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Overcome Sexual Abuse with Hypnosis

The most dangerous age for childhood sexual abuse is 7 to 13 years old. 25% of girls and 11% of boys had some form of sexual abuse.
Adult survivors of sex abuse are much more likely to feel ill, worried and alone.
They don't deserve it. And they don't have to put up with it any more. There is a way to stop those feelings.
Modern therapy can clear it away easily and quickly. Maybe it's time to try something different?

Childhood Sexual Abuse ongoing effects

Adult survivors of sexual abuse often show deep psychological problems. The effects of sexual abuse continue long into adult life. Abused children are 10 times more likely to have emotional  problems as adults. Common issues include over eating, anxiety, social difficulties and confidence.

Sexual abuse causes feelings of shame, guilt, betrayal and embarrassment. Too often, when children tell the story of their abuse, adults refuse to believe them. Or even punish the child for 'lies'. This adds to the feeling of unfairness and unworthiness.

When they grow up, these children feel empty, soiled, worthless. They feel as if there is no point trying to do anything. Their life is already ruined. Their childhood stolen. They had to grow up too soon.

Childhood sexual abuse affects nearly every aspect of adult life. It often appears as self destructive behaviour.  Survivors usually have low opinions of themselves. They find it difficult to form stable relationships. Because of this, they believe no decent person would ever want them. So they take up with partners who abuse them as well.

Fear and pain and humiliation make deep changes in the child. Sometimes the trauma is so overwhelming that the child refuses to think about it. For many adult women, it is a deep, shameful secret. They refuse to even talk about it. Survivors turn to other things for comfort and relief. Overeating is very common. Many use drink or drugs to dull the pain. Others suffer depression.

The facts of childhood sexual abuse cannot be undone. But you can stop it affecting your life. You can change how you feel about what happened to you. Hypnosis can release the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment.

Sexual Abuse Hypnosis


Modern hypnotherapy is effective and rapid. You don't clear sexual abuse by going back over what happened.  We deal with how it affects you now. There is no point in going over the past.

The starting point is to identify how you feel about yourself. We work with that feeling, and wipe it away. You cannot change what happened, but we can change how you feel about it. The aim is to get you think about it for what it was. Something that happened to you.

Something done by someone else. Something you had no control over. You were betrayed. You were powerless. You were a child. What were you supposed to do? You did nothing wrong.

The whole thing was not about you, in particular. You happened be there. You didn't attract it or encourage it. They should have protected you. Other people failed you, many of them. They should be ashamed, not you.

The aim of the therapy is turn it into a different kind of memory. An experience from long ago that you really don't feel anything about now. If you don't care about it any more, then it is not going to make you binge, or cry, or feel anything at all.

And that is the healthy, adult attitude to your own historic abuse.

Hypnosis can lead you to that place, where you can look back, and feel nothing. And then just get on with your life.

Clearing Sexual Abuse

Indirect Sexual Abuse

Today I found yet another reason for smoking: Smoking yourself to death. This client could not stop smoking. She tried, and it worked for a few days, and she just had to start again. It is a very common smoking pattern. It is always because of some underlying psychological problem.

Normally, I talk to the client, dig into the childhood, and find out what was so threatening. What is so bad that she needs to smoke to escape from it?

In this case, when I started digging, the most horrific story of family violence and abuse emerged. My client grew up in an ethnic minority household. Everything was deeply religious, and secretive, and closed to outsiders.

She described growing up in a family where her mother was mentally unstable. Nothing and nobody was ever good enough for her mother. Her mother was totally wrapped up in herself. She had no interest in the children. As a little girl my client felt rejected and worthless, and was constantly told "Shut up and be quiet. Stop making it all about you!"

Inter-generational abuse revealed

Eventually, my client learned why there was always a cloud of secrecy around the family. Her mother was the result of incest. Because of the huge taboo, her mother married the first man who would have her. He turned out to be a wife beater and drunkard.

So she grew up in this dysfunctional household. She was emotionally abused by both her mother and her father. 'You're no use to anybody.'  She ended up convinced that she was worthless and stupid.

And yet, somehow, she overcame all this. She got married and had children. Her children were loved and cherished and gradually she began again. Through heroic efforts she got an education, went to university, and became an accountant. "If I am an accountant, I can't be dumb!"

Why she was smoking herself to death

She was doing well in her family life and her work life when a catastrophe happened. She learned that her own husband had been sexually abusing two of her daughters for many years. My client had no idea it was going on. Nobody believed her. "You must have known something was going on." The accusation left her devastated.

They immediately divorced and she began again as a solo mother. Her daughters grew up, married, moved away and started their own families.

And then to her horror, the whole cycle started again. It turned out that one of her grand daughters was being sexually abused. By a brother of  her daughter's husband. This caused the whole extended family to split into factions. The whole issue of past sexual abuse and incest was brought up again and again. Everyone blamed everyone else, old dirt thrown, fingers pointed, wild accusations made.

And now nobody is comfortable talking to anyone. Most of my client's daughters will not talk to her at all. And to top it off, my client has now been forced economically to move in and share a house with her mother.

Nothing to live for

She feels family sexual abuse ruined her life. She had a wonderful family who gave her fulfillment and happiness. Then it got torn apart by sexual abuse that had nothing to do with her. She blames herself for not seeing her daughter's abuse. Why couldn't she see her own  granddaughters abuse?

She feels isolated and unwanted. Now she has no role to play. She is barred from seeing her own grandchildren. Her daughters are alienated and won't talk to her.

The outcome is that she feels she has nothing to live for. She is consumed with guilt, and regret, and can see no way out of it. So she actually said "I'm smoking because I don't want to be here any more."

I couldn't believe my ears. I said, "You are smoking yourself to death?". "Yes, that's right. I don't deserve to live".

Hypnotherapy clears away layers of guilt

She wasn't suicidal, but she saw smoking as an acceptable way to kill herself slowly and get out of this bind. Well, I wasn't about to allow that to happen. The basic problem is guilt. Not about something she did. But about something she didn't do. So I started on therapy to allow her to see her situation for what it was. I helped her see things from a different perspective. And to clear away any blame.

The session went very well. She has banished that feeling that was "crushing my heart ".


Sexual abuse destroys and takes the joy out of life. It doesn't have to be that way. Hypnotherapy can remove all those feelings and memories without going back over it. Normally takes three sessions.
Each session lasts about an hour, and costs $120.


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