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These past life cases are taken from the many Past Life Regression sessions I have done over the years. You do not always get what you want, or what you expect. But the process is always fascinating. Some people find that after a regression they feel entirely different, as if something has been opened up in their mind.

Most past life recalls are actually quite short, and not very detailed. The past life traveller can see everything but is not able to describe it in words. It is an experience like a vivid memory, something you get immersed in, not something you can stand back from.

Everyone is different, and everyone can learn something from their personal time travel experience. Give it a try.

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Past Life Cases Experience

People come for past life regression for many reasons. My client yesterday was driven by curiosity. He was over 70 years old and had always wanted to find out if he had a past life.

chainsHe went into trance quite easily. I got him to imagine that he was lying in a luxurious chair. I deepened him twice until he has lost contact with his body. When he was well into trance I suggested that he felt like floating. Then I put him into a boat drifting down the river. As he was floating down the river I told him that he was passing parts of his life.

I told him that he would see a scene from his life in childhood that had some special significance for him. "The image  may or may not be something you remember. But your will see and hear everything that was going on in that place."

Setting up for past life regression

He described a scene that was outdoors with lots of people having fun on a sunny day. He was watching it from a distance and wanted to be a part of it. This established that he was able and willing to go back into his own memories.
I suggested that the boat was going further down the river. The river narrowed and turned into a tunnel. The boat was going down the tunnel,  dark and calm. I then suggested that he saw a light, or a vibration, or something else which was a guide to him. The guide took him to a place outside the tunnel for his first past life regression experience.

First Past Life Experience

He said he was in some place. I prompted him and he said it was indoors. There were chains. He was cold, there were other people there but he could not see them. He was dressed very poorly. It was very dim and the light might be coming from flames. I asked him why he was there and he said he was there for punishment. He said he was aged about 20 but did not know what the date was, or what year it was. I asked him how he felt and he said he felt depressed.  "Why are you being shown that scene? What lesson does that past life have for you?" He said "Maybe it's because I can move, and I'm not actually chained?"

Second past life experience

I then told him to take a deep breath and come out of that place. I suggested that the boat was going deeper into the tunnel. The walls were coming in and the water was going faster and there were waves and there was a noise up ahead. Once again, I suggested a guide appeared who took him out of there. Then I suggested he was going to come to some high place. He told me that in that place there was sunshine,  the sky was blue, there was a green valley below. I asked him what was going on there. He said he was just there for the view.

I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to fly. I asked him what he called the place. He said it had no name. I asked him who he was. He said that he was a child. I asked them if it was a boy or a girl. He never answered. I asked him how he was dressed. He said he had bare feet. He then volunteered that there was bare rock all around. Then he repeated that he really wanted to fly from there.
I got to take a deep breath to finish off that particular life.

Third past life experiencepast life between lives

For his third past life, I told him that he was in the boat and the tunnel was getting narrower and narrower and the boat was shrinking and he was shrinking until he had shrunk down to a point. I told him that this point was floating in space in the place between lives. I asked him what he could see, what he was experiencing. He said he was in a void. I press for more details but he only could say that there were planets there. He was floating around among the stars. I tried to find out who he was and what he was doing, but the only thing he told me was that he was young.

What past life regression is about

He wanted to talk about his experiences. We talked about his feeling of wanting to join in with other people playing, and he said that was exactly how he felt growing up. As a child, he was always on the edge of things, he never felt that he belonged with other kids. He said of the PLR experience with the chains, that thinking about it, "it is really how I feel about my life".

He had a successful business but he really wanted to not be chained to it and retire. I asked him about the flying PLR experience and he said he had had that dream before. He said it probably represents wanting to get away from everything.

Past life regression is a fascinating part of hypnosis

past life golden temple

This client wanted to do a past life regression simply out of curiosity. She felt that there was more to life than appeared on the surface. I explained the procedure for past life regression to her and in particular about using Clean Language so as not to lead her.

I used a progressive muscle relaxation induction and tested several times to make sure that she was in trance. Then I deepened her so that she was relaxing in some safe place. "In that place you can forget about your body, you can forget about who you are, you can forget about everything."

The next stage was to suggest that she was floating in a cloud. I then told her "that cloud is thinning and clearing. As the mist clears you find yourself back in a place before you were born".

Past Life 1

She said that she was looking through a hole, like in a wall. Everything was purple. There were people on the outside looking in at her. She wasn't sure what was going on. I tried to get her to explore her surroundings, but she couldn't get anything else. She told me afterwards that this was a dream that she had quite often.

Past life 2

The second regression started with her saying "I feel I am underwater. I can't see anything". Then she found herself at ground level looking at horses. She was aware that there was a war and she was helping one side against the other. But the people they were going to fight were not people. They actually were monsters , they were very big, like dragons. "I have no idea what I'm doing here. I have no idea how I'm going to help anyone else."  And then she said, almost laughing, "I am a blade of grass. I can see it all but I am a blade of grass".

Past life 3

The third regression took to her to a place in Dakota. She was a man. She was some sort of shaman or medicine man. I asked her how she was dressed. She said "I am all dressed up in ceremonial gear. I'm wearing feathers over my usual clothes. A full Indian headdress." "And what is going on in that place?" "I am leading my people in a ceremony. We are begging for rain. The land is dying".  I asked her "and how does that make you feel?". She said "lonely". Then she she said, "I know that everyone else is going to die. I am the only one who will survive. And that makes me sad".

Past life 4

The fourth regression took her to a place that she described as "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful". She seemed filled with wonder at being in this place. She sat in the chair and her head was moving with her eyes closed, as if she was looking around someplace that she was in. I asked her to describe it. "It is a temple filled with gold. I am dancing in the temple. I am sad because there is a man going away. A man I love. I cannot love him. I am not allowed to love him". And she said, "I am too old to do magic. I cannot prevent this. I want to be with him but I have to stay in the temple." She went on to describe the temple "it's a beautiful place, a wonderful place. And I will be forever dancing in the temple. Because I am trapped here now".


The Empty Bridge

What if you have no past life to explore?

I had a client yesterday who wanted to explore his past lives. He said it was purely out of curiosity.  He was of East Asian origin, and has a long history of mental awareness training.  Each day he chants for an hour and a half.  Despite the chanting, and having studied meditation, he told me that he has never succeeded in getting into trance.

I discussed past life regression with him, what I was going to do,  and what to expect. He seemed quite happy with my proposed approach. I was a little worried about the fact that he had never experienced trance.

Leading him into trance

So I set out to teach him self hypnosis. I used a Progressive Muscle Relaxation induction. He went quite quickly into trance. Then I deepened him with a countdown deepener. Then, to be totally sure, I did an eye catalepsy test. In trance, I got him to try to open his eyes to prove to himself that he was in trance.

I then brought him out of trance and talked to him about the experience. He was delighted with trance experience. He reported that his body felt numb from the neck down. We discussed self hypnosis and depth of trance. He asked how he could go back into trance again.  To show him how easy it was, I got him to close his eyes, relax his body, and then I put him back into trance with the .

Testing his subconscious recall ability

I then use this as the lead in to PLR. I deepened him again and led him to a river. He was walking along a riverbank vanishing numbers induction when he came to a boat tied up at the side. He got into the boat which was filled with luxurious fabrics. I told him to sink down into the fabrics, and I deepened him again on those.

Then I set the boat drifting down the river and suggested to him that he was seeing memories of his own life as he went down the river. He told me that he saw his parents,  teachers, and recalled some  incidents from his childhood. I was satisfied that he could visualize, and he could find memories from his own subconscious mind.

Searching for his past lives

Then I told him that the boat was drifting into a long tunnel which was completely dark. Then his boat drifted out into light on the other side. In that place everything was mist. I suggested he could see things but he could not describe anything. I tried several other ways of getting him to experience a past life but he did not get a connection. He said there was something holding him back from going into the mist.

I brought him out of trance and we talked about it. He suggested that he was perhaps not ready for it. I told him that he would have to practice a great deal more so that he could go into trance easily, quickly, and certainly. He agreed that he now knew how to do that. He was looking forward to testing out his own mind in trance. We ended the session on that note

Even though we found no past life, he seemed quite pleased with the session overall.

How you can have no past life?

I have an open mind on the whole Past Lives concept. But if it is true, then for it to work, there must exist a soul that was in somebody else before you. However, it is said that there are more people alive right now than have ever lived in the whole of history. Ancient populations were tiny compared to the vast global population today. So if there are more bodies than there every have been in the past, then logically there must be people being born today who cannot have had a previous life. Perhaps this man was one of them?

Medical Use of Past Lives

I recently had a client who booked me for a past life regression session. I am always happy to do thesePast lives because I am fascinated by what the mind brings up. A lot of my clients are totally convinced that they lived one or more past lives. Strangely enough, it is in the middle of run of PLR requests.  I find that I tend to get a bunch of PLR clients close together. Then it may be a few months with none, followed by another bunch. I have done many past lives but it never occurred to me that it could be used for medical reasons.

This client asked me to listen to an online radio broadcast that he thought I should hear in order to be able to do the type of Past life regression he wanted. The broadcast covered all the normal stuff. It all seemed fairly run-of-the-mill and not particularly noteworthy.

However, the speaker is an MD, a qualified surgeon specialising in cancer. He said that he has had great success working with patients who are terminally ill. He works with those patients, hypnotises them, and takes them back to one or more past lives.

Palliative past life regression

This has had an amazing effect on a lot of  patients who have only a few weeks or months to live. It puts their own imminent death into context. Knowing that they have had a past life allows them to reframe their impending death as simply a one step in an endless cycle. They cease to fear death and just accept it as an inevitable part of a much larger process.

I think this is a wonderful use of hypnosis. Whether you believe in past lives or not, giving comfort to the dying in a very direct and vivid way has to be worthwhile.



I need to explore!


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