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Hypnosis for Fertility

Fertility Hypnosis

Fertility Hypnosis reinforces the connection between your mind and your body. Your mind works on two levels, the conscious and the unconscious. Your conscious mind appears to decide what you eat, how much you exercise, what you choose to think about. But in reality, your unconscious mind is actually in control. That is where your fears and habits originate. That is where you hold your beliefs about who you are, what others think of you, and what you deserve. Your surface behavior is actually based on hidden needs and triggers.

Fertility Hypnosis  works by letting your mind relax its guard, and open up to healing suggestions. Hypnosis helps you with fertility problems by replacing the unconscious blocks hidden in your own mind. Fertility Hypnosis can make startling improvements to your quality of life. Hypnosis can change how you think, how you feel, and give you what you really want.

Recover from miscarriage

Coming back from Miscarriage

Recovering from Miscarriage hypnosis gives a gentle way for a woman to re-interpret what happened to her. The session prepares her to try again and feel good about herself.

Having a miscarriage can be devastating. Instead of a life affirming pregnancy, the miscarriage becomes a serious psychological problem. A miscarriage leave the mother feeling guilty, worried about her own ability to get pregnant again and open to depression. Hypnotherapy for miscarriage aims to give closure, so you can move on.

This session tries to reframe the miscarriage as something outside of the control of the mother, something that had to be, for reasons that will never be known. It then uses a metaphor to prepare the mother for a fresh pregnancy, and assures her that everything will be ready this time.

Harmony Fertility Hypnosis

Harmony Fertility Hypnosis

Feel at peace with your body. Allow the natural rhythm of life to find its way. A Harmony fertility session gives the woman a way to reconcile conflicting parts of her body. Sometimes a woman feels as if there is a barrier in her mind stopping her getting pregnant. This session takes her into her own unconscious mind and works out a way to keep all the conflicting parts of her happy.

Women in fertility treatments often need to convince their own mind that they are ready and able to conceive. Hypnosis uses a parts negotiation technique to prepare your mind to overcome reservations about conception. It is used in situations where 'part of me desperately wants to get pregnant, but part of me might not be quite sure about it'. The session helps collect you your unconscious thoughts and feelings together, so that you can harmonize everything.

Parts Therapy is a technique where one part takes charge, it then asks other parts to change their ways in order to get the desired outcome. The part in charge asks the part that is causing the problem to reveal its purpose. Then it works out what to change, and checks that all the other parts are willing to to achieve it.

Chakra Balancing Hypnosis

Chakra Energy Balancing exercises

Locate the source of your Psychic Energy. Your seven chakras determine your overall health and wellbeing. Adverse events can knock them out of balance. Four Chakra Energy Balancing exercises to get your body and mind back into harmony.


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