first hypnosis session

First Hypnosis Session

What To Expect in the First session

Personal Hypnotherapy - What to expect


First sessionYour first hypnosis session with Wellington Hypnosis usually takes about an hour. The session starts with identifying exactly what it is you want to change. I will check with you and make sure I understand what you want. Then I'll explain what hypnosis is, what hypnosis can and can't do. After discussing various approaches, we'll agree on how to proceed.
Normally I will then begin the hypnosis induction. This guides you  gently into a hypnotic trance. Everyone can go into trance. You don't have to do anything, you can't do anything wrong, it doesn't depend on any special skill you have to have. All you have to do is relax and focus on your breathing. I will do everything else.

Sometimes you will have to return for another hypnosis session if it cannot all be done in one visit but usually you will get a major change after the first session. You are safe to drive afterwards.

What is hypnosis like?

Many people don't know what to expect the first time they go into hypnosis.


  • Hypnosis is safe and enjoyable.
  • You will be aware of what is going on at all times
  • You cannot be persuaded to do anything against your own values
  • You can come out of hypnosis any time you want to
  • You are always in control of what you say and do.
Dave Mason Hypnotherapist

What happens in a hypnosis session?

You will be asked to sit in a comfortable chair. After checking that you are ready, I will then begin the hypnosis induction. The hypnotic induction is a form of words designed to lead you into a relaxing and comfortable trance. If you are nervous or want to just try a little bit first, then I will demonstrate your hypnotic abilities by taking you briefly into trance and out again so that you experience it firsthand. That way you get to understand the amazing power of hypnosis.

Although you are deeply relaxed you are actively involved in the process at every stage. In hypnotherapy you are not a passive observer, you are always aware of what is going on and following what I am saying, and actively working with me.

I might ask you at various points to open your eyes, to move a hand or to speak to me. These tasks are all designed to let me know how you are progressing, and to let you know that things are going smoothly. You will not go to sleep. I will make sure that you do not get so relaxed that you go to sleep - I need you to be able to communicate with me all the time.

Metaphor therapy and Direct Suggestion Hypnosis

Once you have reached the level of trance that's right for you, I will begin the process of helping you to make the changes you want. I will usually start by gently taking you to a place where you can feel safe, warm and content. From there I will possibly take you on a guided journey where you overcome obstacles, meet wise leaders, or interact with people you used to know. The exact content depends on what you are wanting to achieve. I will also usually mix in a lot of suggestions about your own capabilities, assumptions, perceptions and behaviour. I will also usually invite you to some future situation where you will act with complete confidence with your new found abilities.

At the end of the session I will guide you out of trance again. You will come out of trance feeling refreshed and alert. Most people feel as if they have just wakened from a long nap, and feel really relaxed. Most people find the whole experience very enjoyable. You will be good to drive and do all the stuff you normally do.

What do I have to do to prepare?

You don't have to do anything to get ready to be hypnotized. Many people are nervous, that's quite normal. But there is no need to be. All I will be doing is asking you to breathe, and everything just happens naturally from then on. It doesn't matter if you are nervous or calm or anything else. The only thing that is bad is holding back on stuff you really want to deal with. Some people feel embarrassed or ashamed and think they are the only person in the world with that problem. Don't worry, whatever your issue is, I have heard it before.

Will I remember everything?

Usually you will remember everything that was said to you and how you felt about it. Very occasionally a client will get so relaxed that they will have no recollection at all of what went on. This shows that they went into a really deep trance, and is a good thing. They actually do remember it, but not consciously. If I say "Do you recall me talking about a rose?" they will say "Oh, yes, actually I do, now you mention it". What very often happens is the client says afterwards "Look I'm sorry. I must have fallen asleep during the trance, there are parts I just don't remember". This is an indication the client was going up and down in trance and remembers the parts where they were lightly hypnotized, but when I touched on things of importance to them they went deeper into trance and cannot recall those parts consciously, because they were not processing them with their conscious mind. If I put them into trance again they can give complete details but cannot recall a thing when awake. This is known as State Dependent Memory and is quite normal.

What if I get it wrong?

You cannot do anything wrong. Everyone responds to hypnosis in their own way, and you will be guided and reassured at every stage. Hypnosis is a natural ability we all have. Going into trance is something you already know how to do. All is I do is guide you in, like the air traffic controller guiding a plane down on to the right runway. It is always you flying the plane, not me, all I do is to give you some suggestions about when you might want to turn left or right, but you are always in control.


In hypnosis you will feel amazingly relaxed, you will feel that nothing really matters right now, that you could do anything you wanted but you can't be bothered, that you just want to go on lying there and enjoying this wonderful feeling.

Most people just want it to go on and on....

At the end of the session you will feel deeply relaxed and refreshed.

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