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Timeline Therapy

Would you like to change your past?
Do you know what shape your timeline is?
Most people visualize time as flowing through them side to side. Are you like that? Or is it something else for you?
Simply by altering your timeline, you can alter your past.
This page shows you how to do it.
Read on, and discover what your timeline says about you.

What is a timeline? Everyone has  a Timeline. Every culture thinks of it differently, but every person in the world understands the concept of Timeline automatically. A universal knowledge.

What shape is your timeline? For most people it goes left to right. But other people experience time as running  back to front. The past is behind you, and the future is in front of you.  A few people think of time as being centered on you,  and it flows in every direction, or even up or down like a flexible disk around you. Could you draw your own timeline?

So what can you do with timeline? When you know how to find your timeline, you alter your life by altering your timeline. Under hypnosis, you experience your life laid out as a line. You move up and down the line. You see all the things that happened to you in a different way. And then you change the events on your timeline.

Do you need to revisit your timeline? If you feel there might be something to change, have a look at the rest of this article.  By the end of it, you will know what you need to do.

Timeline Therapy clears your past out of the way

Timeline Therapy lets you see your life as if it were laid out as a line. You visualize the line stretching from your birth to the present moment, and on to your future. Once you can visualize the whole line, find the point that represents right now. From that point, you are free to move up and down the line. Moving in the direction of your birth allows you to revisit your past. Moving on from right now allows you to move into your future.

The way it works is, when you move back in time you can re-experience troubling things from a safe perspective. If you chose to move along the line into the future, then you can test out how your future life will feel after you have changed. Another technique it to look back along the whole timeline. You might notice repeating patterns and behaviors.

To use the timeline, you can then go to specific parts of your line, and make whatever changes you need to. When you have sorted out one issue, move to another part. Continue changing your past until you have sorted out all the old issues that are affecting you. In trance, you can spend as long as you want examining your line.

Timeline Therapy can be revisited several times. Each time you use time line therapy, by changing your Timeline, it changes you. That change makes space for you to accept more changes, and so on.

Time Line Therapy

How Timeline Therapy works

Timeline therapy is based on the theory that all of your memories are stored in a linear way. That is, every memory is recorded one after the other in an endless file. This is a bit like how old-fashioned tape recorders used to store songs.

Time line NLP theory says that your mind stores every memory, or at least every significant memory, and never forgets anything. Because of that, under the right circumstances, you can find a memory of everything that ever happened to you.

Much of this theory is based on the work of Wilder Penfield. He was a neurosurgeon who experimented with touching the brains of his patients during surgery. His patients were awake during brain surgery so they could talk to him.

Occasionally he touched an electric probe accidentally to certain parts of their brains. Suddenly, patients remembered unexpected or long forgotten memories.

The same memory would emerge from probing the same spot. But different memories were found in different places,  depending upon exactly where he put his probe. Memories, even forgotten memories, are still there, even if you cannot reach them.

It's never too late to have a good childhood

Memory is both good and bad. Most of your bad feelings are linked to bad memories. Timeline therapy gives you a way to first identify those bad memories, and then clear them away.

Once you are in hypnosis, you will visualize your own life as if it was a line stretching from birth up to the present moment. You might imagine it as a path, or a railway line, or a long chain stretched out: the exact image doesn't matter.

Then you position your mind somewhere on that line. Your unconscious mind will select the right memory to work with. From that point on the line you can look back through your past and you can look forward from that position to the future.

As you look along the line, significant events in your own life will call out to you. The therapist will guide you up or down the line to each significant event. You will be able to describe the event, and what it meant to you, and how you would like to clear it.

Clearing negative memories

Once you have identified the event, you sweep it off the line, and vanish it. All other memories, the good memories, are unaffected. Then you pick another significant event in your life, and decide what to do with that one, and so on.

One by one, you clear away all the bad memories that are causing your negative emotitimeline therapyons. As you clear the major negative emotions, you may find that you become aware of other, related memories. These too, get cleared until your timeline is filled only with positive  memories.

The final stage is for you to glide up and down your timeline looking for anything that isn't right. Some people are able to go all the way back before they were born, and experience a past life.

Timeline therapy is like a snow plough clearing the track of all the things that were holding you back.

Booking your Timeline Therapy session

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If you could change just one thing in your life right now, what would that one thing be?
There will never be a better time than now.

Your session will last about an hour, and costs $120.
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