teeth grinding hypnosis

Teeth Grinding Hypnosis

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Stop Teeth Grinding at night

Hypnotherapy for Bruxism

Teeth Grinding Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism). Teeth grinding happens in your sleep. Symptoms include headaches, sore jaw, worn teeth. The underlying cause is anxiety.

Often the habit of teeth grinding or teeth clenching started in childhood and the original anxiety has long gone, but the habit remains. Hypnosis can stop it by treating the anxiety. It also works directly on the physical habit to stop your teeth wearing down. Learn to subconsciously relax your jaw muscles during sleep.

Teeth Grinding Hypnosis

Hypnosis for teeth grinding works on the subconscious mind so that it becomes aware of when you are grinding your teeth. It  gently persuades your subconscious mind to let go of any tension and to relax your jaw muscles. Although you don't know you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, the subconscious mind does know. The power of hypnosis works with the mind to prevent your jaw tightening. Part of you stays awake and monitors what is happening with your muscles until they learn to stop grinding while you sleep. Relaxing the jaw takes all the pressure off your teeth so you get a better sleep and wake up refreshed. Hypnosis is gentle, effective and has absolutely no side effects.


These Teeth Grinding Cases show how hypnosis has been used to help to end the problem. Teeth Grinding is never straightforward. There are always many complex reasons for the underlying anxiety. These cases show how it can be handled.

Teeth grinding cases

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You can download a hypnotherapy recording for teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding MP3



Teeth grinding ruins your sleep and distresses your partner. You can learn to end it. Book a session now.

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