Weight Loss Hypnosis Results


Weight Loss Hypnosis Results

More Weight Loss Hypnosis Cases show the many different aspects to problem eating. Over eating is always emotional eating. The causes are complex and often hidden. Hypnosis offers a simple and direct way to find and remove the origin.

It really doesn't matter what the cause is. The Weight Loss Hypnosis Results here are all selected from people I have helped. They have managed to reverse years of abuse and shame, and become healthy functioning individuals. Maybe you can too?

Much of my work is about weight and body image. I see people who overeat, or can't lose weight. I get people who are always thinking about food, or who yo-yo diet. They usually have no idea why they behave like that. I also get people who are actually thin, but still obsess about eating.

Body image sensitivity

weight loss hypnosis resultsThis client was a successful young mother of three. But she was obsessed with food and the fear of getting fat. She felt that people were looking at her all the time and hated it. She had felt that way since she was a teenager. To start with she just accepted it as part of  who she was, and worked round it as best she could.  But now it was getting more and more intrusive and affecting her life.

She was so sensitive about her body image that she could not undress in front of her husband. She could  not even undress in front of her young children and fretted constantly about putting on weight.

As we talked I explored when this had started and she identified an event that almost certainly was the trigger. She had been a happy child with lots of friends. She and her friends got interested in horse riding. They all went to horse riding school where they were taught about how to approach horses, how to sit, how to groom and look after the horse and so on. My client loved it and felt really at home there.

Body image origin

Then one day the instructor started a lesson on how to help other people ride. The instructor explained how to help disabled people to get up on the horse. Then she said that fat people need a special way to get into the saddle too. And she selected my client from the crowd of girls to demonstrate how a fat person gets on a horse.

From that moment everything changed. My client suddenly felt exposed to ridicule, that she was fat, that secretly every other girl thought that she was fat. She knew the instructor had singled her out from all the other girls because she was overweight. Actually, she wasn't . Up to that point, she had never given a thought to her weight. But now, deep inside she knew, somehow, that everyone had been looking at her body all along. She had just been too stupid to see it.

She became acutely sensitive to her body. From that moment on, she felt people were looking, judging, criticizing. And thus started a life long obsession with her body image.

Overeating is always psychological

It is not often that you can trace the exact reason for the weight issues to a single incident. But in this case  we can pinpoint the exact moment that body size became an issue for her.

Knowing the source,  it became easy to help her with hypnosis. I used regression to revisit the incident in trance, and make it come out differently. By re-experiencing the event she was able to come away with a happy memory, and her body image problem ended right there.

Eating is out of control

My client today was a huge obese woman.  She told me "I can't stop putting on weight. My eating is out of control".   looking after son's kids

She said that she had always battled with weight and issues of control. Right now she feels she is out of control. She said "It got worse six months ago. Before that I had lost 15 kg. Now I have put it all back on again, plus more". This is a common story with people to come to hypnotherapy for weight loss. In my experience, issues with weight are always emotional issues. When you trace it back to the origin it is usually rooted in how the client was treated in childhood. In this case, the issue was emotional, but was actually rooted in the recent past.

Why eating is out of control

Weight Loss Hypnosis ResultsSix months ago, one of her children dumped her four children on her because they couldn't cope. Her child and the partner are into drugs and alcohol. They can't cope with life, can't cope with their children, and abandoned them with their grandmother. It was supposed to be for two weeks. But the parents went off and gave everything over to their drug habit.

My client now feels that imposed upon, but cannot do anything about it. She feels that this is so unfair. She brought up her own children, launched them into adulthood, and was looking forward to spending the next 10 years as an indulgent grandma to her grandchildren. And now she's back having a full-time job looking after for young children. She sees no way out of it and no one else in the family is offering to help.

Longing for an empty nest

She is beginning to resent the children and acting grumpy with them.  She cannot sent the children back to their parents. Social security will not take them, because they are not in danger where they are. Her other children reject the parents as losers who need to front up to their responsibilities, and won't help.

There is no way out.  Her expectations of a lovely retirement hasn't happened.  She expected things to be perfect, but it has all turned out wrong. It's all getting too much for her and she sinking into despair.

This a classic case of late onset depression. She has just given up and eats to comfort herself.

How to treat eating is out of control

I talked about how to deal with her depression. The first thing is to recognize that it is not her responsibility. I told her to have some compassion for herself and her situation. She feels guilt over resenting the children, and somehow having failed her own daughter. I am not a counselor, but I suggested various ways that she could seek help. Together we agreed a goal to get these children looked after by someone else within six weeks.

Then to help her get the energy and confidence to reach that goal, I used hypnosis. I took her into trance and did an extended parts metaphor therapy to identify the parts she needed, and to get those parts energized.

Afterwards, she said 'I can find a way forward now. I am not going to put up with this any longer. Thank you."

Everything makes me nervous

I had a first today with a client. The client was a tiny woman but grossly obese.  She seemed to be almost as broad as she was tall. She was also excessively nervous and fidgety.   And that was the problem she wanted to deal with: anxiety. Anxiety makes her overeat. She said she had been anxious for as long as she could remember. I asked her "what make you anxious?" She said, "Everything". I assume that this was a joke, but she told me she was deadly serious. "Everything makes me nervous."

Weight Loss Hypnosis ResultsSo I started to look for the reason for the anxiety and the overeating. I expected that there would be something in her childhood. So I got her to tell me about situations where she feels nervous generally, and any specific situations where she felt nervous today. She couldn't find any. She just said "everything makes me nervous."

I started to talk about her overeating and what she might do to prevent anxiety. I outlined some situations where this or that might happen. As she thought about these, she began to get visibly anxious.

Not how to deal with anxiety

She reached down the side of the chair to get her handbag and put it on her lap. Then she opened it up and said to me 'Do you mind if I eat?' I thought I had misheard. I asked her to repeat what she had just said. To my surprise, she took out a packet of cookies. Apparently she carries around a bag of butter cookies everywhere she goes. She nibbles on one every time she feels anxious. My questions were making her feeling anxious right now, so she wanted to start eating a cookie while lying in the chair talking about overeating!

Weight Loss Hypnosis Cases

Overeating is always complicated

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