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Jealousy ruins relationships. Everyone wants a loving relationship and everyone wants their relationships to last. But some people are just unable to accept any kind of threat to their relationships. They cannot bear the thought that their partner might be talking to others, might be thinking of breaking off, might be seeing someone else. This fear becomes so overwhelming that they need constant reassurance. If their partner doesn't contact them every day, they get resentful and angry. They worry that their partner might secretly be contacting others. So they open their mail, check their cellphone records, follow their partner around and spy on them. Or they set up romantic traps to see if their partner responds.

Jealous people live with an overwhelming anxiety that their relationship is on the verge of breaking up. Unfortunately their obsessive behaviour too often brings about the very thing they fear. They realise they are causing their partner to become more distant. But because of that,  they redouble their efforts and stress out even more. Until at some point,  their behaviour becomes too much for everybody concerned. And that triggers what they feared. The relationship ends, and the emotional pain comes howling in again.

Jealous behaviour even continues after the relationship has ended. The jealous partner continues to obsess about the person.  Sometime stalking and harassing them even when there is no possibility of the relationship being rekindled.

Jealousy Hypnosis

Jealousy Removal

Your jealousy comes from a fear of the pain that will follow when your relationship ends. You love the other person. But you are afraid they are going to leave you , and cause you pain. Every jealous person has a memory of being hurt in the past when some special relationship ended. Your  unconscious mind desperately does not want to be hurt that way again.

It started in childhood when someone - a parent, teacher, grandparent - someone you loved and needed, disappeared or died. That loss left you as a child hurting and unable to do anything about it. In your mind the pain is remembered as overwhelming, life threatening, a gigantic fear.  Your unconscious mind will do anything, absolutely anything, to avoid re-experiencing that pain. Any amount of effort is justified to avoid another loss like that.

The constant vigilance, checking, obsessing, is designed to monitor the relationship, to not miss the tiniest signal that something might be wrong. As soon as the tiniest signal is seen, then every effort is instantly thrown into action to pull back the situation.

How to get rid of the feeling.

Jealousy generally needs only one session to be corrected. To end jealousy effectively you need to cancel the fear.

The process of cancelling any irrational fear is to modify the way your mind sees that fear. By changing how your mind sees it, the fear itself will be changed.

Metaphor therapy is the usual approach to clearing jealousy. One way is to get you to project an image of your fears onto a culturally acceptable metaphor. This is usually an imaginary dragon. Then you step by step systematically modify your dragon. This way you modify your fear directly. The session does not use hypnosis. You are awake and alert throughout the whole process.

Another way is to go in via the feeling of dread, anxiety, panic or whatever it is you get when you think about your relationship ending. You are then asked "If that feeling was an object, what colour would it be?". This makes you create an image of the feeling. Then you can change the feeling by changing that image. The metaphor, the image, is a direct representation of what you are feeling. Any change to the description of the 'thing' causes an equal change to the feeling. I then continues getting more details of the 'thing'. You describe it in terms of size, behaviour, what it is made from, and so on. I get a complete a description.

Change how you feel

Then I encourage you to think of what your life would be like if the jealous feeling was't there. That way you create a link between how you will feel when it is gone, with getting rid of the 'thing'. Then I get you to think about how you might change some part of your 'thing'. "Could you imagine it a different colour?" "Maybe it could become a little smaller?" and so on.

Eventually your 'thing' changes so much it is no longer the same thing. At some point it decides to change into something else. At that point, your fear has gone.

The outcome is that you have changed how you think about your partner's behaviour. Because of how your mind works, you will now experience the same situation in  a different way. When I ask you to imagine the situation again, to re-access the feelings of jealousy,  you will find that the feeling has gone. Your old feelings will be replaced by new positive feelings.


Jealousy Cases 

Jealousy is always more complicated than it seems on the surface.



Jealous can ruin the best of relationships. You don't have to suffer from it. Let hypnotherapy find and remove the basic cause of it. And enjoy a deep satisfying relationship.

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