You can Stop Smoking no cravings no willpower no weight gain

It's never too late to quit, as long as you start today

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Wellington

Let hypnosis do the work.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking works by dealing with smoking where it happens - in your mind. Stopping smoking is psychological. There is actually very little physical addiction to smoking. Stopping is all about attitude and belief. Hypnosis works on your unconscious to remove the reason you need to smoke so that you can stop easily and immediately with no cravings, no willpower, no weight gain. Every time you smoke another twenty cigarettes you take five hours off your life.

Hutt Valley Hypnosis makes it easy to stop smoking.

Can I really give up?

Yes, with hypnosis, you can.

Hutt Valley Hypnosis smokers mostly give up for ever after one session. Each person is different in terms of how long they have smoked, how many they smoke a day, and why they smoke. That is why there are different stop smoking plans. But with hypnosis most stop immediately and never think of a cigarette again.

A few ex-smokers start getting antsy after some weeks and need a second session.
But in general most are able to stop permanently and with no cravings or weight gain.

Dave Mason Hypnosis
Dave Mason Hypnotist

Hi. I'm Dave Mason, your hypnotist. I used to smoke. And now I don't. Nothing would ever get me to light up again. I know what it feels like.

If I can do it, you can stop too.

How much does it cost?

Dave Mason Hypnosis lets you choose the plan that suits you best. Some people just need a little push, others need a bit more support.

Stop Smoking in One Hit. This plan is for smokers who are confident about their own ability to give up now. The hypnosis takes about an hour and costs $120. If you have been able to give up before, this is the one for you.

Stop Smoking Support Plan. This Premium Plan is for smokers who think they might need a bit more help. The first session deals with the smoking and gets you to stop. The next session a few days later sorts out any problems you might have with triggers and cravings. The final session two weeks later makes sure that you will never start again. The Premium Plan costs $300. (The last session is half price!) If you book the One Hit plan, and then find you need more, you can switch over to the Premium plan.

Hypnotherapy pays for itself quickly. Count up the cost of buying cigarettes, and the cost to your health. I think you will agree that it is the best investment you can make.

Stop Smoking hypnosis sessions usually take about an hour.

Stop Smoking Cases

Can't Decide: Talk it over

Talk to Dave MasonIf you want to talk about stopping smoking, just call. Talking to someone is usually the best way to find out if hypnosis can help. It might be just what you need.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Or you can book an appointment online.

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Why is it so hard to stop?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Hutt Valley. We know that stopping smoking is all about unconscious thoughts and feelings. Most smokers started in their early or late teens, at a time when they were changing from a child to an adult, when they formed all sorts of new ideas about who they were and what they can and can't do. Most teenagers felt smoking helped them fit in, to be a rebel, to look cool, and they formed powerful connections between cigarettes and feeling good.

You can stop too.When you succeed at something, you make a link between what you are doing and how you are feeling. The result is an automatic link, an unconscious association, a belief that doing one thing means doing the other. And if you form the belief that you need to smoke to feel good, then you have a smoking problem. And then part of you believes that giving up cigarettes means giving up that ability as well. The link is not obvious to the smoker, but that is why they keep doing it.

That is why smoking is so hard to give up. Your own unconscious fights desperately against stopping in order to not be friendless, to not look like a dork again. That is what cravings are, an unconscious attempt to get you to start again so that you will get back those feelings you need. That is also why some smokers can just stop and start as they like - they didn't form the automatic associations. Smoking is all about beliefs. Hypnosis works to remove these, to break the associations.

Once the beliefs are gone so are the cravings. That is why hypnosis is effective.


Hypnosis stop smokingStop smoking hypnosis with the specialists. Hundreds of smokers have stopped with the help of Wellington Hypnosis. Forty a day smokers have been hypnotized, walked out of here and never thought about a cigarette again. Smokers who have tried everything - patches, tablets, the book, cold turkey - you name it, have finally been able to stop smoking. With the right method you can quit too - no cravings, no new habits and no willpower needed. There's a plan that's right for you.

Smokers spend $6000 a year on smoking. You could buy a new car with that. Are you a role model for kids? Are you even going to be there for your grand kids? Cigarettes kill half their users. Are you going to let smoking take ten years off your life?

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life a slave to something you can't stop? Think how different your life will be when you stop smoking. Remember how you felt when you didn't smoke. Imagine people's reactions when they realize you have given up. How good will that make you feel?

Hypnosis to Stop smoking will pay for itself in about two weeks. What are you waiting for? You know it is time to quit. Do it now.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

People who are can't quit cigarettes are not weak, or lacking in character, or natural addicts.

"The problem is in your head, not in the cigarette. "

smoking jailYou can go 'cold turkey' - some do. You can grit your teeth, go live in a tent somewhere without smokes and after a week or so you are no longer smoking. But as soon as you get back to your familiar surroundings all the triggers are there waiting. As soon as you hit the first bit of normal stress your own mind will betray you. If you believe that you cannot handle stress without a cigarette then the pressure will build until you take one. Going cold turkey gets rid of the physical addiction, but it does nothing about the mental associations of cigarettes.

The physical effects are not what keeps you smoking. After two days all the nicotine is gone from your body. Totally gone. If you start again it is not because you need the nicotine. It is because some part of you believes that you cannot function without cigarettes and that part actually doesn't want you to stop.

It is your own mental beliefs that are the problem. Hypnosis changes that.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Wellington method addresses three specific areas to stop smoking. There is dealing with the physical addiction, clearing false ideas about smoking, and defusing the triggers that make you think about smoking.

smoking triangle

The Physical Habit

The physical addiction of nicotine is actually quite mild. Smokers often have convinced themselves about how addictive tobacco is and how difficult it will be to give up. Smoking is actually quite difficult to get addicted to. Nobody gets addicted from the first cigarette. People who have smoked sixty a day for forty years can give up instantly. They could not do that if cigarettes were physically addictive. So the first part of the therapy is aimed at correcting mistaken ideas about how easy it is give up, and giving you post hypnotic instructions about how they will feel after they throw away their cigarettes.

This is reinforced by teaching you a replacement behaviour. Psychology studies show if an old behaviour is linked with a new behaviour, the old behaviour rapidly disappears. So this part of the treatment consists of teaching you a new behaviour to use any time the desire to smoke occurs. This new behaviour gives you something to do with your hands, it takes the place of the cigarette until the link between stress and reaching for a cigarette is broken. Then the old link fades away.


The second part of the therapy focuses on the role that smoking plays in your life. Smokers often are convinced that they cannot relax without a puff, or that their best ideas only come when smoking, and other self justifying beliefs. In extreme cases clients believe that smoking defines who they are, and that stopping smoking somehow will diminish them. Direct hypnosis suggestions and metaphors deal with these quickly.


For the long term smoker, all sorts of situations have become associated with smoking. Most smokers tell themselves that they enjoy a cigarette after a meal, with a drink, to have a break. These are all highly charged situations and the smoker has created powerful conditioned responses to these.

Hypnosis breaks mental associations with meals, breaks, coffee, driving - whatever it is that the ex-smoker associates with cigarettes.

By using this three-part approach hypnosis beats smoking for ever. It is never too late to quit smoking.

Weird Reasons for Smoking

Over my career as a hypnotist I have help many hundreds of people quit smoking. What I have come to realize is that everyone is different. There is no 'standard smoker'. Everyone smokes for a reason. And that reason is unique to them.

Many don't know the reason. An astonishing percentage of smokers have never thought about why they smoke. On the other hand, some have truly weird reasons for smoking. Here are a few of my most memorable.

The Angry Smoker

Every smoker is different. One of my clients recently came back for another session after having been stopped for several months from the first session. She told me that she started again after having a bust up with her partner. Her partner hated it when she used to smoke, so she started again, just to get back at him.

Only now she can't stop smoking, because stopping would mean that he had in some way won. And she didn't like the idea of him winning, but didn't want to smoke either. So here she was, back for another session.

Go figure.

He made me do it

Another smoking client gave me yet another bizarre reason for smoking.

I asked her "Have you ever been hypnotized before?" She said, "Yes, about twenty years ago." I asked "what for?" "Smoking", she replied. I asked her "Did you get hypnotized? Did it work?" She said "I didn't like the hypnotist. He was arrogant and didn't listen to me". "I felt he was unprofessional and abrupt. He annoyed me".

She stopped smoking for a day, and then started again, just to prove he was no good.

Smoking to stop someone else smoking.

This guy told me that he started smoking as a sort of reverse psychology. He wanted to get his girlfriend to stop smoking. So he started smoking himself to put pressure on her to stop. He ended up spending seven years trying to give it up himself.

Smoking as self sabotage

This man was smoking thirty a day, wanted to stop smoking and did not understand his own behavior. Smoking was making him ill, he was coughing and felt bad. The cough would even waken him up at night. After the coughing fit had passed he would have another cigarette before going back to sleep. His own  behaviour horrified him,  and had tried everything to stop. He could give up for three or four weeks but then something made him start again.

He started smoking at 17, and had no particular family issues. I could find no original behavioral reasons for smoking. He had absolutely no clues as to why he always kept starting again. It appeared that he often smoked in order to get time to think during the day, but this could not explain why he was smoking at night.

Smoking changes feelings

He said that he felt unsettled when he was a non-smoker, and that he had a feeling of calmness when he started again. And was the clue to why he smoked. He had one feeling when he was a smoker, and a different feeling while he was stopped.

I asked him how well he slept. That led on to an analysis of depression symptoms. He clearly had depression.

In particular he had high expectations that led to sudden flashes of irritation when he didn't reach them. This was the reason why he smoked. He was suffering from Black and White thinking. Every time he gave up, he would go along fine for a while, and then something would trigger a negative feeling. He got frustrated with how things were going, so he would start full on smoking as a way of self sabotage.

Keeping a promise

This client had smoked for over forty years. He really wanted to give up. He hated the smell, and the cost and his health wasn't good. I asked him "On a scale of one to ten, where ten is I would do anything. How much do you want to give up?" He said "Ten."

I asked "On a scale of one to ten, where 10 is no problem. How much do you believe that you can give up today?" He said "One."

"Why the huge difference? Have you ever given up?"

"Yes, I gave up once for a week", he said. "What happened?", I asked.

He said "It was so bad, that I swore to myself, 'I promise I will never try to give up again'. And I have kept that promise. I can't break a promise."

Smoking for company

It is not often you can tell the exact moment that a person became a smoker, but this client knew very well. She was 26 years old, sharing a house with a bunch of guys. They were all wealthy, sure of themselves and formed a solid body of friends. She was just out of college, had no job, no money, a lousy upbringing, felt small and weak and unwanted.

rugby hypnosisOne day she was in the house and all guys were watching rugby and drinking and smoking and having a good time. She was not allowed to be in there with them because she was a girl. So she sat in her room and felt miserable.

Cigarettes are my friends

She wished she was like other people. They all had a friend at their fingertips, a pack of cigarettes they could rely on. They all looked confident when they smoked, looked so relaxed.

It looked so attractive, smoking, like they could just chill out. And she had never felt that way.

Someone had left a pack of cigarettes in the room, so she started smoking them, just to have something to do, just to feel less unwanted. She smoked the whole pack, and at some point in that time decided that she was never going to be alone again.

She got a job the next week, and started smoking as a way of being part of the crowd. And every time she stops smoking, that old feeling of being unwanted comes back, so she starts again.

Smoking Sex

This client seemed very uncomfortable when I asked him what he got from smoking. I said to him "it's all right, I've heard it all before." He looked a bit shy, and mumbled something. I said, "I'm sorry I didn't hear that, did you say something about the election?"

He then said, "I get an erection." I said, "are you telling me that when you smoke you get an erection?" "Yes", he said.

We talked about this for a while because, frankly, I found it hard to believe. I had never heard of such a thing. But he told me, "When I was a teenager, I lived on a farm. I was lonely and bored. When there was no one else around, I would steal one of my parents' cigarettes, and go round the back of the wool shed and smoke it. I would also masturbate at the same time. The thrill of secretly smoking, defying my parents, the danger of getting caught, and the sexual pleasure was the most exciting thing in my life."

This client had learned to create a psychological link between sexual pleasure, excitement, and smoking! And now every time he lit up, he got a sexual buzz. No wonder he found it hard to stop smoking.

What Wellington Hypnosis Smokers say

Hi David
Thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know that I am now 12 weeks not smoking.
In this time I have been through some fairly traumatic circumstances and have succumbed to the odd cigarette, however I have not bought any and now I am climbing up to the ridgeline in the hills behind where I live with relative ease.
Thank you for your help, I am ever so grateful.
Vanessa, Upper Hutt

Thank you so much for what you helped me with on Wednesday. No cravings to smoke at all, and more importantly have put steps in place to deal with my other issues.

Bruce, Wellington

As for the smoking, not had a smoke since we last met. Had a few triggers, but quickly got rid of them quickly. After our last session where you dealt with the root of my issues, I am totally amazed how quick it has been to stop. All I can say is thank you.

Geoff, Wellington

Reformed Smokers

Just to let you now how it has been going: pretty well! It's been 4 weeks this Sunday since our appointment and it's been surprising the results. From just after the appointment there has been no angsty desire for a packet and wondering how I'm going to get by for the day. I have more time as well! Instead of procrastinating with cigarettes I'm doing more productive things like reading. Thanks for your help.

Just a quick note to let you know that I am feeling wonderful!! Not a cigarette in sight.... Peter is doing excellent too and he very much enjoyed his session with you as I did. It is early days but we are never ever going to go back to that smoking again yuk yuk yuk MANY THANKS TO YOU.

I am eternally grateful to you that I don’t feel the need or want to smoke on a daily basis. I never thought that it could be this easy.

As of last Tuesday I quit smoking, The session didn’t work on its own for me I had to mentally prepare myself in the last few weeks to quit. But its been 9 days since my last smoke and the hypnosis has definitely helped to get me to quit because I now know why I smoked. Craig, Riverstone Terraces.

You can stop today

Do it now.


There is no better time to start. All you have to do is to book a time and day, and say goodbye to smoking for ever.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $120. The best investment you ever made.


I am ready to change


Call 029 773 4400

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