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Problem Drinking

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Most problem drinkers don't have a problem with alcohol.

At Wellington Hypnosis we believe that binge drinkers have a problem with something else and they are trying to manage it by using alcohol. What they are suffering is actually the side effects of self medication. A psychological problem needs a psychological solution. Hypnosis provides that solution. Dealing with the underlying problem will automatically deal with the drinking.
Hypnosis has been used successfully with many problem drinkers. The approach depends on why they are drinking. Alcohol abuse is the same as any other substance abuse. There can be many underlying reasons for it. But it can usually be helped.

Hypnosis problem drinking

Problem Drinking types

Some drinkers have low self esteem and hate their weakness. They just want to shut down the little voice that tells them they are no good, they just want to feel normal, like everybody else, even just for half an hour, and the drink does that, for a while.

Some binge drink and don't know why. The drink makes them feel good until the next day, when they feel bad for bingeing: and then they save up the bad feelings until their next binge.

Some drinkers have never learned to cope with life's problems. They have come to believe that they cannot function without a drink to give them confidence, to face up to other people.

Some people believe that others are judging them, that they will not be accepted, and drinking shuts down those thoughts, that fear of social situations.

A habit of drinking can come about because of a belief that drinking equals relaxing, and the association is so strong they cannot imagine relaxing without a drink.

Others use drink to reward themselves. Then they they cannot stop drinking because the reward gets associated with finishing: the day, the job, everything.

Problem Drinking psychology

There is a strong psychological element to most problem drinking.
Hypnotherapy will help with the root causes, but the results will not be instant and it may take several sessions to
discover why they need to drink and how to correct it.


The normal procedure is to establish what the drinking pattern is, what triggers it, when it happens. This will guide the therapy.

Many people do not connect their drinking with feeling bad or uncertain about themselves and are quite surprised when that is found to be the cause.

Whatever the symptoms, the basic aim of the hypnosis is to find and correct the underlying emotions, what it is that the drink is being used to deal with.

This is normally done in one or more sessions in which the person becomes aware of how their mind is representing their problem, and then changes that representation. Hypnosis changes how the mind represents the problem and therefore destroys the thing that is causing the problem.


Most forms of alcohol abuse will respond well to hypnosis. The published results suggest that 75% or more of alcoholics are still sober twelve months after ending therapy. Drinkers who are not actually alcohol dependent but have other alcohol related problems such as binge drinking or anger problems usually have an even higher rate of recovery.




Problem drinking tends to get worse if it is not dealt with. Do not allow alcohol to keep on affecting your life, business and relations. Book a session today.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $100.


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