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Nail Biting Hypnosis is a standard and successful hypnotherapy treatment. About ten percent of adults bite their nails. Your fingernail biting habit is actually a distraction behaviour. You originally started doing it as a response to stress. This has turned into a nervous habit that has gone out of control.

Hypnosis is very effective at ending Nail Biting. You don't have to find the original reason for your stress. Hypnotherapy helps you to change your response to the triggers that set you off. Hypnosis makes you become aware of when you are about to bite, so you don't do it mindlessly any more.

Most people can stop biting their nails after one hypnosis session.

Tips for stopping Nail Biting

1. Realize what you are doing.

nail biting hypnosisThink about what you are actually putting in your mouth. Your hands touch everything: dirt, germs, bacteria, molds, fly droppings, rotting spores - everything. And it all gets transferred into your mouth every time you bite or suck your nails.

Disgusting stuff lives under your nails. Even if you wash your hands frequently, micro organisms like fungus and viruses live under your nails in the nail bed. These get transferred to your mouth as well. Broken and bleeding nails just give a way in for even more nasty stuff.

2. Remind yourself

It is just a habit. There is no psychological element to it, other than belief that you can't stop. You are not mentally ill. Remind yourself constantly about why you want to stop. Write a list of all the reasons you want to stop and then copy them to bits of card. Post these all round your house: on the fridge, on the door out, in your bedside drawer, on the dashboard of your car. And on the bottom in big letters write "I CAN DO IT".

3. Carry a nail care kit

nail biting hypnosisMake sure you always have a nail file on you. Most people feel the need to bite or pick when they think there is some ragged bit that needs dealt to. So if you always have a nail file handy you can spend the time carefully filing and smoothing, and gradually the biting habit will fade away. As your nails recover from the abuse, you can then use things from your kit to maintain your nail's appearance.

4. Be good to your nails.

Use cuticle oil at night and it will get absorbed into the nails. Spend some time moisturising your hands daily. Book a regular professional manicure. You won't want to ruin them after they are looking so nice. Nail polish strengthens and protects nails, even men can benefit from clear polish.

5. Make a feature of your nails.

After years of hiding them, why not spend some time making them noticeable? As soon as you get some positive results, play around with different nail polishes, try some nail art, take an interest in them. Your interest will be repaid.

Or, you could just let hypnosis fix it.



Don't let nail biting ruin your nails. Don't let ugly nails affects your confidence.  It can be fixed. Maybe it is time to stop?  Book a session and stop biting your nails today.

Your session will last about an hour, and costs $120.


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