcohol removes your inhibitions. I would speculate that some point during his drinking binge, he began to dwell on his sexual problems and how he felt about that. In his drunken state that would have accelerated into an overwhelming feeling of frustration, and he just lashed out.

So the next stage is to help him deal with the way he thinks. Normally two or three sessions will get rid of of it. And his sexual problems.

Erectile Dysfunction: First Attempt Failure

My client came to see me because of sexual dysfunction. He is a fit young man living with a woman he loves. She is keen on sex and so is he, but he keeps losing his erection during the process. She is understandably annoyed and is threatening to end the relationship.

My client told of a disastrous first attempt at sex that left both of them unhappy. He had been at a Christian camp and the object of his desire was also inexperienced. When the two of them met at night in an empty room it was in secrecy and under constant danger of being discovered.

He said the whole thing was an embarrassment, nobody got anything out of it. He blamed it on inexperience and the threat of exposure. It was a classic case of a first attempt at sex that goes wrong, and plants the seed of worry that expands and ruins the rest of his life.

Rethinking Erection Failure

Before he came to me he had been to see a different hypnotherapist three times. That therapist asked themale sexual anxiety cases usual questions and tried regression, but it did not have the right effect. He is now in a relationship with a woman who he thinks could be 'the one' so he is putting extra pressure on himself and his girlfriend is putting on even more pressure.

I couldn't see what I could do that would be different from the regression and general NLP advice that he already got.

And then I got to thinking about that first encounter. A young man, a teenager, should have no problem getting it up. That's what young men are designed for. So I asked a bit more deeply about what went on that night, and particularly about what went on just before his assignation.

He revealed that he was worried about what might happen before he even got there, and that everything turned out wrong just as he feared it would.

So I started thinking about why a young lover would be fearful even before the attempt. There must have been some reason why it even crossed his mind that it could go wrong. I tested for anxiety/depression. He has a bit of Introversion and a bit of anxiety thinking, but not full depression.

His father had depression. He told of a childhood where his parents divorced when he was ten and he heard them arguing all the time. I concluded that he has hyper vigilance. I think that he had childhood anxiety. It was his existing anxiety that made the first sex go wrong, not the bad sex that caused the sexual anxiety.

Ending his erectile dysfunction

He has underlying anxiety that is making him catastrophize over his past sexual failure. And because he sees this particular woman as his chance at a life partner, he is putting intense pressure on himself, because this one must work, or he will miss out for life.

This is causing more panicky thoughts, more anxiety, and she is putting more pressure on him to perform, which causes more anxiety and so on.

The interesting thing about this case is that it is not the first sexual encounter that was the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) and therefore regression is the wrong treatment. There was no ISE. What was there was chronic anxiety from childhood, that happens to be expressing itself as sexual performance problems.

The solution therefore is to treat the anxiety. And that's what I did.

Delayed Ejaculation

"I am worried that there is something wrong with my sexual performance. It takes me a very long time to cum inside my wife. Sometimes I give up and don't cum at all."

He's been to several doctors. They gave him pills and blood tests. Which didn't work. One  doctor suggested it might be a psychological problem.

"Do you think you have a psychological problem?"
"I grew up with religious parents."
"How religious?"
"Not excessively so."
"What did they tell you about sex?"
"Sex was never mentioned."

So no psychological issue there.

When a man has a sexual problem, often he dwells on it and it blows up out of proportion.

"Do you feel bad about not satisfying your wife? About disappointing her?"
"I am not happy about it, and I sometimes apologize. She understands and is OK with it."

"When you are about to do the business, do you get butterflies? Do you feel anxious? Put off going to bed?"
"No, nothing like that. I enjoy sex and look forward to it."

So no fears, phobias, anxiety either.

"How long does it take to cum when you masturbate?"
"Sometimes half an hour."
"How long have you had this problem?"
"About 10 years."
"Would you say it's been getting worse?"

And there was the answer.

"You have turned your dick into a piece of leather. After the delayed ejaculation first appeared, you tried harder and harder. You used more and more pressure.  You became rougher, for longer. You have desensitized yourself."

"You have trained yourself to need  a huge amount of pressure and friction. That's not what you get inside your wife. It is soft and wet an smooth. There is not enough friction, you will never get enough stimulation that way."

The short answer is to stop wanking. The long answer is to start communicating with his wife.  To explain that he needs to get his sensitivity back, and ask her for help. He should focus on making her happy first. He needs stop fantasizing, to be completely present in the moment.  To be aware of his wife as a flesh and blood welcoming happy woman.


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