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It is important to remember that you were confident in the past, and you can be confident again. When you were born you were just like every other child. You were bold, curious, inventive, open and confident about everything. Then something happened that took away that confidence. We all have the capacity to for boundless confidence. Hypnotherapy gives you back your natural confidence in every aspect of life.

Confidence is lost because an imagined fear is dwelt on and magnified and feeds on itself. Lack of confidence is a fear of what might happen, but a fear which has blown out of proportion, which has gone out of control. There is no rational reason for the writer to have writer's block, or the student to be unable to start the assignment or the manager to be afraid of chairing a meeting or the geek to be afraid meeting girls - but they are paralysed by their own imaginings. What the treatment does is to replace that imagining with another one, one with a better outcome.

Fear and Phobias Hypnosis


Each person's experience of loss of self confidence is different and the exact treatment will vary depending on the what, when and where of the client's experience of the problem - few people are totally unconfident in every situation. However the general treatment plan would include most of the following.

New ways of thinking

The client's problem arises because of the way they think about the situation. This section aims to give the client a new way of thinking about themselves and about how to behave in their problem situation.

Reconnecting to old resources

Everyone had confidence at one time, and they therefore have memories of times when they were confident and resourceful. However, the process of dwelling on our fears emphasizes all the times when we failed and after enough repetitions, the pathways leading to memories of success fade, and only the pathways to memories of failure work. This section gets the client to recall successes and brings them to the forefront of their mind. The next time the situation arises, the client will able to call up memories of being resourceful and will not run the 'this is how to fail' program.

Believing in succeeding

Almost every treatment will have a section aimed at increasing the client's belief in their own capability. The client has to be convinced that they can change and that they have the capability to do what it is that they want to do. This section focuses on a belief in confidence.

Changing Identity

Almost every treatment will have a section directed at changing the client's self image, aimed at changing the client's beliefs about themself. This section normally consists of a battery of direct suggestions aimed a boosting the clients idea of what defines them.

Self Esteem Visualisation

People who have been unconfident for a long time generally have a poor image of themselves. They focus on validating any negative self confidencethoughts, images or aspects of themselves. Therefore anything negative is assumed to be true, particularly things that parents or partners said about them in the past. Very often lack of confidence is a reaction to pushy parents for whom nothing was ever good enough from the child. The parents thought they were being helping in demanding more all the time, but too often all that happened was that the child gave up trying and defined themselves as being permanent failures.

The self esteem section aims to counteract all these negative influences by indirectly allowing the client to learn what others really think of them. This can be done by metaphor or by a guided visualisation.

Dumping outmoded ideas

A part of most treatments is aimed at getting the client to delete old ideas and old assumptions. This is usually done through a short metaphor about leaving things behind or dropping old burdens or similar.

Situation Reframing

Each client will have one or more specific situations where their lack of confidence is more acute. Each situation will have a special scenario written for it where the client is lead into a visualisation where they experience themselves interacting with others in that situation and being effortlessly successful. This builds resources into their subconscious that will be recalled when the real situation is encountered.

Direct suggestion

All sessions include a battery of direct suggestions aimed at increasing the person's self esteem generally, and their self confidence when dealing with stressful situations.


Suggestions are given that trigger certain behaviours whenever the client encounters one of the situations that normally give them problems. The trigger and the suggested behaviour depend on what the client's particular difficulties are, but the client will find that suggested behaviour takes over whenever the distressful situation is encountered and will replace the previous dysfunctional behaviour.

Follow up

In many instances anxiety is linked to some more general issue such as lack of self esteem. It is often useful to consider using hypnosis to deal with that wider issue later.




Loss of confidence can have a devastating effect on your life. It can take all the sparkle out of living. Things that used to be easy are now hard. Things that used to be fun become something to dread. It doesn't have to be that way. Hypnotherapy can help. Book a session and experience the difference.

Your session lasts about an hour, and costs $100.


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