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Wellington Hypnosis

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can let you achieve almost anything you want. Wellington Hypnosis can help you quit smoking, lose weight, enjoy relationships, get confident and much more. There is no reason why you should put up with a life that isn't exactly how you want it.

Hypnotherapy in the 21st Century can fix most things. Hypnosis has an amazing ability to work when everything else hasn't. This door could be the way in to a new life for you. You won't know until you try. So why not give it a go?

What Wellington Hypnosis clients say:

" I have successfully been smoke free since our appointment (6 weeks), I am very very pleased about that. But I had a cigarette this Saturday just been (I was Drunk). Can I book an appointment to reaffirm the principles you showed me and to also maybe reduce my desire to drink? Colin, Berhampore "

Stop Smoking Wellington


Stop smoking hypnosis with the specialists. Hundreds of smokers have stopped with the help of Wellington Hypnosis. Forty a day smokers have quit, walked out of here and never thought about a cigarette again. Smokers who have tried everything - patches, tablets, the book, cold turkey - you name it, have finally been able to stop smoking. With the right method you can quit too - no cravings, no new habits and no willpower needed. There's a plan that's right for you.

Smokers spend $6000 a year on smoking. You could buy a new car with that.

Are you a role model for kids? Are you even going to be there for your grand kids?

Cigarettes kill half their users. Are you going to let smoking take ten years off your life?

Hypnosis to Stop smoking will pay for itself in two weeks.

What are you waiting for? You know it is time to quit. Do it now.

Stop Smoking Plans available

Stop Smoking Plans

Weight Loss Wellington


Hypnosis for weight loss is very successful at changing the behaviour and feelings that cause overeating. Weight loss is a complex matter psychologically and dieting doesn't really work. With hypnosis you can bring your eating under control and get back to the size you want to be. People who have binged and dieted for years have been able to see a change in themselves straight away, and can now get into clothes they never thought they would again.

With the right method you can let go of the kilos easily and permanently. Choose the plan that works best for you. A one session kick start plan costs $99. The Premium Program of three sessions over three weeks costs $199. You will begin to feel better immediately, and you will gradually start to lose the pounds. It is never too late - now is the right time.

Weight Loss plans

Imagine how good it will be to get back into clothes that fit. Discover your waist again. Eat without guilt. Just to go for a walk and enjoy being normal and happy.

Click the heart to see the weight loss hypnosis plans.


Hypnothery in Wellington


Just think about it: if you could change just one thing, what one thing would have the greatest impact on your life?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to stop smoking, lose weight, end habits, change your behaviour. Hypnotherapy is good for anxiety, social confidence, stress, phobias and fears, past lives, nail biting, sexual confidence, hair pulling, insomnia, gambling, public speaking, self esteem, addictions and many more. Just ask - we have probably dealt with it before.

Hypnotherapy uses your own unconscious mind to release old habits, to change outdated ways of thinking, to get away from things that are holding you back. With hypnotherapy you can achieve your goals, get motivated, really open up to what life has to offer. Hypnotherapy is great for reducing stress.

Hypnotherapy is effective for a surprising range of problems. If you are feeling stuck, can't seem to get on, trapped and tired, then hypnotherapy is worth a try. Why not look into the plans available?

Hypnotherapy in Wellingon

Hypnotherapy Treatment plans

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Talking to someone is the best way to find out if hypnosis is right for you. And it might be a whole new start to things.

Do it today.

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Dave Mason hypnotist

Dave Mason is an experienced and highly qualified hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Victoria University Wellington. He initially trained in clinical hypnosis in Auckland and since then has developed skills in many other therapies.

He is regularly consulted for advice by other hypnotherapists in NZ and overseas.

He lectures on hypnotherapy at international conferences and has published three books on hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Wellington Hypnosis has been in business for ten years.

Lower Hutt hypnosis office

Daly Street Office

Wellington Hypnosis is located in Central Hutt, near the Westfield Queensgate Mall.

20 Daly Street   4th Floor Room 9

Lower Hutt

Modern facilities

Easy Parking

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How long does hypnotherapy take?

It usually takes about an hour.

How much does it cost?

An appointment costs usually $99. On some plans the rate is less. This is slightly more than most hypnotherapists, but if you want the best you need to consider whether getting hypnotherapy that actually works is better than getting charged for multiple visits that don't work.

How many sessions do I need?

Hypnosis is fast and effective. Sometimes you might have to return for another hour if it cannot all be done in one visit but usually you will get a major change after the first session.

I have never tried hypnosis, will I be comfortable?

Wellington Hypnosis takes a professional approach. You will not be doing anything you don't want to. Stage hypnosis is for entertainment, clinical hypnotherapy is about helping you make the changes you need. Hypnosis is gentle, relaxing and enjoyable. You will be in control at all times. You will feel relaxed but you are not asleep, you know what is going on and you actively participate during the therapy. Hypnosis is totally natural.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnotherapy is a way of utilizing your own natural abilities to heal and change. The therapist puts you into trance and then suggests various ways of thinking and behaving while your mind is relaxed and receptive. The theory is that when you are relaxed and receptive these suggestions will replace the current ways of thinking and will give you the outcome you want. Because it comes from your own mind, there is no resistance and no side effects.

Suggestions can be positive or negative. Positive suggestions are intended to let you to do something such as be confident or not fear spiders; negative suggestions are aimed at stopping a behaviour such as smoking or nail biting.

Can I be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized. Most people go into trance easily and quickly, and enjoy the whole process. A few customers don't like losing control and fight against it, and that's OK. Wellington Hypnosis has techniques for all kinds of problems so we just switch to another method. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the easier it is to be hypnotized. If you have ever dreamed, then you can go into hypnosis.

What if I do it wrong?

Wellington Hypnosis has been dealing with smoking and weight loss for many years. You can let they hypnotist do the worrying. You can't do anything wrong and you don't have to do any preparation. All you have to do is follow the instructions about breathing and let yourself relax. It doesn't matter if you are a bit nervous or if you have never done it before. Hypnotherapy is completely natural and although you might not realise it, you already know how to go into trance. Your own unconscious mind will take over and do it for you.


How long does it last?

Hypnotherapy should last for ever. Once you quit smoking, you have quit for life. Hypnosis works on your unconscious mind, and changes to the unconscious part are permanent. Smoking or over eating are caused by triggers of things that make us feel bad. The trigger sets off a feeling and that feeling then sets off the need for smoking or eating. You mind has learned that smoking or eating make you feel better and drove away bad feelings for a short time. That is why men and women do things that actually harm them: the short term gain outweighs the long term harm. When you get hypnotized the therapy finds those triggers and removes them so that in future the same situation will not bring up the trigger at all, so you won't feel the need any more. That is why you don't need willpower and why there are no cravings. The trigger is removed forever, and you never even think about smoking again.


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Confidence Techniques

Square Breathing

This consists of taking control of your feelings by taking control of your breathing. The technique is simple. When you get to a situation that causes you distress, you start to take a deep breath and you count slowly from one to five as you breathe in, then you hold the breath for a count of five, then you let the breath out for a slow count of five, and finally you complete the square by waiting for a count of five before taking the next breath in.
It is very effective at stopping your emotions running away with you. It can stop panic attacks instantly, and give back that sense of control.

Why choose wellington hypnosis?

When you think about going to hypnotherapy you really have to think about whether you are choosing the right person to see. Do they actually know how to help you stop smoking? Here are some things to look for that show that the hypnotist might actually know what they are doing.

Experience How long have they been in business? The hypnosis industry is full of hopefuls who got made redundant two months ago, then did a weekend course in hypnosis and NLP, and are now trying to make a living as a hypnotist. Most of them will fail. You need to find out how long they have been working as a professional hypnotist. Their web site should state it quite clearly.

Qualifications There are no national government recognised qualifications in hypnosis. Anyone can call themselves a hypnotist and start hypnotherapy tomorrow. There is a whole industry of people who got into the business expecting to make a fortune, realized that they were never going to make a living, and instead started offering training to other people. After a month or two they call themselves the Institute of Hypno Quackery or somesuch and issue IHQ Diplomas at $300 each to anyone who turns up. These are the letters that you see after the name of a newbie operator. Generally, the more letters they list after their name, the more unsure they are of themselves.

Sessions Hypnotists often say in their advertising that you will need four to six sessions to fix whatever it is. How do they know that? How can anyone say what you will need before they have even met you? What they actually mean is that they need the 4 - 6 sessions, not you. They have to get that from each client to stay afloat, and you look like a very handy source of income.

Free Session Why do hypnotists offer a first hour free? The reason is because most don't know what they are doing, so they need to meet you, and then they need a week to look up the book to find out what to do next. A professional hypnotist doesn't waste your time. If the hypnotist can't find out what you need and start to fix it in the first half hour, this suggests they don't know what they are doing.

Premises Does the web site show you where the sessions are held? Lots of hypnotists are part time amateurs and the best way of spotting an amateur is seeing where they operate from. Is it from their front room? Is it in a hire-by-the-hour scout hall on a folding chair? Professional hypnotists work from proper offices.

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Thanks to the Internet it is now possible to have a consultation without having to travel. If you are not able to visit Wellington in person then perhaps an online session is the answer?

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Wellington HypnotherapyYou can pay your Wellington Hypnosis booking by cash, cheque, internet banking or online with a credit card. There is NO EFTPOS.

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You can download a powerful therapy recording and use it over and over. Each is carefully formulated to deal with your particular problem.

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