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Problems with Exams and Tests

Pass your test with hypnotherapy

Test Anxiety. Do you hate exams? Do you study and can't retain anything? Or can you just not get down to finishing that essay? Hypnosis can change all that.

Many people have problems with exams. Some people just can't get down to studying for it, other people freeze in the exam.  There's nothing worse than looking at a blank piece of paper and getting that sinking feeling in an exam.

But whether you are sitting a school test, your driving test, or your university thesis, hypnosis can chase away the nerves for ever. Exam nerves are due to lack of confidence, self doubt, procrastination, self criticism and fear of being judged. These are all psychological issues, and all of them can be entirely eliminated by hypnosis.

Exam Anxiety Hypnosis


Almost everyone gets nervous before an exam, that is natural, but some people work themselves into such a state about it that are not able to give of their best and get lower grades than they deserve. Exam anxiety starts off with a tiny bit of self doubt plus a tiny fear of what might happen if you fail the exam. Over time the mind starts to dwell on the consequences of not passing, and imagines all the different ways that things could go wrong. With each imagining the outcomes get clearer and clearer. The student can see the letter of rejection, can hear cruel friends laughing, can feel the disappointment twisting their stomach and each time they think of it, it just gets more real and more painful. Who wouldn't want to escape that sort of punishment?

The result is that the student does almost anything to avoid being examined: puts off studying, talks down the subject, skips classes, and as the exam date nears begins to feel ill and unable to cope with the stress. In extreme cases the student is totally unable to attend, or mysteriously 'forgets' the date, or even gets to the exam and faints.

In all these cases the unconscious mind is doing what it is designed to do: keeping you safe. Because the mind has convinced itself that there is a danger in the exam - feeling bad, being laughed at and so on - the mind tries every way it can to stop you from getting to that exam. By making you so ill that you cannot attend, it feels it has succeeded in keeping you out of harm's way. The more you try to get ready for the exam the more your mind will resist. That is why no amount of willpower will help. It is also why hypnotherapy is so successful.


Millions of people have suffered from exam nerves. Over the years standard hypnotherapy treatments have been devised that will get rid of the fear and let you do your very best in the test. The therapy consists of making your mind to view the exam differently, to see it as an opportunity instead of as a threat.


The therapy puts the student into hypnosis and then reframes the situation.

I will then go through each stage of the exam preparation and reframe each step to convince your mind that its true duty lies in helping you to complete the exam and pass with flying colours.

By the end of the session you will be fired up with enthusiasm and ready to get down to study. When the actual exam comes up the post-hypnotic triggers I have installed will fire and will fill your mind with confidence and everything you need to know will come flooding into your memory.

Follow up

In many instances fear of exam anxiety is linked to some more general issue such as chronic anxiety or lack of self esteem. It is often useful to consider using hypnosis to deal with that wider issue.



Get the best out of your study and preparation. Psychological issue affect everyone, but you can avoid letting it ruin your test performance. Hypnotherapy can clear the blocks that are stopping you from performing at your best. Give hypnosis a try.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $100.


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