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Dave Mason Hypnosis Directions

Directions to 218 Blue Mountains Road Silverstream

How do I get there?

Dave Mason Hypnosis Directions From State Highway 2, take the SilverStream turnoff. Cross the bridge, ignore the turnoff to Stokes Valley. Follow the signs to SilverStream, at the roundabout go under the railway bridge to another roundabout. (If you arrive at McDonalds, you have gone too far. Turn round and go back to the roundabout.)

Take the first exit from that roundabout into Kiln Street, and a short distance along you come to a pedestrian crossing. Take the second exit at that roundabout into Whiteman's Road. As confirmation you will see a school on the left side and a New World supermarket on the right side.

Up Blue Mountains Road to the top

Continue along Whiteman's Road, and then at the fork, bear right into Blue Mountains Road. Follow the road and you will come to a junction with a big sign pointing left to Whitemans Valley. Pinehaven road is on the right and Blue Mountains Road on the left. It is clearly signed. Follow Blue Mountains Road up the hill. It is quite winding, keep to the left in order to avoid idiots coming the other way taking the bends too wide.

Community Noticeboard

Dave Mason Hypnosis Directions
Community Notice Board

When you come up the hill you will see a number of prominent letter boxes. There are two white ones for 155 and 157. At that point you are 120 meters away from 218. Follow the road round, where the road flattens out there is a little parking bay on the left with a big black notice board.  218 is just past that on the other side.

You will see a white sign on the right-hand side with a red arrow pointing to 218. As confirmation, on the right there is a row of letterboxes, one of which is bright red and says 218 on it. The turnoff to 218 Blue Mountains Road is just past that on the right-hand side.

Up the lane to the end

Dave Mason Hypnosis Directions
Entry to lane

Once you have left the main road you are in the lane that leads to 218. There are four houses with driveways that lead off from the right. Ignore all those. Drive along the lane and you will see house signs for 212, 214, 216 and then 218. At 218 there is a concrete driveway going up to the house. Just drive straight up that. There is plenty of parking and room to turn your car around. You will see a double garage in front of you at the end. Park your car along the side of the garage.

About Google Directions

If you enter 218 into Google maps, it will take you correctly to the geographical end of the section. But you cannot reach the house from there.  The turnoff to the lane is a good 200 metres back from that point. Instead, with Google maps, enter the address 204 Blue Mountains Road. That will put you at the Notice Board lay-by. 218 is just a few meters further on, on the other side.)

Dave Mason Hypnosis Directions
Plenty of Parking behind the garage


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