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Sexual Confidence Anxiety, libido and orgasm

Men are under pressure to be unfailingly virile. However men have just as many emotional issues as women. Sexual anxiety, premature ejaculation, impotence and loss of libido can have a serious effect on sexual relationships. If a woman is not sexually aroused she can hide it and no one need know. However, for male sexual anxiety there is no hiding the fact. Erectile dysfunction is common and curable. Fear of sexual failure is also quite common.

If the woman is understanding and supportive then probably the next time everything will go as normal and the incident will be forgotten about - just one of those things. However, very often the man takes to brooding and worrying about it. This brings on the very failure that he is trying to avoid. Despite being fairly common in men of all ages, too many men try to live with it in secret and do not seek help. Many men also perform normally, but have a secret dread that maybe next time it won't work.

Once physical causes have been eliminated, hypnosis is the most effective way to increase libido. Male sexual performance anxiety, impotence, premature ejaculation generally needs two sessions to be corrected.

Sexual Confidence Hypnosis


Your main sex organ is actually your brain. It controls hormones, and it controls thoughts and beliefs about sex. If the thoughts are not right, then nothing else is right. The usual reason for sexual dysfunction is that the young man's brain is constantly thinking about failure.
He goes over and over what happened, what might happen next time, what might happen if he never performs again, what his mates will say if they find out, what girls will tell each other about him. Failure is what is in his mind all the time. So that is what his mind delivers. You get what you think about. Men in this situation need to learn to control their thoughts. Doing that will prevent it happening again. It's like taking a mental aphrodisiac.


The first session is used to explain to the client that he is effectively hypnotising himself. Most clients feel immediately better about it as soon as they realise that it is fairly common and that it can be easily reversed.

The objective of the first session is to teach you how to use your own mind for support, instead of allowing your thoughts to sabotage yourself. I show the you how to use visualisations to create positive conditions in your mind, so that not only will it not happen again, you won't even think of the possibility.

Visualizing Success

The second session is used to guide you through a typical sexual performance in hypnosis. You are led through an idealized version of your normal dating process and at every stage your imagination is filled with images and feelings of what it is like to be outstandingly good. Your mind relives the event, exactly as it would be if you were not just good, but amazingly good. you experience what it is like to be the world's greatest lover. The hypnosis creates an overwhelming certainty, an enthusiasm, that wipes out the old feelings, so that the next time you are in that situation, or a similar situation, your mind will fill with positive feelings of strength and vigor.

The hypnotherapy is also used to address whatever issue it was that caused the original failure. It might be a self esteem issue, or general self confidence or concern about commitment to a long term relationship. These issues are dealt with by direct suggestion.

That way you will be able to have whatever sort of relationship you want, and the positive visualisation exercises will ensure that the old worries never come back.

There is generally no need for a follow up. Most young men are extremely resilient. Once the pattern of behaviour has been fixed, it is fixed forever.



Male sexual problems come in many forms. Here some cases that show how hypnosis can help clear away the issue.


Loss of confidence can have a devastating effect on your sex life. It can take all the sparkle out of living. Things that used to be easy are now embarrassing. Things that used to be fun become something to dread. It doesn't have to be that way. Hypnotherapy can help. Book a session and experience the difference.

Each session lasts about an hour, and costs $120.


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