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What is Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis?

A lucid dream is simply a type of dream where you have some control over what it is that you are dreaming about. You can try to control an actual dream, a dream that happens naturally when you're asleep, but it is very difficult to do that. Even when you achieve it, you normally forget about the dream when you're waking up. So that is not a very satisfactory method.

It is much easier to have lucid dreams when you're a  sort of day dreaming state. And the easiest way to achieve that is through hypnosis. The secret to easy lucid dreaming is to learn how to dream in self hypnosis. This takes a bit of practice, but you can learn how to do that. Most people are not aware that they daydream all the time.

If you have ever driven home, and can't remember how you got there, then you were daydreaming. You will not asleep, if a dog had run out into the road, you would have braked safely. But the automatic nature of driving, the board of going along a familiar route, allows your mind to drift away and think about something else. Self hypnosis is no more difficult than that. Lucid dreaming just takes it a little step further, and allows you to decide what you going to dream about before you start the daydream.

When you do Lucid dreaming self hypnosis you will enter into a special type of trance. In that trance you will not be asleep. But you will not be in a normal state either. Part of your mind will be put into neutral, and instead you will take control of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is where your deepest desires, drives, fears, and memories live. Once you are in your own unconscious mind, you can actively begin to explore your own secret thoughts.

What you find will be presented to you as a series of images, or visions, or metaphors, or even, for some people, sounds and feelings. You may feel as if you're someone else, you may experience a past life, you may have visions of your future life. Who knows? It is quite unpredictable what you will experience. But it will be different. That is guaranteed.

Lucid Dreaming is also known as Astral Travel, Astral Projection, Channeling or Out-of-Body Experience. The concept of Lucid Dreaming  is very ancient, and is still practiced world-wide by shamans and mystics. They typically use some sort of drugs to get into trance but once you learn the secret of self hypnosis you can do it easily, quickly and safely.

Lucid Dreaming is the name given to a feeling of being able to move out of your body while in a deeply relaxed state. Some people believe that between life and death there exists an in-between state called the Astral Plane. This plane can be reached and explored by creating a special state of mind. The easiest way to reach the Astral Plane is by Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis.

Your out-of-body experience starts when your spirit essence leaves your body and travels to that Astral Plane. You are aware of things in the astral plane because your mind is connected to your body by a kind of ethereal umbilical cord. The astral plane is said to be at place were time is an illusion. The lucid dreamer is simultaneously connected to the past and the future and the present. Lucid Dreaming  also lets you  journey deep into your own subconscious mind. Every person's experience is different.

How to do Lucid Dreaming 

To get to the right state requires you need to relax your body completely. Experts usually use a combination of Progressive Relaxation and Breathing Induction. Your body will then gradually descend into Sleep Paralysis. This is very similar to  deep meditation. Your body will be totally inert, your muscles utterly relaxed, but your mind will be crystal clear.  People report a sensation of resonating with their environment. They are totally in touch with what is going on all around them, in the room, in the street outside, high above and deep below.

Once that state is achieved, you focus your mind on one object or idea. This can be a mantra or an abstract concept such as "love" or "connect". The secret is to exclude all other thoughts from your mind. At some point "things" will start to appear and disappear. These are flickers of astral contact touching your unconscious mind. You are then on the edge of the astral experience.

Then, allow your mind to dismiss your body totally, and you will enter into a state of 'no sensations'. Lucid Dreaming should then start automatically. As you expand into the Astral Plane your personal guides in the Astral Plane will take over. It needs no input from you, you give up control to your Astral Guide. You may or may not be able to recognize your Guide. The guide will take you to wherever you're supposed to go.

You might think it is a difficult thing to do, but anyone who can go into hypnosis can do Lucid Dreaming. When you first start with any sort of out-of-body experience, you will find it quite confusing. You might find yourself in the past, experiencing a past life. Or you may find yourself talking with someone who has passed over, possibly a relative who knew you when you were little. Some people will just feel like an observer on some different world, like watching something from Lord of the Rings, or someone cooking in a farmhouse kitchen, totally unaware.

Once you are more experienced, you may be able to sense and then communicate with others with you in that astral place. These others can be from other times or places. Usually they are there for a reason, specifically so you can contact them. These may be gurus or guides, or healers trying to help you. Only you will know why they are there, and how to learn their wisdom.

There is a script for Astral Travel available on the site.



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