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No amount of preparation will overcome exam nerves

Do you freak out in exams?. Do you study and can't retain anything? Does the threat of a test terrify you? Hypnosis can fix it.

One hour and you can change all that Many people have problems with exams. Some people just can't get down to studying for it, other people freeze in the exam and can't remember things they know they know.  Their mind just goes blank in an exam.

Chase away the nerves for ever It's all the same - sitting a school test, your driving test, or your university thesis. Exam nerves are due to lack of confidence, self doubt, procrastination, self criticism and fear of being judged.

These are all psychological issues. All of them can be entirely eliminated by hypnosis. Isn't that what you need?

You know what you should do There is only way of getting rid of it. You've tried everything else. It didn't work. This will. You don't need to think about it. You need to accept that it is not going to go away.

You have to do something, or choose to put up with it for more years. You know what to do. You know the right decision.

Do something about it today. You don't have to let it go on. One session with Hypnotherapy Wellington will show you how easy it is. A session lasts about an hour, and costs $120. Money back guarantee. Check the availability now.

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Test Anxiety Hypnosis

Test Anxiety Tips

How to get past your exam anxiety

Learn to avoid a lifestyle that leads to test anxiety

Get into good sleep habits, long before the test
Don't drink a lot of coffee
Go out and get exercise every day
Spend some  time each in a green quiet place
Ration your social media exposure
Practice self calming such as mindfulness or meditation
Practice progressive muscle relaxation
Engage in some face to face social activity every day
Reach out for help when you need it.
Take specific problems to your tutor, professor, other students.
Don't aim too high. Do enough to make sure you pass, then add to that.
Practice. Give yourself mini-tests after every learning activity.

Can hypnotherapy really fix my Test Anxiety?

Why you get test anxiety

Taking an exam should be fun Yes, that's right. Fun. An exam is an opportunity to show off what you know, not what you don't know. An exam should be the final point of a course of study. It should be the time when all your study and preparation come together and open the way to Next Big Thing.

If you study the right way, there should never be any doubt about passing. It should be a question of what grade you will get. It should not trigger test anxiety. Everyone gets a bit nervous before an exam. It is natural and normal.

A little exam nervousness might actually make you more motivated and be helpful. If you have done the study then you should have no issues with test anxiety. If you have done the study, and still have test anxiety, then there is something wrong.

You have some sort of psychological issue. If the problem is you can't get down and do the study, then you have procrastination. If if you can't study because you can't face the exam, then you have test anxiety. Both can be fixed fairly easily.

Do you actually wind yourself up to fail? If are you one of those people who work themselves into a state, then you will never perform at your best. You will end up disappointed again. Maybe you think it will never improve.

The problem starts off with a tiny bit of self doubt. The leads to a tiny bit of fear. What will happen if I fail? Over time your mind starts to dwell on the consequences of failing. You start imagines all the things that could go wrong. This leads to procrastination.

With each imagining the test anxiety get stronger and stronger. You can almost see the letter of rejection. You can hear friends laughing. Can feel the disappointment twisting your stomach. It just gets more real and more painful.

The result is that you will do almost anything to avoid the exam. You put off studying, skip classes. As the exam date gets near, you begin to really feel the test anxiety.

The stress builds. You can't sleep, can't concentrate, can't cope. In extreme cases you are somehow unable to make it that day, or mysteriously 'got the date wrong'.

In all these cases your unconscious mind is doing what it is designed to do: keeping you safe. Your mind has convinced itself that there is a danger in the exam. You are going to feel bad, get laughed at, and so on. So your mind tries every way it can to stop you from getting to that exam.

By making you so ill that you cannot attend, it feels it has succeeded in keeping you out of harm's way. The more you try to get ready for the exam, the more your mind will resist. That is why no amount of willpower will help. It is also why hypnotherapy is so successful.
he link and get started.

Get through any test calmly Standard advice only deals with the symptoms You need something that attacks the cause. This new hypnotherapy treatment does that. So you go the exam, and just show what you can do. No test anxiety.

No more panic attacks, or sleepless nights.Just a clear mind that lets you study easily, retain what you have learned, and let it all flow out in the exam. It can be a written exam, or a practical test or a viva presentation.

You will be able to sail smoothly on. No matter who is watching, or how important it is, you will tackle it cleanly, skillfully and intelligently.

It's really not that hard. When you get rid of the fears and phobias, it is just a job, a chore you have to do and move on.
Supercharge your results You know you can pass that test. You know you have done the preparation. Now you need to get past that last block. If you spend just one hour, you can clear away your exam anxiety.
Isn't what you want?

This will pay back more than anything else you have ever done. It's easy, it's quick, it works. And it's guaranteed. What more do you want?

Get going today Sort it out now. You now know that you don't have to have test anxiety ever again. If you still have it, then it's because you prefer to have it. You can end it right now. Click on the link and get started.

Test anxiety cleared - University Thesis Example

The Problem

Millie was a university student. She could not finish her masters thesis. She has to get it done and is running out of time. She has to present her writing to a committee of experts. The thought of it terrifies her.

I got her to recognize what she was actually afraid of. It was all about being exposed and scrutinized by strangers. Basically, it was an unbearable fear of being criticized.

The way to clear test anxiety is to  get your mind to change how it  'does' the fear. By visualizing the exam anxiety, you have the chance to change it. If you can change it enough, it is no longer the same thing.

And then your mind realizes 'I can deal with thisn new thing'. And your mind just wipes it away. The entire anxiety disappears, and never comes back.

Visualizing the Fear

I got her to visual her fear of handing in her thesis. I asked her to imagine all those experts criticizing it, telling her it was rubbish. I got her to feel what she would feel at that moment. I asked her to notice where the fear was located in her body.

Then I used hypnosis to get her to connect to her Inner mind. In her mind, she saw the fear as a large circle. A circle of tangled stuff about the size of a basketball. It was black and round, it was heavy and rough. She wanted to untangle this basketball shaped thing.

In trance, she told me, "When it comes untangled, I would not feel stuck. When I am not stuck, I can get on with the writing. I can feel confident about presenting my ideas to the board of professors."

I got her to imagine that tangled ball getting larger and then smaller. I got her to continue thinking of it getting smaller and smaller. This process forced her Inner mind to change how it though about the exam. It was the first stage in clearing the test anxiety.

Clearing the Anxiety

The tangle shrunk into something similar to a pea. It had now transformed into something different. It was now smooth, and it was silver. Her mind had now escaped the 'stuck' feeling. Her mind was now creating new belief and feelings about her old fears.

I could not leave the pea shaped thing, or it might go back to what it had been. So, to get rid of it I suggested that she might put into a chair. By putting it in the chair, she was moving it outside her body, therefore outside her mind.

She could look at her problem from a different view. Now it didn't seem so big.
As she thought about it, the pea turned orange and dried out. Then it turned into sand and she swept up the sand and threw it away.

This changed her entire perception of the problem. There was no need to try to dig into the past or where her problem came from.

She said, "I enjoyed watching the ball of tangles shrink and crumple. I felt a sense of freedom when I threw the sand away. I know something big has changed inside. I am going back to the lab right now, and get started!"

It's gone on long enough. Time to Get it done.

Your test anxiety is not going to go away until you do something about it. Just ask yourself, how long have I got before I fail everything?

Here is the answer Psychological issues affect everyone. But you can now stop it. Wellington Hypnotherapy can clear the blocks. Get ready to start performing at your best.

Picture the certificate on your wall How it will feel to have passed every assessment? Free from worry, anxiety, stress. It's time you got rid of that feeling.  Isn't that what you really want? You will pass exams easily.

Taking action is the only way you are going to get that. You've tried everything else. It didn't work. This will. You don't need to think about it.
You need to accept that this has gone on too long. You don't have to put up with it. You know what to do now.

Do something about it today. You don't have to let it go on. One session with Hypnotherapy Wellington will show you how easy it is. One hour can change your prospects. Money back guarantee. Check the availability now.

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