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Hypnotherapy is very effective at ending Hair Pulling. This includes hair twirling, hair eating, plucking hairs from your scalp, eyebrows, beard, etc., known as trichotillomania). Hypnotherapy is a reliable treatment.

Hair pulling is a generalized response to stress, and so needs an anti-stress therapy. This consists of teaching you a behaviour to do instead, teaching instant relaxation, optionally teaching the you how to remove the original problems that are causing your stress. By hypnotizing you into becoming aware of your behaviour, you can end it. You usually only need one, or maybe two, sessions.

Hair pulling Hypnosis


The hair pulling habit is a distraction behaviour originally created as a response to stress. People can sometimes stop doing it for weeks or months, but always starts again. As long as the stress is there, the habit will keep starting up again. Trichotillomania starts originally because at some point the client learned that pulling the hair took their mind off the stressful situation. Then the behaviour began to be repeated every time any stress was encountered. Then it just became a reflex habit.

The treatment does not concern itself with identifying the original reason for the stress. There is little or no psychological aspect to it. It is simply a physical habit that has gone out of control.


The treatment strategy consists of four parts. The exact sequence and content depends on the particular client but the general pattern is as follows:

Behaviour Substitution

The hair pulling habit is purely mechanical. There is no psychological reason for it, so it does not need a cognitive solution. The client is taught a substitute behaviour to do intead. Every time they  touch their hair,  or think about hair abuse, or are in a situation that triggers it, they do the substitute behaviour routine. In a very short time, instead of triggering hair pulling, it now triggers the substitute behaviour. The process substitutes one habit with a different habit. However, the habit rapidly goes in to extinction, no matter how long it has been around for. It is then easy to drop the substitute behaviour after a week or so.


The habit is triggered by stress. The client is therefore taught a rapid induction relaxation technique so that they can drop into deep relaxation instantly, anywhere. This acts as a circuit breaker and prevents stress building up to levels where the habit would be triggered again.


Hypnosis is used to make the you aware of every time you begin the series of actions that ends with pulling your hair. Becoming aware starts the substitute behaviour. Then you get direct suggestions to make sure you use  your relaxation technique when needed. Finally you are taken through situations where you would normally experience stress and start hair abuse. But in hypnosis you rehearse not having the habit, and your mind is taught to use the subsitute behaviour automatically. YO do this for as long as it is needed. This is reinforced by post hypnotic suggestion.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

You then get one or more strong post hypnotic suggestions. The exact wording will depend on the your exact behaviour, but will be along the lines of "every time your hand approaches your head you will feel an irresistible force pushing that hand away". The purpose of this is to prevent reactivation of the purely muscular behaviour. This is what happens under stress, the habit part.

Direct Hypnotic suggestion

The session finishes with a series of direct suggestions. The purpose of these is alter the client's inner beliefs about themselves, to boost their self esteem and convince their mind of their ability to end the hair pulling.

Learning to avoid stress

An optional part of the treatment is to teach you how to deal with your own past. You can learn how to defuse old hurts and wrongs, and how to turn stressful situations into successful situations. This will improve your quality of life and stop any old feelings from triggering a relapse.

In many instances your hair pulling is a symptom of a wider problem of chronic anxiety. It is often useful to consider using another hypnosis session to remove the anxiety.



You can't keep hiding your hair pulling behaviour for ever. You can't keep it a secret for ever either. Why not take some action to stop it? Give hypnosis a try.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $120.


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