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Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

Are you losing at the mental game? Successful sports is as much about psychology as it is about practice and training. Many sports people choke at the critical moment. In rugby, as soon as some players are put on the spot, and everyone is watching them, the game just falls to pieces. In golf it is called the yips. In tennis, as soon as the game point is reached some players just cannot hit the ball straight to save their life.

Hypnosis for sports is used by every major team. Sports coaches use the equivalent of hypnotherapy to get the best performance out of their players. Freezing on the sports field is now different from freezing and awaiting when you have to give a speech. The causes of the same, and the treatment is the same.

Every time you are blocked at sport you are reliving a moment of anxiety from long ago. The circumstances of being judged, of the possibility or you failing, of being the centre of attention, all open up an unconscious memory of fear of failure. Sports performance hypnosis is used to eliminate that childhood fear and allow you to play to your best level.

Sports Performance Hypnosis


Everyone wants to perform at the highest level 100% of the time. But too often people are held back by doubts, and fear, and negative thoughts. You need to work on your mental game, as well as your physical game. Some coaches say that the mental game is the most important one. Unless you have a clear focus it is very hard to get into the winner's zone.

It has been said that winning is an attitude of mind. Well so is enjoying. Even if you only want to go out and enjoy playing socially you still need to be comfortable in your own mind.

Hypnosis can help you focus, to be in the moment when it matters. Hypnosis can give you the confidence to get out there and give it your absolute best shot. Hypnosis can melt away all those mental blocks.



Get the best out of what you do. Psychological issue affect everyone, but they don't have to affect your enjoyment of the game. Use hypnosis to clear the blocks that are keeping you from performing at your best. Give hypnosis a try.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $100.


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