sexual abuse hypnosis

Sexual Abuse Hypnosis

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Hypnosis. Adult survivors of sexual abuse often have deep psychological problems. The effects of sexual abuse continue long into adult life. If you have been sexually abused as a child, you are 10 times more likely to have eating problems, anxiety, social difficulties and lack of confidence.

The problem is made worse because most women choose to not talk about it. For them, it is a deep, shameful secret. Sometimes the trauma is so overwhelming that the child refuses to think about it.

Children who are abused suffer from feelings of shame, guilt, betrayal and embarrassment. Too often, when they tell the story of their abuse, adults refuse to believe them, andĀ  even punish the child for 'lies'. This adds to the feeling of unfairness and unworthiness.

The result is that when they grow up these children feel empty, soiled, worthless. They feel as if there is no point trying to do anything because their life has already been ruined. Their childhood has been violated and they had to grow up far too quickly.

Sexual abuse is usually very traumatic to the child. Fear and pain and humiliation make deep changes to the child's brain. These changes cause self destructive behaviour later in life. Childhood sexual abuse affects nearly every aspect of adult life. Sexual abuse survivors usually have low opinions of themselves. Because of this, they believe that no one decent would ever be attracted to them. So they take up with other partners who abuse them as well.

Survivors often turn to other things for comfort and relief. Overeating is very common. Many take to drugs as a way of dulling the pain. Others suffer depression. They find it difficult to form stable relationships.

Sexual Abuse Hypnosis


Modern hypnotherapy clears sexual abuse without going back over what happened. Hypnosis deals with the effects you are having today. There is no point in dealing with the past. Sexual abuse hypnosis is effective and rapid.

The starting point is to identify how you feel about it now. We work with that feeling, and eliminate it. You cannot change what happened, but you can change how you feel about it. The aim is to get to able to think about it as something that happened, that you really don't feel anything about. If you don't care about it, then it is not going to make you binge, or cry, or feel anything at all. That is the healthy, adult attitude to your own historic abuse.

Hypnosis can lead you to that place, where you can look back, and feel nothing. And then just get on with your life.



Sexual Abuse Cases


Sexual abuse causes many serious problems in adults. These casesĀ  show how hypnosis has helped other women and men.


Sexual abuse destroys and takes the joy out of life. It doesn't have to be that way. Hypnotherapy can remove all those feelings and memories without going back over it. Normally takes three sessions.
Each session lasts about an hour, and costs $120.


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