Astral Travel Hypnosis

Astral Travel Hypnosis

Out of Body Astral Projection Hypnosis

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is also known as Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Channeling or Out-of-Body Experience. The concept of out of body experiences is very ancient, and practiced world-wide by shamans and mystics. Astral Projection is the name given to a feeling of being able to move out of your body while in a deeply relaxed state. Some people believe that between life and death there exists an in-between state called the Astral Plane. This plane can be reached and explored by creating a special state of mind.

Astral Projection occurs when your spirit essence leaves your body and travels in that Astral Plane. You are aware of things in the astral plane because your mind is connected to your body by a kind of ethereal umbilical cord. The astral plane is said to be at place were time is an illusion. The astral traveller is simultaneously connected to the past and the future and the present. Astral travel also includes journeying deep into your own subconscious mind. Every person's experience is different.

How to do Astral Travel

To get to the right state requires you need to relax your body completely. Experts usually use a combination of Progressive Relaxation and Breathing Induction. Your body will then gradually descend into Sleep Paralysis. This is very similar to  deep meditation. Your body will be totally inert, your muscles utterly relaxed, but your mind will be crystal clear.  People report a sensation of resonating with their environment. They are totally in touch with what is going on all around them, in the room, in the street outside, high above and deep below.

Once that state is achieved, you focus your mind on one object or idea. This can be a mantra or an abstract concept such as "love" or "connect". Exclude all other thoughts that might come into your mind. At some point "things" will start to appear and disappear. These are flickers of astral contact touching your unconscious mind. You are then on the edge of the astral experience.

Then, allow your mind to dismiss your body totally, and you will enter into a state of 'no sensations'. Astral journeying should then start automatically. As you expand into the Astral Plane the powers in the astral plane will guide you. It needs no input from you, you are under the control of your Astral Guide. The guide will take you to wherever you're supposed to go.

You might think it is a difficult thing to do, but anyone who can go into self hypnosis can do Astral Travel.

There is a script for Astral Travel available on this site.



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