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Hypnosis for weight lossAre you tired of being overweight? Would you like to lose it and keep it off? Easily and permanently? Weight Loss Hypnosis is very successful at chasing away the emotions and feelings that cause overeating.

Weight loss is a complex matter psychologically. Dieting doesn't really work. Bring your eating under control and get back to the size you want to be. People who have binged and dieted for years have been able to see a change in themselves straight away, and can now get into clothes they never thought they would again.

With the right method you can let go of the kilos easily and permanently. Choose the plan that works best for you. A one session kick start plan costs $120. The Premium Program of three sessions over three weeks costs $240. You will begin to feel better immediately, and you will gradually start to lose the pounds. It is never too late - now is the right time.

Imagine how good it will be to get back into clothes that fit. Discover your waist again. Eat without guilt. Just to go for a walk and enjoy being normal and happy. A hypnosis session will get you started on the right road.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hutt Valley Hypnosis is very successful with weight issues.
Not everyone with a weight problem is overweight. Some people eat all day, some people only eat at night, and some people think about eating all day but don't. We all need help with our emotions.

Emotional Eating

Being overweight is always an emotional issue, and needs a psychological approach. Losing weight is a complex issue that involves family, relationships and self image.

Emotional Eating is  :

Eating because you are bored, or upset or angry or stressed
Eating when you are not even hungry
Craving only unhealthy foods
Continuing eating after you are full
Seldom feeling satisfied
Eating without hardly noticing it
Eating while telling yourself you shouldn't.

Hypnosis is ideal for that. Hypnosis is used to find out exactly why you are eating the way you are.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Weight Loss Plans
emotional eating

Weight Loss

stop over eating tips Eating Tips

Weight Loss is not about willpower

It is not a matter of information either. At Hutt Valley Hypnosis we find that people who need to lose weight already know everything there is to know about protein and carbohydrates and balanced intake and vitamins and diets and everything else.

But some people just keep on binging and snacking and end up overweight. Their problem is a compulsive need to eat, of not being able to stop snacking, to eat sensibly.

Yo-Yo dieting

Others manage their weight by vomiting it up later, or dosing with laxitives. None of these is particularly nice. Or you can spend your life constantly yo-yo dieting up and down the scales and feeling bad about being unable to control their weight.

Most of these people go through their lives ashamed of their body. They are secretly embarrassed about their size. Some live a double life: a public life in which they pretend everything is OK, and a secret life in which they hate themselves for failing. This leads to despair of ever losing weight. Then they eat to feel better, but immediately feel bad because they gave in to it.

These people are not weak willed or self indulgent. These people feel almost powerless to stop. They are obeying an irresistible psychological drive. The purpose of that drive is to keep them safe.

Every time they feel stressed or lonely, their own childhood feeling of fear or neglect come out. They eat to avoid having to experience those uncomfortable emotions.

The real reason they eat is nothing to do with hunger, and everything to do with doing something else to smother bad feelings with good feelings.

Somehow personal identity gets mixed up with feelings about food. Food nurtures, comforts, is fulfilling; it expresses love, shows you care; it is something you give to others, it connects to family, it is something to share; food brings people to together, it is a happy family around a table laughing.

Food is warmth, comfort, love. Eating is wrapped up with being accepted, cosseted, included, valued. Whenever feelings of loss, loneliness and rejection come up, eating is the way to deal with it. And that is the key to losing weight. Understand why you eat, then you can get control of your eating.

How much does Weight Loss Hypnosis cost?

Wellington Hypnosis lets you choose the plan that suits you best. Some people just need a little motivation, others need a bit more support.

One Session Weight therapy. This plan is for people who are confident about their own ability to control their eating, given a little help. The hypnosis takes about an hour and costs $120. If you have been able to keep the weight off before, this is the one for you.

Weight Loss Life Style Plan. This Premium Plan is for people who know they are going to need a lot more help. The first session deals with the reasons for eating and self destructive behaviors. The next session a few days later reinforces your changes and sorts out any problems you might have with triggers and cravings.

Weight Loss hypnosis plan

The final session two weeks later makes sure that you will stay on your lifestyle plan. The Premium Plan costs $240. If you book the One Session plan, and then find you need more, you can switch over to the Premium plan.

Hypnotherapy gives a fast return. Obviously, weight is not going to fall off instantly. But gradually you will see and feel changes. When you get to your ideal weight the health benefits will begin to show. I think you will agree that getting it off, and keeping it off, is the best investment you can make.

Each weight loss hypnosis session usually takes about an hour.

Can't Decide: Talk it over

Talk to Dave MasonIf you want to talk about eating and weight, just call.

Talking to someone is usually the best way to find out if hypnosis can help.

It might be just what you need.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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What others say

You did it! It took me a couple of days to actually believe it but I really, truly believe we have killed the compulsion to over eat. I feel like a totally different person around food since our last session - like I'M in control, not under control. It’s an absolute blessing.


I can’t even begin to express how grateful to you I am for everything you have done for me this far!!  - Dearna Sullivan


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Losing weight and emotional health

How much overlap is there between weight loss and emotional health? Put it another way, should hypnotherapists focus on the weight, or look to improve mental health? There doesn't seem to be any quick fix when it comes to weight loss. Perhaps we should be looking at the reasons why people eat, instead of worrying about how they eat or what they eat?

Most nutritionists agree that effective weight loss comes about because of a permanent change in thinking and behavior. The weight loss is actually a byproduct of these changes.

Eating your emotions

I am not thinking here about anorexia, or bulimia or other eating disorders which clearly are clinical anxiety problems. I am thinking about people with normal lives who just cannot lose weight.

At Wellington Hypnosis, we believe that behavior and belief is the thing to change when addressing weight issues. Focusing on losing weight, instead of focusing on becoming healthy, inevitably leads to putting the weight right back on again. In simple terms, even if all you do is to instill better habits and a positive attitude towards exercise, that still benefits you even if they don't lose any weight.

People who over eat seem to have built up a pattern of eating as a response to stress. If you take away the comfort and reward of eating, then this can just increase their distress. This triggers even more eating. Hypnotherapy should focus on teaching the client ways to deal with the stress.

Deal with the whole person and their lifestyle

I like to deal with the client, their environment, and their history, at the same time. This multidimensional approach will give you better results than focusing purely on just weight loss.

Eating involves a mixture of biological and psychological and social triggers and rewards. We need to address all of these simultaneously.

Laboratory studies have shown that drug addicts can get a high just by thinking about taking drugs to get a high. The habits and rituals associated with taking the drugs are an essential part of the high. It is likely that the same thing happens with people who use food as a distraction or a comfort.

If you remove the eating and the associated preliminary behaviors then you are likely to over sensitize the person to environmental triggers. Changing their pattern of eating requires you to find substitutes for these emotional rewards.

If you tell me that "maintaining weight is a constant struggle" or something like that, then it shows that you are dealing with a psychological problem. Finding the origin of that psychological problem is where I start with helping you take it off and keep it off.

Why Weight Control Hypnosis works

The way hypnosis is used is different in every case. The exact details of why individuals over eat varies from person to person, but the reasons are all basically the same: the person associates food with being loved and cared for, and knows that not having food is the same as being being left on their own, lonely and isolated. Food is everything.

Not having it around means there is a danger of not being loved. That danger has to be avoided, it cannot be allowed to come to pass. That is the root cause of the compulsion - a dread of being unloved, feeling lonely, rejected, no good. This is the sort of thing that hypnosis is best at.

Weight problems are emotional

The origin is usually in childhood, when the child decides that getting food means being loved. Mother provides food, so mother is showing that the child is important. No food equals no love. The punishment of sending a child to their room with without dinner associates hunger with unhappiness.

It is often compounded by the mother rewarding good behavior with a special treat, or dealing with her own problems through eating. Many children learn to associate happy times with meal times, and when the family breaks up the pain of the loss is associated with different eating arrangements, and the child believes that if only everyone was around the table again everything would be OK.

Self medicating with food

Hypnosis works on core human needs. Food is a basic human drive, and it easily gets mixed up with other emotions. For some people, every time they feel bad, they reach into the cupboard, instead of reaching into their past. They need the power of hypnosis to get to the root of the problem, and fix it, permanently.


Hypnosis ends eating compulsion by changing how you feel about yourself. No matter what happened in the past, it can be fixed. When you find and fix the original issue, you stop looking to food to feel better. Food should be something you enjoy and not something that is a substitute for something else.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is gentle but searching. It finds what is driving your behavior, and then subtly changes it.

Follow up

There is a strong psychological element to most problem eating.
Hypnotherapy will help with the root causes. The results will not be instant. It takes time to shed weight. In many instances eating problems are linked to self esteem or anxiety. It is often useful to consider another session of hypnosis to deal with those later.

weight loss15 Tips to Stop Over Eating

Ways to Weight Loss without dieting

Use smaller plates.

Put your food on a smaller plate. It makes the same size of portion look bigger, and fools your mind into thinking you have eaten more than you have.

Always measure.

Never eat out of the package or tin. Get a separate bowl or plate and measure out how much you want, and then put the package away. This should apply to everything: yoghourt, nuts, biscuits, candy, sliced meats - everything. If it comes in a packet or bag, seal it up and put it away before you start.

Eat with your other hand.

If you are right handed, use your left. This will make you more aware of the process of eating and stop your mind drifting off so that you eat without noticing it.

Drink from tall thin glasses.

They look like they hold more but they don't. A great many calories come from liquids in your diet, so cutting down the quantity without really noticing can be very useful.

Put mirrors in your kitchen.

That way you see yourself when you are about to get something. Put a mirror on the fridge door, one inside the knife drawer, another inside the pantry, and beside the phone if you are in the habit of dialing for takeaways. This will remind you of what you look like and what you want to look like.

Chew gum when you feel hungry.

The action of chewing something fools your mind into thinking that you are actually eating. This turns off the hunger pangs. Just watch out you don't take in too much sugar from the gum.

Put the fork down.

Put the fork down between bites and count to twenty after swallowing. Try to break the habit of having a loaded forkful ready while you are still chewing the last one. The longer you take over your meal the sooner your body thinks it is full.

Use red bowls and plates.

These make you less likely to take something. Research has shown that although we all like red foods like strawberries and apples, we don't like picking things from red colored dishes. Every little bit helps when you are trying to avoid snacking.

Turn off the TV at meal times

This is so that you focus on what you are doing. TV is designed to keep your mind absorbed, which the worst thing to do while eating. You really need to be aware of what you are doing when you eat.

Take a photo

of all the unhealthy things you eat. Use your cell phone to photograph every bit of food that you think you shouldn't be eating but really enjoy. And then after a week go through your photo gallery and you will become aware just how much bad stuff you are voluntarily putting into your body.

Make it boring

Do not set out a variety of different things. You are more likely to take more when there are several choices. If you only lay out two things, you will take less in total than if you laid out six different things.

Don't lunch alone

Wherever possible try to eat in the company of other people. Socializing makes you slow down your eating as you talk and interact. So try to share your lunch instead of eating at the desk or sitting in the park.

Wait 20 minutes

After you have eaten your portion, don't take anything else for twenty minutes. Waiting twenty minutes gives your body time to respond to what you have eaten, and this means you are much less likely to take that second helping, or to crave something nice to finish off the meal.

Stuff yourself

Ten minutes before every meal get a thick slice of soft whole grain bread, apply real butter, and enjoy it. Whole grain bread is delicious, but it will swell up in your stomach and make you not able to eat so much straight after. The butter also makes your body feel more satisfied.

Graph it

Heavy people often hate the scales, but they can be a great motivator. Two things to remember: the scales aren't lying, and your weight fluctuates quite a bit day to day. This is due to uneven water retention. So weigh yourself daily or weekly and keep a graph of the readings. What you are looking for is not the day to day ups and downs, but the trend line. The trend line will tell you whether what you are doing is working or whether you need to cut out one more thing.

It's OK to use the Stop Over Eating tips gradually. Add another one each week if you like.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Results

These Weight Loss Cases show the many different aspects to problem eating. Over eating is always emotional eating. The causes are complex and often hidden. Hypnosis offers a simple and direct way to find and remove the origin.

It really doesn't matter what the cause is. The Weight Loss cases here are all selected from people I have helped. They have managed to reverse years of abuse and shame, and become healthy functioning individuals. Maybe you recognize someone like this?


There is no better time to start. All you have to do is to book a time and day, and say goodbye to weight problems.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $120. It might be the best investment you ever made.


I am ready to change


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