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Energy Channeling Hypnosis


It is important to remember that you are not alone in the universe. For each of us there is a spirit realm, specially reserved. And for each of us there is a guiding 'spirit'. Energy Channeling lets you find that spirit.  When you were born you were just like every other child. You were bold, curious, inventive, open and confident about everything. Then something happened that changed things for you. We all have the capacity to reconnect to that pure sense of childish wonder. You already have a  spiritual connection, even it is only working sometimes. Hypnosis can provide a fast track way to get in touch with what is searching for you.

'Angels' or 'mediators' are about energy. When most people see something, it is shrouded by its own energy. When your mind is truly open, you will see the real form. Most messages come in the form of visions. Because they are forced to use an imperfect channel, the messages are often confusing and hard to understand.

Channel your energy

Too many people are restricted by their own blocking. With a little help you too can develop your abilities and connect with your personal spirit. No one but you knows what you are really capable of. You won't know until you begin your journey to a meaningful and enlightening meeting with your guide. There is a special blessing for those with the ability to channel. When you are open and ready to receive messages from your source you will get the message in clear. The Age of Enlightenment is actually right now for those who are ready to receive it.

What hypnosis does is turn off the chatter in your mind. You enter a state of trance and harmony with another consciousness. In that state you are open to the Hive Mind of the universe. You can establish your own clear channel to whatever awaits you.

Angel Channeling Hypnosis


Many people believe that there is more to life than appears on the surface. Sensitive people are aware that there are influences working in their life that cannot be explained. Energy Channeling Hypnosis creates a way for sensitive people to go beyond the ordinary. Going into trance allows your mind to open up, to make connections with some greater part.

New ways of thinkingenergy channeling

There are many names for the part of you that exists outside of normal consciousness. The names are not important. What is important is that once you can transcend your own physical limitations you can gather strength and healing from these greater powers.

Reconnecting to old resources

Many people believe that what they experience in this life is influenced by things that happened in a past life. Other people believe that there is much more to this life then we actively know about. Energy channeling is the name given to the process of getting in touch with forces outside of your normal life. These forces exist all around us. They are actually influencing your life right now. However, to be able to use that power, you need to open yourself to it. And that is exactly what hypnosis gives you.

Believing in succeeding

When you go into trance your mind will open up to every possibility. What you experience will depend upon your own beliefs and your own willingness to be open to new experiences. Hypnosis allows you to explore the depths of your own unconscious mind. It allows you to become receptive. It allows whatever is out there to enter your mind. Once you have made that connection you will be aware of other minds, other places, other times, other realities.

Channeling a new Identity

Within that other reality anything is possible. Once you are in trance you will be helped to find the right resources to deal with the problems you brought with you. These resources are given freely to anyone who asks for them. You may be given an insight into why you're having these problems. You may be given instructions as to what to do. Or, you may just find that something is changed for you, something that has been a problem for many years simply disappears. Whatever the process, the outcome is always profound.

Energy Channeling and Visualization

Very often the energy channeling process is accompanied by an intense visualization. The nature of this visualization depends entirely on the individual. Everyone is different. Every time you enter that realm it is different. Every time you connect to a different resource your images, sounds, and experiences are quite different.

You may experience it as a dream, or you may find yourself in a totally different reality. Or you may go to such a profound depth that when you return you cannot recall anything except that something has changed at a very deep level.


The process of Energy Channeling is always unique and compelling. If you feel that that is something influencing your life in behavior that you just don't know about, perhaps there is a right technique for you.




Maybe there is a reason why parts of your life is so hard. Maybe you just need to find your own true guide. With hypnosis you can open and establish the channel to your personal celestial guide.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $120.


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