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Stop Teeth Grinding with Hypnosis

Stop Teeth Grinding at night

Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism). Teeth grinding happens in your sleep. Symptoms include headaches, sore jaw, worn teeth. The underlying cause is anxiety.

Often the habit of teeth grinding or teeth clenching started in childhood and the original anxiety has long gone, but the habit remains. Hypnosis can stop it by treating the anxiety.

It also works directly on the physical habit to stop your teeth wearing down. You learn to subconsciously relax your jaw muscles during sleep.

Teeth Grinding Hypnosis

How hypnotherapy for Bruxism works

There are two methods treating teeth grinding.

1. The Direct Hypnosis Method

The direct method  programs your subconscious mind through suggestion, so that it becomes aware of when you are grinding your teeth. It  gently reminds your subconscious mind to let go of any tension and to relax your jaw muscles at night.

Although you don't know you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, the subconscious mind does know. The power of hypnosis works with your mind to prevent your jaw tightening from stressful thoughts.

Part of your unconscious mind stays awake and monitors what is happening with your muscles until they learn to stop clenching while you sleep.

Relaxing your jaw muscles  takes all the pressure off your teeth so you get a better sleep and wake up refreshed. Hypnosis is gentle, effective and has absolutely no side effects.

2. The Somatic Remodeling Method

Teeth grinding is a response to stress. The stress is triggered by anxious thoughts. These thoughts can come at any time, and you may find yourself tightening your jaw during the day.

Most of the problem comes from night time teeth grinding, bruxism. When you are asleep, your inner mind goes over your problems and fears, often the form of dreams. But many people have no conscious awareness of what is going through their minds while asleep.

People often twitch, kick out, shout or talk in their sleep. These are all indicators that your mind is busy trying to deal with something. The 'something' is usually an unresolved issue that your mind is struggling with. And almost always from childhood.

So the Somatic Remodeling method works on helping you finally fix the problem you are struggling with. When you are in trance, you almost in the same state as when you are asleep.

So it possible for the hypnotist to allow you get in touch with those old anxieties. When you contact the anxiety, you don't feel it directly. The hypnotist guides you to experience it as a symbol of the anxiety. The symbol can be a memory, an image, or a sense in your body.

We usually work on the body sense. Every emotion you have is held somewhere in your muscles. So when I get you to feel the anxiety you feel it usually as a something in your chest.

You might describe it a weight, or a cloud, or something else. It doesn't matter how your mind thinks about it. I then get you to change the symbol that represents you anxiety.

As you imagine it changing, it eventually turns in to something else. And when that happens, the anxiety is released for ever. You no long have the anxiety, so you no long need to grind your teeth.

Teeth Grinding Cases

These Teeth Grinding cases show that there is never one simple cause. The causes of nighttime clenching and grinding  are often complex and hidden. Hypnotherapy offers a way to untangle it all, and let you have good night's sleep, free from anxiety.

Remove the anxiety, and end the Teeth Grinding

This client came for night time bruxism. She said that she had been hypnotized before by someone. She didn't like it because he kept wanting to go back to her childhood in order to deal with the anxiety that was causing it.

At the time she could see no reason why she should go back to childhood and refused.

She also didn't like the fact under his questioning, she told him about a teenage termination. That was something she had never told anyone. She couldn't quite believe that she actually let it out. As far as she was concerned, the termination was irrelevant.

Even though she was from a Catholic family, God had forgiven her, and she felt okay about it. But the other hypnotist kept going on about it. So she did not go back to him after the first session.

The not-so-perfect childhood

She told me that she had a normal childhood. There was no connection between her upbringing and her teeth grinding. I kept asking her about her family life, and gradually she opened up, bit by bit.

She said that her mother was domineering and bullying and always finding fault. Her father was distant and reserved, an introvert. He seems to have had some kind of depressive illness. She loved her father because he never criticized her.

Her mother was clearly depressed. As we talked about her family more and more relatives were brought out who, now that she thinks about it, have got various types of anxiety illness.

Growing up, she and her sisters knew there was something wrong with her mother. But like all children, they decided it was their fault, not hers.

Outcome of an unpredictable childhood

The result is that she has very low self esteem. She has a constant nagging feeling that never goes away.  In school she did badly. People thought she was on drugs all the time. At the time she felt that she was never there in her mind. She spent a lot of time unconnected to things.

For long periods she felt that she was an observer of her own actions, feeling like a robot, not in charge of what she was doing and thinking. This is called derealization. It is a classic response to childhood anxiety.

In general, she is a very spiritual person. She spends a lot of time in her own unconscious mind. This may be why she feels that she so spiritual. She said that she is highly sensitive to things. Highly strung. Little things affect her.

She thinks she has  ADHD. She said that until she was in her 40's she had a problem with blushing in the presence of other people.

Fear of losing control

She's a bit afraid of hypnosis. Part of this is because she is afraid that if she goes into trance she will stay in that spacey frame of mind and not be able to get out of it. When she was younger she would stay in it for months.

She is also afraid that if I succeed in changing her, then she won't know who she is. She is afraid of becoming some unknown new person and maybe not liking her.

She was so nervous of what change might bring, that it took a long time to get her to agree to any therapy at all (40 minutes). She finally agreed when I said I would be with her every step of the way. And I would be there to get her 'unstuck' if she got stuck.

Bruxism Hypnosis

Because she has a generalized anxiety, there is on one memory to aim at. So I got her to focus on her feeling of something might go wrong. I focused on how she feels now, not going back to childhood.  It took a long time for her to relax enough to accept that feeling.

I was asking her if he had the feeling, but she would not answer. But she was clearly resisting having the feeling in her body. It seemed to me that she was very afraid of going back to whatever it was from childhood that was affecting her now.

But when she got the feeling, it was obvious. She began twitching and grimacing and occasionally jerking as she went into the feeling. Her mind did not like it one little bit. But she was clearly in trance. There was something happening as I was talking to her, but I wasn't sure what.

I was trying to lead her into getting the feeling to turn into an object. But I was getting no feedback from her at all, even though it was obvious that something was going on.

To my utter surprise, she then woke up and said to me, "it's gone." She told me that I was saying "let the feeling come out". But in her mind the feeling was actually going in, going away, going deeper.

Her feeling of anxiety vanishes

And as it did, it was getting smaller and smaller, until it was just a pinprick. She later said that was like a black ball. She felt it go inward until it was a tiny point. After she came out of trance on her own, I got her to flick the last of it away.

She actually did the entire metaphor therapy process on her own. As soon as she was aware of the fear as an object, it started to change and disappear. When your mind is ready to shed the fear, the 'object' often changes by itself.

She told me after that she had had a feeling of dread her whole life. And she wasn't aware of it until this thing went away. And now she realizes that she doesn't feel it anymore. Now she will be able to sleep at night.


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