Spiritual Hypnosis

Spiritual Hypnosis

Your Guide to Hypnosis Spirituality

Spiritual Hypnosis

"Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "What is the meaning of existence?"

You answer these questions by how you live your life. If you live in a closed off, mechanistic world, then you get one answer. If you are open to the freeing your mind, then you get to experience more. Hypnosis is a gateway to your inner mind. Hypnosis can expand your consciousness, deepen your spiritual connection,  and make you aware of the reality and meaning of your life.

Everything is connected

Spiritual Hypnosis lets you explore your unconscious in many ways. Everything is connected. Some techniques are quite specific. For example, Past Life Regression seeks to understand how this life is a continuation your previous lives. Other techniques are aimed at self-awareness. Chakra Balancing aligns your body with your own Life Power. Astral Travel creates a whole universe inside your own imagination.

Sometimes you bring exact questions, sometimes you allow your mind to find what you need to know. Tarot Cards as based on universal life experiences. Combined with hypnosis the Tarot can trigger an understanding of your own possibilities. Dream Interpretation gives a direct insight into the workings of your mind and what your unconscious needs right now.

Lucid Dreaming is closely connected to Totem Spirit Animal therapy. Hypnosis opens the connection with the Common Mind of your ancestors.

Hypnosis is the way into your unconscious mind.

Past Life Regression

Did you live in a previous life? Past Life Regression takes you back to those lives. Find out who you were and maybe learn why you are suffering in this life.

Past Life Cases

Cases studies of Past Life sessions that show the wide range of experiences. Why people want to explore their past lives.

Energy Channeling

When most people 'see' psychic forms, they see something shrouded in energy. This is because 'the contacts' are about energy.  Psychic energy. When your mind is truly open, you will see the real form. Hypnosis is the easiest way to open your mind to the universe. Confusing messages become clear and easy to understand.

Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis

Visit the universe inside your own mind. Lucid Dreaming uncouples your mind experience world between the stars. Visit your zodiacal sign and find out what your future really holds for you.

Six Step Reframe Hypnosis

The Six Step Reframe takes you to the deepest parts of your own mind.  In trance, you go to where you can see your destiny. Seek the answers to what you want to know. Are you bold enough to ask?

Totem Animal Hypnosis

Totem Animal Hypnosis

Connect to your totem animal. Every living thing has a spirit that can guide you. Get in touch with your totem animal spirit. Once connected, you can follow your totem animal back to the spirit of your ancestors in the dream time.

Chakra Balancing Hypnosis

Chakra Energy Balancing exercises

Locate the source of your Psychic Energy. Your seven chakras determine your overall health and wellbeing. Adverse events can knock them out of balance. Four Chakra Energy Balancing exercises to get your body and mind back into harmony.

Time Line Therapy

Imagine your life laid out as a line. You step on to the line at the  point that represents right now. You can move back to the beginning of your life. From there, look along your timeline, notice what needs to be changed. Then clear away all the bad stuff from your timeline.

Find Lost Items

Find Lost Items

Use hypnosis to find lost items. Your unconscious mind may remember where you put it, even if you don't. The location may be hidden deep in your mind. Hypnosis may be the way to get it out again.


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