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Is a past life affecting you in this one?

Have you lived before?

Past life regression therapy is about exploring and healing. Many ancient religions accept reincarnation. Many mystics believe things done in previous lives can affect you in this life. Maybe people can bring to this life all the sins of their past lives. If you did wrong in a previous live you might be suffering for it in this life.

Under hypnosis some people spontaneously report going back in time and seem to be reliving episodes in past lives. Their past lives stories are vivid and realistic and analysis shows that they knew details about past lives that are hard to explain. It may be a warning to you to take action before you can progress to a higher life.

How do you know if you had a past life?

Maybe in a past life you served at the court of King Solomon, or in past lives you alternated between male and female. Maybe you were a slave owner, or a slave?

You can discover your past life experiences by paying attention to what seems to not quite fit in your present life. Many people who had past life hypnosis say that their past life experiences matched feelings they felt all their present life but could never account for. Maybe you are strongly attracted to a colour, or love the sound of a foreign language, or hate a particular food, or you get feelings in strange places that you have been there before? Do you sometimes know things about people, but can't say how you know? Maybe these are the echoes of a past life.

Alternatively, you might have felt a definite spirituality, a connection with some higher power just out of reach, or you feel a sudden anxiety in someone's presence that you have never met before. Maybe you both met in a past life? The more of these things you experience, especially if it was from a young age, the more likely it is that you are being affected by past lives.

Are you ready for a Past Lives Hypnosis session?

How Past Life Regression (PLR) is done

The basic procedure is to induce hypnosis and regress the person back to childhood. Then gradually go further back to a time before they were born. The person is then asked to describe whatever they are experiencing in that past life.


The induction is usually longer and more detailed than for ordinary hypnosis. This is to make sure that you are deep enough in trance to find your past.

Safe Place

The first stage is to create some safe place where you feel safe and totally in control. This hypnotic secret place always has existed and is available instantly whenever needed. Some time is spent establishing a strong connection to the safe place. This is because when doing past life hypnosis without a fixed target there is a remote possibility of you re-opening some memory from a past life and getting frightened and upset by it. This is called a hypnotic abreaction.

It is rare but does happen. If one appears you are immediately directed to the safe place and the reaction is isolated. A skilled past life therapist will use that memory as a bridge to the immediate past life that is causing the problem. (The only possible bad effect is to get startled and upset. Nothing in your own mind can ever harm you).

Bridging into the past life

The next stage in the procedure is to take you back to childhood and find some childhood memories. This is just to show you that you do have forgotten memories and to ensure that you are comfortable with the process.

In hypnosis you are then led to a bridge or a train station or similar. You are taken on a journey to some place where all you can see is a mist. This is the beginning of the journey back into your own past.

Once in the mist you are asked specifically if you still want to go to a time before you were born. On getting positive consent, you are told that the mist clears, and you are free to experience whatever is there.

Clean Language in past life regression

In past life hypnosis the exact words are critical. The subconscious mind is literal and ordinary logic doesn't apply, so it is easy to mislead the client by the wrong use of language. The hypnotist uses only as many words as are necessary to help the client experience the past life. The hypnotist uses only neutral non-directive language. This is known as using clean language.

Instead of saying "What colour are your shoes?", say "Can you see your feet? What do you see?". "What colour are your shoes?" implies that there are shoes there. It is a suggestion for the mind to think about shoes. The hypnotized mind will therefore try to find something to say about shoes. The second statement is neutral, it doesn't put anything into your mind that wasn't there already.

Using the lessons from the past life

You are asked to described whatever is happening or what is being seen or heard. You are only prompted when you stop speaking. Usually all that is said is "And what else?"

After the client has described the critical events in the past life they are in they are asked to commune silently with the person they were in that past life. That way they can absorb whatever wisdom or life lessons the past life is trying to pass on. This is normally kept secret and not made known to the hypnotist.

Return to the departure point

Once the lessons from that past life is over you are guided back to the hypnotic mist. You will be asked if there are any more past lives waiting, or if you want to return to the present. Usually the person will want to go back. It is possible to experience up to three previous lives.

Spiritual Awareness

The final part of the experience is to allow the person to go into that place where the soul goes between lives. The person is then allowed to drift in the space between lives. There they experience whatever sensations they are open to: universal oneness or spiritual connection or whatever they believe is there. Clients have reported quite unique and complex experiences, and are usually filled with wonder afterwards.


Eventually you are guided back out of the mist. You are brought back the same way you went into the past life regression. There is usually a longish pause so you can reflect silently on what you have learned.

Past life hypnosis can be surprising. I regressed an 82 year old man back to his school days. He was delighted to discover that he could recall every detail of one ordinary day in the school library more than 70 years earlier. He recognized old school friends. Even after sixty years he could recall the nicknames of teachers he hadn't thought about since he was a teenager.

Past Lives



Past life regression is something that fascinates people but they often don't know where to start. All you have to do is to book a time and allow whatever wants to happen to happen.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $100.


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