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Finding your Past Life

How do you know if you had a past life?

Maybe in a past life you served at the court of King Solomon, or in past lives you alternated between male and female. Maybe you were a slave owner, or a slave?

past life regression hypnosisYou can discover your past life experiences by paying attention to what seems to not quite fit in your present life. Many people who had past life hypnosis say that their past life experiences matched feelings they felt all their present life but could never account for. Maybe you are strongly attracted to a colour, or love the sound of a foreign language, or hate a particular food, or you get feelings in strange places that you have been there before? Do you sometimes know things about people, but can't say how you know? Maybe these are the echoes of a past life.

Alternatively, you might have felt a definite spirituality, a connection with some higher power just out of reach, or you feel a sudden anxiety in someone's presence that you have never met before. Maybe you both met in a past life? The more of these things you experience, especially if it was from a young age, the more likely it is that you are being affected by past lives.

What happens in your Past Life Regression (PLR)

The basic procedure is to induce hypnosis and take you back (regress) to childhood. Then gradually, you go back further to a time before you were born. You are then asked to describe whatever you are experiencing in that past life. You may be taken back to more than one past life.


The induction is usually longer and more detailed than for ordinary hypnosis. This is to make sure that you are deep enough in trance to find your past.

Safe Place

The first stage is to create some safe place where you feel safe and totally in control. This hypnotic secret place always has existed and is available instantly whenever needed. We spend some time establishing a strong connection to that safe place. This is because when doing past life hypnosis without a fixed target, there is a remote possibility of you re-opening some memory from a past life and getting frightened and upset by it. This is called a hypnotic abreaction.

It is rare, but does happen. If you get an abreaction, you are immediately directed to the safe place and the reaction is isolated. I will usually use that memory as a bridge to the past life that is causing the problem. (The only possible bad effect is to get startled and upset. Nothing in your own mind can ever harm you).

Bridging into the past life

The next stage in the procedure I take you Past Life Regression hypnosisback to childhood so you can find some childhood memories. This is just to show you that you do have forgotten memories. It also makes sure that you are comfortable with the process.

In hypnosis I then lead to a bridge or a train station or similar. You start  on a journey to some place where all you can see is a mist. This is the beginning of the journey back into your own past.

Once in the mist I ask you specifically if you still want to go to a time before you were born. Once you agree, I will suggest to you that the mist clears, and you are free to experience whatever is there.

Clean Language in past life regression

In past life hypnosis the exact words are critical. Your subconscious mind is literal and ordinary logic doesn't apply. It it is so easy to mislead your mind by the wrong use of language. I use only as many words as are necessary to help you into your past life. I use only neutral, non-directive language. This is known as using Clean Language.

Instead of saying "What colour are your shoes?", I might say "Can you see your feet? What do you see?" Because "What colour are your shoes?" implies you are wearing shoes. It is a suggestion to your mind to think about shoes. Your hypnotized mind will therefore try to find something to say about shoes. The second statement, "What do you see?" doesn't put anything into your mind that wasn't there already.

Using the lessons from your past lives

You will be asked to described whatever is happening, or what you are seeing or hearing. You are only prompted when you stop speaking. Usually all that I say is "And what else?"

After you have described the critical events in the past life you are in, I ask you to commune silently with the person that you were in that past life. That way you can absorb whatever wisdom or life lessons that past life is trying to pass on to you. You normally keep this knowledge confidential and don't share it with anyone.

Return to the departure point

Once the lessons from that past life is over you I will guided back to the mist. I will ask you if there are any more past lives waiting, or if you want to return to the present. Usually you will want to go back. You might experience up to three previous lives.

Past Life Spiritual Awareness

The final part of the experience allows you to go into that place where the soul goes between lives. You are then allowed to drift in the space between lives. There you will experience whatever sensations you are open to: universal oneness or spiritual connection or whatever is there. Clients have reported quite unique and complex experiences, and are usually filled with wonder afterwards.


Eventually I guide you back out of the mist. You are brought back the same way you went into the past life regression. I will give you time to reflect silently on what you have learned. And then you can talk about your experience.

Back to School

Past life hypnosis can be surprising. I regressed an 82 year old man back to his school days. He was delighted to discover that he could recall every detail of one ordinary day in the school library more than 70 years earlier. He recognized old school friends. Even after sixty years he could recall the nicknames of teachers he hadn't thought about since he was a teenager.
Past Life Regression Hypnosis


These are cases that I have done personally. Each past life story shows clearly how each person's experience is different. No two cases are ever the same.

The cases show that Past Life Therapy can go in surprising directions. Sometimes PLR is just a way to open up to a different aspect of your subconscious mind.

What is Past Life Regression?

Under hypnosis sometimes people spontaneously report going back in time, and seem to be reliving episodes in past lives. Their stories of past lives are vivid and realistic. Analysis shows that they know details about past lives that are hard to explain.

PLR can be used as a form of therapy. Many, perhaps most, sessions are just curiosity, and a way to experience hypnotic trance for the first time. It can also be part of serious exploration to understand your own mind, and add to your spiritual dimension.

Many ancient religions accept reincarnation, or the rebirth of souls. Many people believe that things done in previous lives can affect you in this life, that your soul carries into this life all the sins of your past lives. If you did wrong in a previous live you might be suffering for it in this life.

Karma and Past Lives are the same thing. Karma is the mechanism that gives the universe balance. What happens to you today, is the result of what you have done in the past. You might have done it yesterday, or a thousand years ago. It's all Karma. Everything is connected.

Why do we have past lives?

By revealing itself in hypnosis, your past life may be trying to tell you to take action on something before you progress to a higher life. Maybe you must relive the same life over and over through the centuries, until you learn what you have to do to move on. It may be that you have to right some wrong you did in the past. Or maybe you have to forgive someone long ago, before you are allowed to attain that higher plane.

Some believe that what we call past lives are actually parts of us that are there all time, but you can only find them when your mind is prepared. When you understand your past lives, you will better understand why you are living through this present life. Existence is really a series of lessons. You need understand the purpose of this life in order to live it fully. Good Karma can be created by your actions today, and bad Karma can be wiped away by corrective actions. Creating good Karma and clearing bad karma is the way your spirit evolves. When you have the right Karma, you are ready for a higher existence in the next life.



Past life regression is something that fascinates people but they often don't know where to start. All you have to do is to book a time and allow whatever wants to happen to happen.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $120.


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