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Is That Strange Feeling Coming From A Past Life?

Do you get strange feelings that no one can explain? Is your life filled with problems and disappointments? These could indicate a past life. Maybe you are still on your journey. Maybe there something hidden you don't know about?
Do you sometimes know things, but can't say why? You recognize places you have never been to. Ever disliked a stranger for no reason? Had a strange reaction to someone else's child? These might be hints about your past connections.
87% of people believe in some form of past life. Your ancestors knew about an afterlife 12,ooo years ago. What do you know about yours? There might a rich store of knowledge waiting for you. Knowledge that might change your life. You will never know unless you look.
Is something  trying to get in touch with you? Shouldn't you be trying to get in touch with it? You owe it to your past self to listen to the call. There must be a reason. Everything that goes around, comes around. Give me a call if you want to know more, or click the calendar link, and see if there is a time to suit you.

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Your Money Back Guarantee

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I have been introducing all types of people to previous lives for many years. I have detailed cases of past life regressions from real people who were in my office.  Check out the results for yourself. Click here to share real past lives.

I am so confident that you will be connected by Past Life Regression that I make you a promise. If you have not had a significant inner experience after your session then I will give your money back. No questions asked.

If you are still not sure, call me. Let's discuss your needs, and the outcome you want.

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Aren't you curious to know what is waiting for you?

Have I had a Past Life?

15 ways to know if you had a past life

past life regression hypnosis

Were you there at the court of King Solomon? Have you flipped between male and female? Were  you the slave owner, or the slave?

You don't have to do a past life regression to find clues to past lives. All you have to do is pay attention to what seems to not quite fit in this life.

Many people say that their memories of past life are things they felt all their life. Feelings they could never account for.

Some the clues to look for are:

  1. You are attracted to a color
  2. You love the sound of a foreign language
  3. Can't stand a particular food
  4. Places that you have never been to seem familiar
  5. You know things about people, but can't say how
  6. Get anxious about an activity you have never done
  7. You sense a connection to some higher power
  8. Remember when you felt uneasy with a stranger
  9. You keep self sabotaging
  10. You have trouble with emotional relationships
  11. You never feel like you fit in
  12. You always hold something back in every relationship
  13. If you are honest, deep down there is a empty place
  14. You have always been curious about past life regression
  15. Feel a vague longing for something, like homesickness.

These are like echoes from a time before you entered this life. The more of these things you experience,  the more likely it is that you are sensing things in a past life.

See for yourself. Here are actual examples of Past Life Regression in action.

Back to School

Past life hypnosis can be surprising. I regressed an 82 year old man back to his school days. He was delighted to discover that he could recall every detail of one ordinary day in the school library more than 70 years earlier.
He recognized old school friends. Even after sixty years he could recall the nicknames of teachers he hadn't thought about since he was a teenager.
Past Life Regression Hypnosis


Past Life Regression Experiences  - Find out more

You cannot prove a Past Life. Nor can you disprove past lives. The best thing you can do is look at the evidence. Decide for yourself. Reincarnation may or may not be a thing. Nobody knows for sure.

But every day,  people experience things that they cannot explain.  Past Life Therapy can go in surprising directions.

Here is a collection of typical past life regression experiences. Have a look.


It's time to stop wondering. Time to find out

You're not going to know for sure until you do the regression. You've felt strongly about it for a long time. Are you going to  spend the rest of your life wondering about it? You might be on the edge of something spectacular. But you won't know until you take the next step!
The next step is find out! - You now know that there is a safe and controlled way to get behind the mask. Past Life Regression therapy will guide you gently into your own inner world. It might a treasure house of riches. Or there might be nothing there.
Imagine wandering through your own past lives.  Think of how it will feel to have a direct connection to other souls, to the spirits of the past. Do they have information for you? Are there secrets waiting to be unearthed? Just knowing for certain will affect your life.
Are you ready? The only way you are going know is to jump in. You have talked enough about it.  You don't need to think about it any longer. You need to accept that it is like an itch that is not going to go away. That curiosity.
Discover the truth today You don't have to wonder any longer. One session will show you the reality. Book a time today.

What does past life regression therapy cost?

Past life regression sessions last about an hour, and cost $120. Money back guarantee.
You can also do past life regression online.

What are you waiting for ? Book it now.

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