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Fear of Flying Hypnosis

End Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Types of Flying fears

Fear of flying is an anxiety disorder. Your mind is going over and over all the things that can go wrong.

The most common type is where the person has flown before, sometimes many times. Then with each succeeding flight they get more and more nervous until they are no longer able to fly at all, or have to go through agonies and panic attacks before each flight.

Another type of Fear of Flying applies to people who have never flown and are terrified at the very idea of it. These people often have a fear of heights, or some other phobia.

A third type is where the traveler is OK all the way up to the point where they shut the doors ready for takeoff. Then they panic. This fear is actually claustrophobia, a fear of being trapped in a confined space, not the actual flying.

Hypnosis usually only takes one session.

Understand your own mind

A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something that is not in fact dangerous. Flying is actually the safest way of travelling. But thousands of people are actually terrified of flying. You know it's irrational. And yet you still have this dreadful, awful fear of the idea of flying.

Like all phobias, fear of flying is a learned response. The normal way of acquiring this phobia is when you are on a flight and something unexpected and frightening happens. It could be turbulence, it could be a strange noise from the plane, it can be anything. It is  completely unexpected, and that causes instant fear.

At that point your mind goes into panic mode. It searches your memory for anything similar. The reason you have memories is to tell you how to behave when something happens. Normally, your memory will find something similar, and then will find what you did to survive that incident.

Learning the phobia

The phobia, the fear of flying, is established when your mind, instead of finding a memory where you dealt with the problem, it finds finds a memory that is even more terrifying. It finds a memory in which you were unexpectedly thrust into a situation, you were deeply frightened, and you couldn't get away from it.

This in itself is an unexpected, and deeply frightening event. You're sitting on a plane where something frightening has occurred, and your mind has now served up to you a memory of something even more frightening, and you couldn't get away from it. The unexpected recall now doubles your fear. You have the real fear in the plane, and the memory of some terrifying fear from childhood.

Due to the way the mind learns, you have now formed a link between flying and fear. Eventually the plane lands safely. But you have now created a phobic association. Every time you think of flying, that terrifying childhood memory comes roaring back.

The real cause

The memory has nothing to do with flying. In most cases it's an incident where you as a child were frightened and unable to escape. The reason the memory comes back is because it was never resolved. It is still hanging around, waiting to be triggered. The child buried that feeling. But under similar circumstances the feeling will come out again, full force.

This is how phobias like claustrophobia are established. There is nothing frightening about a lift, but the mind connects a confined space to that ancient memory of being trapped in some place. It is not the fear of the lift that you're feeling, it is the original fear when you were trapped in some dark confined place.

Get rid of the fear for ever

Fear of flying is just a special case of that general phobia. The solution is to ignore the flying part. That is not important. What hypnotherapy does is to get you to think about the fear you have right now. To get you to feel that fear in the chair right now.

As soon as you feel the fear I will get you to think of that fear as an object. I get you to convert your emotional reaction into an image or a metaphor object. Then I show you how to change the object of the image. By changing the object you're actually changing the fear. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the fear and the metaphor object. Changing one changes the other.

As soon as you have changed the object enough, it changes the fear into something that is no longer self-sustaining. At that point the fear disappears. What you have done is to eliminate the childhood fear. Therefore there is nothing for the feeling about the flight to connect to. And your fear of flying phobia is gone forever.

By the end of the session you will be eager to get to the airport and get on that plane.

Fear of Flying Cases

How Fear of Flying is dealt with. Every person has a different story.



Don't let fear of flying stop you from enjoying overseas holidays. Or lose business opportunities. Don't let it prevent you from seeing relatives at times of crisis. It is totally unnecessary. Fear of Flying can be removed. Why put up with it?

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