End Bullying

Don’t put up with Bullying at home or at work

Bullying comes from parents, neighbours, friends and people at work. For bullying to work there has be two people with low confidence. One does the bullying, and one acts as victim. Neither of them wants to behave that way, but they just cannot stop doing it.

Bullying is always driven by childhood fears on both sides. For the person being bullied, it is about the feeling that you are not allowed to fight back. No matter what the bully does, you cannot retaliate. That is what keeps the bully coming back to you.

If you are being bullied, usually there is nothing you can do to change the one who is doing the bullying. But with hypnosis, you can change how you react to the bully. And when you stop accepting the bullying, the bully will go away and find a different victim.


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