Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss without willpower Over Eating Bingeing

Wellington Hypnosis is very successful with weight issues.
Not everyone with a weight problem is overweight. Some people eat all day, some people only eat at night, and some people think about eating all day but don't. All need help with their emotions.

Emotional Eating

Being overweight is always an emotional issue, and needs a psychological approach that recognizes that losing weight is a complex issue that involves family, relationships and self image.

Emotional Eating is  :

Eating because you are bored, or upset or angry or stressed
Eating when you are not even hungry
Craving only unhealthy foods
Continuing eating after you are full
Seldom feeling satisfied
Eating without hardly noticing it
Eating while telling yourself you shouldn't.

Hypnosis is ideal for that. Hypnosis is used to find out exactly why you are eating the way you are.

Weight Loss is not about willpower

It is not a matter of information either. At Wellington Hynpnosis we find that people who need to lose weight already know everything there is to know about protein and carbohydrates and balanced intake and vitamins and diets and everything else.

But some people just keep on bingeing and snacking and end up overweight. Their problem is a compulsive need to eat, of not being able to stop snacking, to eat sensibly.

Yo-Yo dieting

Others manage their weight by vomiting it up later, or dosing with laxitives. None of these is particularly nice. Or you can spend your life constantly yo-yo dieting up and down the scales and feeling bad about being unable to control their weight.

Most of these people go through their lives ashamed of their body, embarrassed about their size and live a double life: a public life in which they pretend everything is OK, and a secret life in which they hate themselves for failing and despair of ever losing weight. Then they eat to feel better but immediately feel bad because they gave in to it.

These people are not weak willed or self indulgent. These people feel almost powerless to stop. They are obeying an internal irresistible psychological drive. The purpose of that drive is to keep them safe.

Every time they feel stressed or lonely, their own childhood feeling of fear or neglect come out. They eat to avoid having to experience those uncomfortable emotions. The real reason they eat is nothing to do with hunger, and everything to do with doing something else to smother bad feelings with good feelings.

Somehow their personal identity got mixed up with feelings about food. Food nurtures, comforts, is fulfilling; it expresses love, shows you care; it is something you give to others, it connects to family, it is something to share; food brings people to together, it is a happy family around a table laughing. Food is warmth, comfort, love. Eating is wrapped up with being accepted, cosseted, included, valued. Whenever feelings of loss, loneliness and rejection come up, eating is the way to deal with it. And that is the key to losing weight. Understand why you eat, then you can get control of your eating.

How much does Weight Loss Hypnosis cost?

Wellington Hypnosis lets you choose the plan that suits you best. Some people just need a little motivation, others need a bit more support.

One Session Weight therapy. This plan is for people who are confident about their own ability to control their eating, given a little help. The hypnosis takes about an hour and costs $100. If you have been able to keep the weight off before, this is the one for you.

Weight Loss Life Style Plan. This Premium Plan is for people who know they are going to need a lot more help. The first session deals with the reasons for eating and self destructive behaviors. The next session a few days later reinforces your changes and sorts out any problems you might have with triggers and cravings.

The final session two weeks later makes sure that you will stay on your lifestyle plan. The Premium Plan costs $200. If you book the One Session plan, and then find you need more, you can switch over to the Premium plan.

Hypnotherapy gives a fast return. Obviously, weight is not going to fall off instantly. But gradually you will see and feel changes. When you get to your ideal weight the health benefits will begin to shoe. I think you will agree that getting it off, and keeping it off, is the best investment you can make.

A weight loss hypnosis session usually takes about an hour.

Can't Decide: Talk it over

Talk to Dave MasonIf you want to talk about eating and weight, just call.

Talking to someone is usually the best way to find out if hypnosis can help.

It might be just what you need.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Why Weight Loss Hypnosis works

The way hypnosis is used is different in every case. The exact details of why individuals over eat varies from person to person, but the reasons are all basically the same: the person associates food with being loved and cared for, and knows that not having food is the same as being being left on their own, lonely and isolated. Food is everything.

Not having it around means there is a danger of not being loved. That danger has to be avoided, it cannot be allowed to come to pass. That is the root cause of the compulsion - a dread of being unloved, feeling lonely, rejected, no good. This is the sort of thing that hypnosis is best at.

Weight problems are emotional

The origin is usually in childhood, when the child decides that getting food means being loved. Mother provides food, so mother is showing that the child is important. No food equals no love. The punishment of sending a child to their room with without dinner associates hunger with unhappiness.

It is often compounded by the mother rewarding good behavior with a special treat, or dealing with her own problems through eating. Many children learn to associate happy times with meal times, and when the family breaks up the pain of the loss is associated with different eating arrangements, and the child believes that if only everyone was around the table again everything would be OK.

Self medicating with food

Hypnosis works on core human needs. Food is a basic human drive, and it easily gets mixed up with other emotions. For some people, every time they feel bad, they reach into the cupboard, instead of reaching into their past. They need the power of hypnosis to get to the root of the problem, and fix it, permanently.


The way hypnosis ends eating compulsion is by changing how you feel about yourself. No matter what happened in the past, it can be fixed. When you find and fix the original issue, you stop looking to food to feel better. Food should be something you enjoy and not something that is a substitute for something else.

Hypnotherapy is gentle but searching. It finds what is driving the behaviour and then subtly changes it.

Follow up

There is a strong psychological element to most problem eating.
Hypnotherapy will help with the root causes. The results will not be instant. It takes time to shed weight. In many instances eating problems are linked to self esteem or anxiety. It is often useful to consider another session of hypnosis to deal with those later.

What Wellington Clients say

You can start today

Do it now.


There is no better time to start. All you have to do is to book a time and day, and say goodbye to weight gain for ever.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $100. It might be the best investment you ever made.



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