fear of dentist hypnosis

Fear of Dentist Hypnosis

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Fear of the Dentist

Dread of going to the dentist is very common. Lots of people put up with toothache, damaged teeth and bad breath just because they are terrified of entering a dentist's office. Well, you don't have to.

Fear of dentist is very real. For some people, they would rather be in a car crash. I have had clients who could not even bring themselves to be on the same street as the dentist, the fear was so strong.

But basically,  fear of needles, dentists and all the rest of it is just a phobia, like any other phobia. And phobias are easily removed with hypnosis. I deal with phobias every week. A phobia is a fear that is out of proportion to the actual threat. Needles can hurt. Dentistry can be uncomfortable. But  in a phobic person, the reaction and fear is way out of line.

This doesn't mean it is not real. The fear is very real. It can be crippling, and is made worse by other people mocking it. And what is worse, it gets stronger over time.

Easily Fixed

The good news is, fear of a dentist appointment can be fixed easily and quickly. Your fear is not about the dentist. It is actually about a different fear, something from your childhood. It might be that you when you were little, you were forced into the chair and operated on by some stranger in a white coat. That incident triggered an earlier fear. It might have been a felling of being trapped, of being forced to do something against your will, or something else you couldn't control. And from then on, the two fears are linked. Anytime you think about the dentist, it brings out that earlier, unrecognized fear. That is what you are feeling.

Your intelligence knows that the needle is not really dangerous. But your unconscious believes that you must never go near that needle again, because you will be catapulted back to feeling like a terrified child again. And your mind just will not allow that. It's only job is to protect you, to make sure you don't re-experience it. So it does anything, anything, to stop to you ever going back the dentist. That way you will be safe. And the more you try to over ride it, the stronger your mind tries to stop you.

How it works

It doesn't matter what that earlier fear was. I do not go looking for it. Hypnotherapy deals with how you feel now, not how you felt as a child. I simply get you imagine you are on the way to the dentist. I encourage you to get the feeling you usually get. At that point, I interrupt your automatic reaction.

Then I transform your emotion into something else. Something that has no connection to the dentist. I will allow your mind to make a new connection with how you feel and gently let the original issue disappear. This breaks the cycle: thinking about the dentist, getting anxious, triggering the original fear, getting more anxious, doubling the original fear, and so on.

By removing the original fear, going the dentist becomes what it is - a medical procedure with a slight discomfort. Something you can put up with. A dental visit becomes a normal part of your life. Unpleasant, expensive and inconvenient. But the fear will be gone forever.

In fact, I am so confident that this will work, I am offering you a guarantee. If you do not lose your fear of the dentist,  the session is free!

Fear of Dentist Hypnosis



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